As Brisvegas locks down for a waste of time talkfest and is transformed into “FORTRESS BRISBANE” we here at “The PUB” must also do our bit.

ar128042439174601Get your guns ready, full of ammo. Sharpen your bayonets or knives if you are of the gentler persuasion, time to dig out your home made bombs and man the barricades because WE need to defend our “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES” from those pesky Russkies.


As they storm menacingly Towards Australia with surely the intent to disrupt out little fun night after they heard someone speaking disparagingly about our PM, his best friend Vlad has decided to attack us.

NADtleTBefore you say rubbish, it makes as much sense as what the so called meedja have been saying about the 4 Russian ships storming towards Australia. They are in international waters cruising about as is their rite.

I am yet to hear one peep about USA aircraft flying Armed patrols over one of our capital cities, but I guess that’s OK as they ain’t dirty commie bastards.

livvie_hallam-j46q3wehjs44gkii5j2So Defend RAFFLE NIGHT, have fun, forget for a bit what a truly embarrassing Idiot we have as PM. at the moment, and hope that people will realise what a mistake they made electing this thing when the next election is held.





  1. Seems Vlad was not the most popular person there.

    Nor was he the most unpopular, was he, Tony?

  2. I must have done some terrible things in my previous lives. For it is my punishment to listen to 2GB in the car.

    Today’s offering is from the Miranda Devine Show this afternoon and boy-oh-boy did we get it all wrong about the G20?

    You betcha.

    Her interlocutor was the (Australian) Spectator’s Rowan Dean, possibly the man with Australia’s nastiest right-wing smirk.

    Where we were wrong was that we thought the G20 was going to be about world issues, of global significance, sweeping reforms that could change a planet.

    What it was really about was… nuts and bolts.

    Rowan told all six of Miranda’s listeners (5 if you don’t count me) that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey were practical men, tradies masquerading as politicians, who just wanted to get a job done. Economic engineers, really, not hopeless poofy dreamers like those nobodies from China, the US, Germany and the UK.

    The job?

    Cutting red tape, cleaning up the Budget and creating jobs, which (according to Rowan) they had done so well in Australia in the short time they had been in power.

    Sure, there was a lot to do, but these two men were an example to the world of how parish-pump issues – the $7 co-payment, getting rid of the Carbon Tax, and culling university enrolements through making them too frickin’ expensive for anyone but the elites – could easily drop an extra $2.1 trillion into the money pot for all to benefit from.

    If only the G20 numpties had listened! If only they had followed Tony and Joe’s examples, instead of waffling on about non-existent problems like climate change and the threat of ebola.

    The worst, of course, was Obama. What a disgrace his speech was! What an insult to his hosts he perpetrated by his emotional references to the Great Barrier Reef, appeals to youth and references to doing something about carbon pollution. He should have just stayed at home. He was THAT embarrassing. A lame duck, trying desperately to carve out a legacy when everyone knew he’d failed at everything he’d ever tried. His six years in office have been a complete waste of time, compared to cutting red tape and gouging more out of the sick, the halt and the lame, and keeping those… those… protestors… out of uni.

    The problem with World Leaders, Rowan told us, was that they had ideas bigger than their capacity to carry them out. Tackling poverty? What a crock! Saving the planet? Yeah, sure! Tell the youth of today to work for tomorrow? Nice idea, pity you’ve stuffed everything up already with your jive talk.

    Who WAS this second-hand car salesman with the glib turn of phrase who came to Australia, insulted his hosts, by-passed Peta Credlin and took his appeal (against all protocol, tut, tut) direct to the young at QU? In another time and place Obama would be just another uppity nigger, over-educated and needing a good whippin’ to keep his ass in line (no, Rowan didn’t say that, but that was his sneering attitude).

    Far better to do the practical things, the things that guaranteed success, the things that Tony and Joe had done so well: basically enact Joe’s budget and make it the world’s. That was Rowan and Miranda’s solution to… well… just about everything. Hey, nothing succeeds like success. Right?

    Onto Jihadis (particularly Australian Jihadis) and wasn’t Miranda cooing about some of them being wounded and even killed. You got the impression she was glad they’d just been winged, as long as it was painful. Rowan, just back from Israel, cound not but agree.

    That’s when I’d had enough and kicked the car radio. It now lies in pieces on the rubber mat, next to the petrified chips, old McDonald’s wrappers and IGA receipts, never to tempt me again.

    The take-out from the G20 according to these two geniuses: parish-pump all the way. Fix the little things and the when we can afford to, we can fix the big ones, but not Climate Change because of course as youse all know, the Earth is cooling. And what about Tony’s shirtfront of Big Vladdy? Priceless! If only the lefties of the media (especially that pinko Leigh Sales) could stop joking about it.,

    I had to admit… QED.

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