Flowery Friday

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For me, the past week has been one of overwhelming – and very mixed – emotions. Gough’s memorial service and those magnificent eulogies, the deaths of two beautiful horses on Cup Day, the (how surprising) “aggressive tax planning” on the part not just of multinationals but also of Australia’s own Future Fund, the manic malevolence of Minister Morrison.

And – the memorial service again. Not just the studied insult to FPMJG, trying to seat her next to Rudd. But the unstudied, gratuitous insult – the complete indifference – to all those ordinary members of the public who thought they had registered – who had been told they were registered – for places at the service.

Enough already.

I dedicate this evening’s post to smelling the roses . . .

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And to a raffle, and drinks, and camaraderie . . .

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331 thoughts on “Flowery Friday

  1. Someone in the comentariat made the astute observation that Credlin will have a good “think” about Bish’ and her “aspirations”…after all, if Credlin’s ‘man” goes down (no pun needed!!), I doubt the Bish’ will hire her for COS. !….as they say..: “Watch this space”.

  2. There libs won’t knife The Idiot for the sour faced lemon.
    Even with Murdoch’s influence there is no way they could spin it as good

  3. Shit!!…bugger it ..I’m gonna re-post for the new page..!

    Jeesus!..I got rotten and wild this morning when I tuned onto “Insiders” for just a moment to check the mood.. and there was Fran wetting herself over Mesma’s Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot…No bullshit!…I can’t believe the moxxy of that moll ; Bishop…she lost all female respect and legitimacy when she harloted herself to Credlin / Abbott / Pyne for them to attack Julia Gillard on the floor of the house..YOU SAW IT! We all saw it…: the catty swipes, the endless accusations…delivered second-hand from Credlin’s dirt-file, sheath by sheath of paper, delivered with that vague facial expression that showed she really didn’t have a clue where to go from there when proved out of her depth and knowledge.. An opportunist, she strumpeted herself and her womaness so that they couldn’t be attacked as misogynists, except “the idiot” couldn’t stand Bishop getting all the shots in and his sewer-mouth let him down..AGAIN!!..

    That bitch with her “below -the-belt” attacks on the asbestos victims was a set-piece of vile formulae practice from the hell of Liberal / Textor tactics…she has used her privileged-class upbringing to brown-nose herself into positions of aggrandisement time and again…sure, SHE doesn’t suffer from the “glass ceiling syndrome” because she’s been groomed by the oligarchy and the patriarchy to harlot her gender to be waved as a “flag of legitimacy” of proof that the LNP. ” does understand the woman situation”…like f#ck they do!…like f#ck they care!…Abbott would sell the Virgin Mary into a forced marriage with Beelzebub if it convenienced him!

    Mesma is alongside any of the front-bench as the lowest of the low schemers..and to treat her with any respect is to diminish the higher cause and honesty of Feminism, and all those who struggled so long and hard for decency and respect for their gender. That is why the conservatives have to tear down Julia Gillard…for she above all has been relentlessly attacked and attacked ..and attacked again and again and again…they must bring her down, they must!..for her to stand strong and proud AND be respected by the people. is to relegate her assassins to their residence in the pits of infamy…and believe me…their history has already been written and not any action by those MSM. thugs and spielers can alter the truth of it nor the wealthiest, most vile media mogul the world has ever known and regretted, erase one word of gross description of their insidious deeds……may they …indeed they will ..rot in their own particular hell !

  4. Jaycee.
    Post it on the next page too. You said what I was thinking. Has that Harpers Bazaar photo been marked as airbrushed, If not, truth in advertising?

  5. Yeah, but Joe…have you noticed the “Plug-ugly Mogul” isn’t postint tweets on the joy of Abbott lately, nor is his rags beating the drum for ‘Advance Abbott Fire” as much anymore…rather, it is ; “Oh Julie” this and ; ” My goodness, it’s Julie again ! “… that…!

  6. I read all John Wyndham’s novels in my early teens (the late 1960s). They scared me off scifi for life.

  7. jaycee

    I may be wrong ( often am ) but I seriously doubt the lib hierarchy will allow a female PM, leader, after investing so much in destroying the notion.

  8. Julie Bishop will never lead the Liberal Party, she will never be Prime Minister. Abbott would destroy her first, and she knows it.

  9. I still think they’re polishing up Mesma because they have a suspicion Abbott’s going to get embroiled in something he can’t get out of. All the heirs-apparent are tainted in some way – Hockey’s a joke and exposed as such, Turnbull’s unacceptable to his own party, Morrison’s unlikeable AND in a portfolio guaranteed to bring out the worst in him, Pyne don’t-make-me-laugh. And even from that low base the talent pool drops away significantly after them. Bishop’s all they’ve got.

    Abbott – or more accurately, the team behind him, he just does what he’s told – will hang on for grim death. But if ICAC closes in, and it could, there needs to be an escape route for the party.

    An attempted Mesma coup would be a disaster. She’d never get the numbers and the old boy’s club would block it for all they’re worth. This media blitz is sanctioned from within the party’s inner sanctum in some way. I’d love to know exactly what’s going on, though.

  10. At one stage Broomhilda was touted PM by Mordor Media , amongst others, as being on course to become Straya’s first female .. From memory her career trajectory soon after such predictions was best described as “plummet” . Will Bish the Younger follow the same path ? Have to be odds on.

  11. Agree Joe, et al….But what brought the wincing tears to the old eye was when Fran said (in that “Oh!..these are nice lammies” voice) that Mesma deserved it as she has done such a great job in Foreign affairs these last twelve months….??….!!
    Now FFS !!…for f#cking f#cks sake!!!..good job?/ first the entire effing LNP. didn’t get the show on the road before christmas last year, ansd then they faffed around huffing and puffing all over the shop and if we go back six months, when Mesma was insulting even the shoe-black in The Beijing Hilton, they would’ve swapped her in one second flat for a Lucille Ball – Art Carney double act!!…and they’ve been dead for years!!…Mesma was treading on toe and stumbling around like a pigeon-toe hoofer at a salza tango before someone (and we all just know this is true) took her to one side and told her to STFU. and let the department do the negotiating and YOU just come on for the photo-op handshake !….you know it’s true!

    God!…it’s all a nightmare we have to endure for two more years…for Christ’s sake please put the hashish / Shiraz on the PBS so we can at least put a smile on our faces and forget about them for a while .

  12. Mum cooked a goat leg roast. The dog got my meat. I professed to eating half of my serve, well I reckon a forkful is nearer to half than none.

    The dog loved it.

  13. I called the airbrushing of Mesma’s photo this morning. If you have doubts compare her arms in that photo (smooth, no wrinkles) with her arms in that Melbourne Cup outfit and notice the difference. As for the face – compare it with this –

  14. Rather clever play on words from twitter person..

    Steven Curren ‏@sacurren 1h1 hour ago

    @meshel_laurie @harpersbazaarus @trubbellatmill She’s trying asbestos as she can…

  15. From SBS. news..

    ” In a six page spread, which includes pictures from a glamorous photo shoot in her own Giorgio Armani apparel, Ms Bishop reflects on being the only woman in federal cabinet.

    But again she rejects the label of feminist.

    “Stop whingeing, get on with it and prove them all wrong,” she told the magazine.”

    …..two fingers down the throat stuff!

  16. Yes, the airbrushing was apparent. I suppose if I was going to be in Harpers Bazaar I might welcome a bit of a touch up by an airbush artist. I would still want to be recognisable as me though, and as I have never smoked anything, I do not have the smokers’ wrinkles that beset women of my age. I think JB looks like a smoked haddock.

  17. I said this the other day – if the excrement hits the fan and Abbott has to go then there will be some sort of graceful exit arranged – illness in the family, illness for Abbott, something like that. Something that will hopefully gain him some sympathy and allow the punters to believe he might, one day return. Although he never will.

    BUT – Ms Bishop will never be PM. The Liberals invested too much in hating Julia Gillard and everything they bagged her for also applies to Jules, only more so. Single, living in sin, childless, dodgy past boyfriends, dodgy carryings-on when she was a lawyer, atheist, the whole catastrophe. Labor – if they have their act together – could have the most fantastic time with all that.

    Then there is Mesma’s abysmal record of failure in every portfolio she has held. Never forget she was so incompetent as Brendan Nelson’s shadow treasurer that her colleagues demanded she resign after just five months. One can only imagine what sort of hash she would have made with a budget reply.

    If – it’s a big ‘if’ – Abbott gets the boot some bloke will become PM. The choice of a replacement is so dismal that I think the Libs will do all they can to prop up Abbott.

  18. If only those LNP. “women” could hear what Abbott “and the boys” said about them down at the Melbourne Club.

  19. ” …some sort of graceful exit arranged – illness in the family, illness for Abbott, “…..ingrown Hemorrhoids ?

  20. How dare Julie Bishop talk down to women who do not have the advantages of her class! She is quite a failure considering the wealth of support and opportunity afforded her for being born into that class. She looks down on women like Julia Gillard, who come from lower in the class structure but achieved so much more than her. When Prime Minister Julia Gillard chose to highlight for all women and men the real misogyny she encountered, Julie Bishop sneered at her, and all women, from the heights of her class privilege.

    Quite simply, Julie Bishop is a botch.

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