Fúzy Fashionista Friday Raffle

And now for something completely different.

Earlier this week I was wondering whether the sideburn was going to return as an indispensable part of the well-groomed man. (Don’t ask me why I was wondering – moi’s brain is capable of all sorts of quirky thoughts. Besides, I think the sideburn is one aspect of facial hair with a very high degree of difficulty – many men, if I remember the 1970s correctly, just don’t have the follicles.)

Anyway, meine Freunde und Freundinen,


Time to grow something new: to put a new twist on things, to trim, to train, to wax (lyrical or otherwise).

Time to consider the merits – or lack thereof – of the fúzy (yes, it’s all Slovak to moi too).

It is, after all, Movember, so I thought it would be fun to find interesting examples of the moustache throughout history (and any other hairy facial adornments that tickle your fancy or whatever).

I’ll start the twirling with . . .

(Image Credit: Rebels in Tradition)

This, from the World Beard and Moustache Championships:

(Image Credit: Oddee)

And the man who donated his name to the sideburn:

(Image Credit: Oddee)

Over to you, mes amis. The bar is open, the jukebox is on, and no doubt Maestro CK Watt is sharpening his baton in readiness for tonight’s draw.


492 thoughts on “Fúzy Fashionista Friday Raffle

  1. Ducky,

    I really want the consummate liar to hang on, and earn his just reward.

    Asbestos Julie can’t cut the mustard, in my opinion.

    As for Scrot, if they promote him to First Among Equals, they deserve even more what they should receive in about two years’ time, or even less, Gaia willing.

  2. Twitter, again, has people calling for a boycott of anything Murdoch. Someone says they fell really good because they have cancelled their Foxtel.

    That’s nice, but I hope this woman doesn’t watch Channel 10 instead.

    A little-known fact. All those Channel 10 reality TV programs are produced by Shine Australia, a member of the Shine group. The Shine group was founded by Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth. She sold it to daddy a few years ago and made a nice little profit.

    So if you watch Masterchef, The Voice, The Bachelor and more you are helping to add to Murdoch’s wealth.



    Me? I’m keeping my Foxtel. I like it. Rupert only owns half anyway, the rest is owned by Telstra and if you are a Telstra shareholder I’m helping to make your investment worth a little bit more.

  3. leone,

    Little chance of my watching those shows on C 10. The only thing I remember watching there is the odd Rugby international.

    Which reminds me, the ABC won’t be showing the NSW rugby at 3PM on Saturday afternoons. Not to mention the women’s soccer and basketball.

  4. There you are, Leone – you have something to look forward to.

    Dunno whether the DVD involves sexually explicit scenes, suitable only for adults. One can but hope.

  5. I think I should go to bed before my fantasies about the latest mendacities from this most mendacious Federal government in my lifetime get to me.




    Goodnight, all.

  6. Maybe, if I hung it from a string, but they prefer my sewing scraps. They have an especial fondness for bits of lycra, especially red lycra. I swear I didn’t train them to attack red lycra, but I seem to have my own tiny, cute, furry attack force. Tony better not turn up here. I can’t be responsible for what might happen if he’s wearing lycra.

  7. Leone!

    The perfect solution!

    You must invite the [insert name of choice] to your ‘umble abode, promising him tea, scones, and frolicking with cute kittens.

    You must also achieve an undertaking for certain attire.

    If you would prefer not to do that, I suggest you start training your furry attack force on pale blue ties.

  8. Pale blue ties are in short supply around here, but I might be able to whip up a substitute. Training will begin ASAP, if the kitties are interested. I’ll probably just get yawns, stretches and a few catty looks.

  9. Leone,

    If you have something gauzy, they should be very interested. Blue – pale blue, even – is available in cheap scarves.

    I certainly don’t suggest you go in for tie-making – so much boring cutting on the cross, not to mention the right (and I mean right) kind of interfacing to make sure the garment stands up to all the stresses and strains.

    Yes, I have made ties. Both long ones, and bows.

    The only thing I cannot could not do was a proper buttonhole – but back then there were places in Melbourne where one could get that detail attended to.

    So, almost a tailor, but not quite.

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