Flowery Friday

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For me, the past week has been one of overwhelming – and very mixed – emotions. Gough’s memorial service and those magnificent eulogies, the deaths of two beautiful horses on Cup Day, the (how surprising) “aggressive tax planning” on the part not just of multinationals but also of Australia’s own Future Fund, the manic malevolence of Minister Morrison.

And – the memorial service again. Not just the studied insult to FPMJG, trying to seat her next to Rudd. But the unstudied, gratuitous insult – the complete indifference – to all those ordinary members of the public who thought they had registered – who had been told they were registered – for places at the service.

Enough already.

I dedicate this evening’s post to smelling the roses . . .

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And to a raffle, and drinks, and camaraderie . . .

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331 thoughts on “Flowery Friday

  1. If only those LNP. “women” could hear what Abbott “and the boys” said about them down at the Melbourne Club.

  2. ” …some sort of graceful exit arranged – illness in the family, illness for Abbott, “…..ingrown Hemorrhoids ?

  3. How dare Julie Bishop talk down to women who do not have the advantages of her class! She is quite a failure considering the wealth of support and opportunity afforded her for being born into that class. She looks down on women like Julia Gillard, who come from lower in the class structure but achieved so much more than her. When Prime Minister Julia Gillard chose to highlight for all women and men the real misogyny she encountered, Julie Bishop sneered at her, and all women, from the heights of her class privilege.

    Quite simply, Julie Bishop is a botch.

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