Fúzy Fashionista Friday Raffle

And now for something completely different.

Earlier this week I was wondering whether the sideburn was going to return as an indispensable part of the well-groomed man. (Don’t ask me why I was wondering – moi’s brain is capable of all sorts of quirky thoughts. Besides, I think the sideburn is one aspect of facial hair with a very high degree of difficulty – many men, if I remember the 1970s correctly, just don’t have the follicles.)

Anyway, meine Freunde und Freundinen,


Time to grow something new: to put a new twist on things, to trim, to train, to wax (lyrical or otherwise).

Time to consider the merits – or lack thereof – of the fúzy (yes, it’s all Slovak to moi too).

It is, after all, Movember, so I thought it would be fun to find interesting examples of the moustache throughout history (and any other hairy facial adornments that tickle your fancy or whatever).

I’ll start the twirling with . . .

(Image Credit: Rebels in Tradition)

This, from the World Beard and Moustache Championships:

(Image Credit: Oddee)

And the man who donated his name to the sideburn:

(Image Credit: Oddee)

Over to you, mes amis. The bar is open, the jukebox is on, and no doubt Maestro CK Watt is sharpening his baton in readiness for tonight’s draw.

492 thoughts on “Fúzy Fashionista Friday Raffle

  1. Mungo MacCallum:

    The last Newspoll was, for the party room, appalling. The headline figure, a 10 per cent gap after preferences, was mega-landslide territory. But wait, there was more: Labor now led on primaries, which was almost unprecedented, and the barely visible Bill Shorten was now seen as a better option as prime minister than the beleaguered incumbent.

    And this had happened after what was supposed to have been a good week. But when you’re hot, you’re hot, and when you’re not, well, you’re Tony Abbott.


  2. Does “no” mean “no”?

    Four years ago …

    Asked whether he would accept Ms Gillard’s challenge for a debate on the economy, Mr Abbott criticised the invitation before saying: “Are you suggesting to me that when it comes from Julia,’no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’.

    “When she said ‘no’, I thought she meant ‘no’. I believed her. You can’t change the rules just because you are in trouble.”

    “She’s surely not trying to say to us that ‘no doesn’t mean no’, because that’s what she said, ‘no’, repeatedly. And when she said ‘no’ I believed her.”


  3. Reckon you know how low this government will go ? What a good little christian the Mr for Grecian 2000 is.

    “@JoshBBornstein: The Senate has voted down Govt bill to stop intellectually #disabled workers pursuing back pay in federal court class action – by 1 vote!”

  4. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/victoria-state-election-2014/denis-napthine-under-fire-from-small-business-owners-20141124-11swyz.html



    Good off-topic longer read

  5. No wonder they’re upset

    The Liberal Party is facing the furious electoral backlash after announcing it will allow unlicensed operators to sell and lease commercial properties, as long as the owners control property worth at least $15 million, or has a total floor space of at least 10,000 square metres.

    The changes, announced in the last days of the Napthine Government, could impact on hundreds of small business owners, which will no longer have the protection of paying their rent into trust accounts held by real estate agents, and but could instead be forced to pay landlords directly.

  6. Bill Shorten today in parliament.

    Notice Bishop busy on her phone – a Barbie pink phone. More tweeting?
    Abbott had his back to Shorten for most of this.
    Take a look at Abbott’s face at around 11.15.

  7. CKWatt, all cleared up.
    I admit that I have put moderation on because I’m a bit scared about trolling. It’s hard to be brave when one is a devout coward, though!

  8. Curioz,

    There is nothing wrong about moderation.

    The filth directed at Margo Kingston back in the Webdiary days was unbelievable.

    I also copped a certain amount when I became a moderator (and the only female one) after Margo’s retirement in 2005.

    Not nice.

  9. Ducky,

    The Pub may not be combative, rebarbative, and all those other fun things – which I do enjoy – but I do like having a safe place to comment, knowing that none of the patrons is likely to make seriously hurtful comments about any other patron.

    And that, my dear friend, is one of the reasons we have such a high proportion of women commenting here.

    Thank you, Joe6pack and Bushfire Bill, who have been such great backers of Ned’s and Syd’s ferocity as our watchdogs.

  10. I liked this comment left at SMH about Abbott’s ABC lie and his claim to have “fundamentally kept faith”

    Reminds me of the conversation between two Frenchmen. One asked the other if he had ever been unfaithful to his wife. The other replied “En principe, jamais”.

  11. joe6pack – Having been caught on the hop in bare feet on a hotter than expected driveway, I retreated to the timber stairs – with no relief. Three weeks later, my heels have finished peeling. (It may have been a delayed effect – I didn’t notice it being hot on the way down…)

  12. Jaeger

    [ Having been caught on the hop in bare feet on a hotter than expected driveway]

    Did it last year in my courtyard.

    Took 2 months to pick the burnt skin off..

  13. A perk of having the Ivans supplying the International Space Station.

    New astronauts, and caviar, arrive at International Space Station on Soyuz spacecraft

    The International Space Station crew will have 450 grams of sturgeon caviar on the table to celebrate the New Year…………….Fifteen 30-gram cans of sturgeon


  14. Kaffeeklatscher,

    Yet another journalist who can’t count:

    Three new visitors arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday night, bringing with them coffee, caviar and worms.

    Terry Virts of Nasa, the Russian Space Agency’s Anton Shkaplerov and Samantha Cristoforetti set off from Kazakhstan on Sunday afternoon. Cristoforetti is Italy’s first female astronaut and all three can be found on Twitter.

    The ship arrived about six hours later on Sunday night, docking with the ISS above the Pacific Ocean, near the coast of Ecuador.

    The arrival of the new astronauts takes the space station’s inhabitants to three. They join one Nasa astronaut and two others from the Russian Space Agency, who arrived there in September.

    I make that six astronauts, so they can each have 75 grams of caviar to bring in the New Year.

  15. This sounds a little familiar

    As the UK prime minister, David Cameron, prepares to deliver a long-awaited speech on EU migration in which he is expected to propose limiting access to tax credits, the Polish ambassador, Witold Sobków, indicated that Britain would fail to secure agreement among fellow EU leaders for the changes.

    But the Eurosceptic Tory MP Bernard Jenkin said Britain must press for reforms because the UK had become a “honeypot” for migrants. He was speaking as Owen Paterson, the former environment secretary, calls on Cameron to strengthen Britain’s hand in its EU renegotiations by triggering exit negotiations at the start of the process.

    Will Cameron “take the honey off the table”?


  16. The ever-popular Theresa May trying for more popularity

    In an intensification of the government’s response to the terror threat, on the eve of the publication of the official inquiry into the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby last year, the home secretary will state that the Terrorism Act of 2000 is to be amended to close the funding loophole.

    The announcement came after May confirmed that measures were to be introduced ensuring internet service providers keep data that could identify online users.


  17. I doubt if there is a single denizen of The Pub who is surprised by the savage cuts to the ABC and SBS. Why, then, are so many supposedly savvy and experienced people amazed?

    Shoulda seen it coming, guys:

  18. Can the Liar who Lies about His Lies hang on for much longer? My guess is that he will.

    It won’t be Mesma who takes over (too many failed portfolios in her CV). My guess is Morrison with an each-way on Frydenberg.

  19. Ducky,

    I really want the consummate liar to hang on, and earn his just reward.

    Asbestos Julie can’t cut the mustard, in my opinion.

    As for Scrot, if they promote him to First Among Equals, they deserve even more what they should receive in about two years’ time, or even less, Gaia willing.

  20. Twitter, again, has people calling for a boycott of anything Murdoch. Someone says they fell really good because they have cancelled their Foxtel.

    That’s nice, but I hope this woman doesn’t watch Channel 10 instead.

    A little-known fact. All those Channel 10 reality TV programs are produced by Shine Australia, a member of the Shine group. The Shine group was founded by Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth. She sold it to daddy a few years ago and made a nice little profit.

    So if you watch Masterchef, The Voice, The Bachelor and more you are helping to add to Murdoch’s wealth.



    Me? I’m keeping my Foxtel. I like it. Rupert only owns half anyway, the rest is owned by Telstra and if you are a Telstra shareholder I’m helping to make your investment worth a little bit more.

  21. leone,

    Little chance of my watching those shows on C 10. The only thing I remember watching there is the odd Rugby international.

    Which reminds me, the ABC won’t be showing the NSW rugby at 3PM on Saturday afternoons. Not to mention the women’s soccer and basketball.

  22. Ducky,

    The companion piece – Abbott does Rupert’s Bidding – would be nothing like as successful.

  23. There you are, Leone – you have something to look forward to.

    Dunno whether the DVD involves sexually explicit scenes, suitable only for adults. One can but hope.

  24. I think I should go to bed before my fantasies about the latest mendacities from this most mendacious Federal government in my lifetime get to me.




    Goodnight, all.

  25. Maybe, if I hung it from a string, but they prefer my sewing scraps. They have an especial fondness for bits of lycra, especially red lycra. I swear I didn’t train them to attack red lycra, but I seem to have my own tiny, cute, furry attack force. Tony better not turn up here. I can’t be responsible for what might happen if he’s wearing lycra.

  26. Leone!

    The perfect solution!

    You must invite the [insert name of choice] to your ‘umble abode, promising him tea, scones, and frolicking with cute kittens.

    You must also achieve an undertaking for certain attire.

    If you would prefer not to do that, I suggest you start training your furry attack force on pale blue ties.

  27. Pale blue ties are in short supply around here, but I might be able to whip up a substitute. Training will begin ASAP, if the kitties are interested. I’ll probably just get yawns, stretches and a few catty looks.

  28. Leone,

    If you have something gauzy, they should be very interested. Blue – pale blue, even – is available in cheap scarves.

    I certainly don’t suggest you go in for tie-making – so much boring cutting on the cross, not to mention the right (and I mean right) kind of interfacing to make sure the garment stands up to all the stresses and strains.

    Yes, I have made ties. Both long ones, and bows.

    The only thing I cannot could not do was a proper buttonhole – but back then there were places in Melbourne where one could get that detail attended to.

    So, almost a tailor, but not quite.

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