Jaycee on (so to speak) the Younger Bishop

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(Image Credit: Jez Smith/Harper’s BAZAAR)

Jeesus! I got rotten and wild this morning when I tuned onto Insiders for just a moment to check the mood … and there was Fran wetting herself over Mesma’s Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot … no bullshit! I can’t believe the moxie of that moll, Bishop – she lost all female respect and legitimacy when she harloted herself to Credlin / Abbott / Pyne for them to attack Julia Gillard on the floor of the house. YOU saw it! We all saw it: the catty swipes, the endless accusations, delivered second-hand from Credlin’s dirt-file, sheaf by sheaf of paper, delivered with that vague facial expression that showed she really didn’t have a clue where to go from there when proved out of her depth and knowledge. An opportunist, she strumpeted herself and her womanhood so that they couldn’t be attacked as misogynists, except The Idiot couldn’t stand Bishop getting all the shots in and his sewer-mouth let him down – AGAIN!!

That piece of work with her below-the-belt attacks on the asbestos victims – a direct take of vile formula practice from the hell of Liberal / Textor tactics. She has used her privileged-class upbringing to brown-nose herself into positions of aggrandisement time and again. Sure, SHE doesn’t suffer from glass ceiling syndrome because she’s been groomed by the oligarchy and the patriarchy to harlot her gender to be waved as a flag of legitimacy, of proof that the LNP does “understand the woman situation”. Like f#ck they do! … like f#ck they care! Abbott would sell the Virgin Mary into a forced marriage with Beelzebub if it convenienced him!

Mesma is alongside any of the front-bench as the lowest of the low schemers, and to treat her with any respect is to diminish the higher cause and honesty of feminism, and all those who struggled so long and hard for decency and respect for their gender. That is why the conservatives have to tear down Julia Gillard – for she above all has been relentlessly attacked and attacked and attacked again and again and again … they must bring her down, they must! For her to stand strong and proud AND be respected by the people is to relegate her assassins to their residence in the pits of infamy … and believe me: their history has already been written and no action by those MSM. thugs and spielers can alter the truth of it. Nor can the wealthiest, most vile media mogul the world has ever known, and regretted, erase one word of gross description of their insidious deeds … May they – indeed, they will – rot in their own particular hell!

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  1. I’m back!…OH. likes to watch “the Midwives”….too much blood and guts for me!…I went for a ‘constitutional’ down to the front gate….weird night..weird sky…weird weather…

  2. These privileged elites just don’t seem to get it….they ride into life on a chariot of favour and then go and sledge those who have the leg-it all their life!

  3. Though I was at the birth and even attended to some of the ‘action”….I gotta say..it may have entailed some “hard, dirty work” getting it in there, but that was nothing to the grotty dirty work getting it out!

  4. Jaycee,

    I devoutly hope you attended to some of the “action” involved with the begetting of your children!

    The process at the end of those 40 or so weeks is indeed another matter. I distinctly remember saying to my obstetric person that I wanted to cancel that baby.

    So glad I didn’t – she’s a lovely woman.

  5. On a different tack, if anyone notices moi here tomorrow, tell me to get lost.

    I have urgent work to do.

  6. Superimposed on top of the image is a sketch of the Philae lander in the configuration the lander team currently believe it is in.

    “Believe”? This is supposed to be science!

    Thank you BBC for a more informative assessment:

    After a historic but awkward comet landing, the robot probe Philae is now stable and sending pictures – but there are concerns about its battery life.

    After two bounces, the first one about 1km back out into space, the lander settled in the shadow of a cliff, 1km from its target site.

    It may be problematic to get enough sunlight to charge its batteries.


  7. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Mark Kenny reckons Abbott is left like a shag on a rock after the US/China CC deal.
    But Abbott pig-headedly digs his heels in.
    The jig is up for Abbott’s climate change deniers says The New Matilda.
    The SMH editorial says the deal exposes Abbott’s parochialism.
    Reality bites at the G20.
    The federal government DID budget for a 3.2% Public Service and ADF pay rise.
    Pay parking in Canberra is really putting the pressure on a lot of cafes.
    The Bombers move closer to the AFL tribunal.
    Looks like where there was smoke at certain unis years ago there WAS fire.
    Tony Abbott and the Age of Stupid.

  8. Section 2 . . .

    The three worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    Palmer tells “drama queen” Lambie to put up or shut up.
    “The Russians are coming!” according to the News Ltd rags.
    Waleed Aly looks closely at gesture politics.
    Mental health sufferers will cop it bad with the $7 copayment.
    The fag end of Senate representation is in the spotlight again.
    The polls paint a sorry state for Napthine.
    And the Coalition government in Victoria has a terrible record when it comes to attacks on the environment.
    Another superb story about dying with dignity.
    Melissa Parke writes on the Israel/Palestine situation.

  9. Section 3 . . .

    David Pope turns to Henry Lawson to look at PUP antics.

    Andrew Dyson – another successful free trade negotiation.
    Cathy Wilcox – WTF!
    John Spooner takes “feeding the chooks” to a new level as the Victorian election campaigns roll on.
    Ron Tandberg ejects a G20 protester.
    Simon Letch – the Bizarre “Woman of the Year”.
    MUST SEE! David Rowe at the G20 parade. Look at Lambie and Putin!

  10. Is it November or February? This morning is so warm it is very scary. Razz has taken Hunter for a walk, I’ve told her to keep her eyes peeled for slithery things.

    Gippy Laborite

    I don’t know what the record for this pollster is like, but I like their numbers at the moment. I doubt it will be anything like this. Looks like I’ll be watching on election night, if they televise it.

  11. All these traditional and ethnic folk songs we hear ..doesn’t anyone sing the “Hawaiian Wedding Song ” anymore…you know!..: ” nikka,nikka,nikka nikka….fuddu-wudda,wudda, wudda…on the island of romaaance…”…ah!..now THAT is a traditional love song !…they don’t write them anymore.

  12. All this hoo-haa about a Russian ‘fleet’. What a beat -up. The ‘fleet’ consists the cruiser “Varyag”, a destroyer named “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, a salvage and rescue tug and a replenishment oiler. It’s hardly an invasion force. The ships are in international waters, where they have every right to be, as do our navy ships when they go on exercises. Now our media are trying to ramp up the hysteria by talking about a submarine being with the group.

    Look at it this way – these ships are based in the Russian fleet headquarters in Vladivostok – a Pacific port. What’s wrong with any country’s navy ending some of its ships on exercises around its own pond? We don’t whine about the yanks doing it. Or the Japanese. But the Russians? It must be an invasion!

    It’s damn cold in Vladivostok this time of year. The crews of these ships are most likely delighted to be taking a cruise in the South Pacific. They must be the envy of their mates, still stuck at home in the cold. If it makes Putin happy to have a few ships follow him around on his overseas trips then so what? He might want to take a sea voyage home. Who knows? He’s not the only G20 attendee bringing extra transport.

    Here’s a fun fact – Obama travels with a spare aircraft, just in case there’s a problem. There are two identical, highly-modified 747-200Bs used by the president, whichever one he is travelling in has the call sign ‘Air Force One’. Both aircraft will be in Brisbane. Is our MSM cayying on about an American air force invasion? Of course not.

    Our navy dealt with the threat of a Russian invasion by scraping up a few ships considered in a good enough state of repair to be able to actually go to sea and is sending them out to ‘surveil’ the Russians. I’m sure the Russians are quaking in their sea boots at the thought.

    Compare and contrast.
    The Russian navy –

    Our navy –

  13. leonetwo

    I’m sure the Russians are quaking in their sea boots at the thought.

    For sure. The ship in question was designed to take out US aircraft carriers and or their support fleet from over 500kn away. 16 x Mach 2.5 cruise missiles comin’ at ya ship near you Nuclear tipped if they are in a bad mood. .

  14. 4 November 2014
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott says coal is still the “foundation of prosperity” for “now and the foreseeable future”

    14 November 2014
    Glencore to shut all Australian coal mines for three weeks as prices fall
    Mining giant which employs 8,600 people announces shut down due to oversupply of coal

  15. I have hooked a laptop with flight tracker software upto a 50″ screen ,got Brisbane ATC, on speakers,Fridge full of refreshments ready to watch the G20 planes arriving. Putin should be travelling with a few fighters in tow but doubt I will see them.

  16. Worth pasting a slab of this rubbish from the Daily Telegraph just so you can see how utterly effin’ ridiculous they are.

    “Halt” the “Russian flotilla”? Really? HALT it? Well, no, actually. “Halt” isn’t in the article, just the headline.

    They not sure whether there’s a submarine there or not, either, but it never hurts to make sure, so Seahawk missiles are on-board. And our submarines are too slow to get there. Not that we’d want to start trying to sink the Russian ships or anything.

    Third Australian warship sent to halt Russian flotilla bound for G20 in Brisbane
    A THIRD Australian warship has been dispatched to intercept a Russian flotilla steaming towards the G20 summit in Brisbane and a fourth navy vessel is ready to divert to the area.

    The replenishment ship HMAS Sirius is heading into the Coral Sea to support the frigates HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Stuart and the frigate HMAS Sydney is preparing to divert from an exercise in New Zealand to join the mission, according to a government source.

    Both Parramatta and Stuart are understood to be carrying Seahawk anti-submarine warfare helicopters, although defence sources said it was unlikely that a Russian submarine is in the area.

    News Corp Australia understands that the government also asked the Navy about the possibility of a Collins Class submarine joining the mission but was told that the nearest boat was in Perth and would not be able to reach the area until well after the G20 summit was over.

    Three RAAF AP-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft, also equipped for anti-submarine warfare, have been sent to Amberley near Brisbane and are maintaining a 24/7 patrol above the flotilla, according to official sources.

    The Russian task group is steaming southwest in the Coral Sea off Townsville at 15 knots and is due to arrive in international waters off the G20 venue on Saturday November 15. The ships will be off Rockhampton on Friday.

    While Australian officials have played down the presence of the flotilla led by the Russian Pacific Fleet flagship the cruiser Varyag, frantic efforts have been underway in Moscow to establish the intention of the fleet, according to a government source.

    It is understood that the Australian Defence Attache in the Russian capital has advised senior Russian military officers that the ships would be refused port access in Brisbane unless there was an emergency.

    The National Security Committee of Cabinet is not scheduled to meet ahead of the weekend G20 conference but according to insiders the lines have been “running hot”.

    What absolute tommy rot. Talk about a giant of an imagination!

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