Well hit me a wet fish and call me Fred,Friday night is once again upon us.

fish slap

Not sure where the week went but time seemed to fly by.


Raffle tickets are to be had .


Music to be played.


Drinks drunk

Scorn to be heaped upon the incompetent buffoons

who lied their way into government .



Announcement about Melbourne Cup Sweep will be made after the raffle. ( Hopefully)

melbourne-cup-barriersGood luck.


470 thoughts on “BUGGER ME! IT’S RAFFLE NIGHT

  1. I recommend the Ian Fleming on ABC. You have to suspend a bit of reality, though.

    Mind you, the ladies are an attraction …

    Seriously, though, there were people who gave the War Mandarins a touch-up or two.

  2. Ducky, Leone,

    In the not too distant future there will be a vicious competition as to who was the REAL Ozymandias.

  3. I was at those sands in 2002. They didn’t sing for me. I just had some blokes yelling at me to fof their sands. They had ladders going to the top.

    They are their Sands, are they?

  4. Saw that Duck….the sheilas were a bit too much “Greta Garboish”…and the blokes a tad Walter Mitty !..but hey! as you say ..; suspend reality for a hour or so and it was very entertaining…I just wonder how much “authority” a chap like Flemming would swing though?

  5. I thought if Julia’s lawyers gave her the nod, she should sue the shits for everything they got and the mother-in-law’s furniture too…they stole her PM.ship, her career and our country..and if they can do that to someone like her…think what they could do to anyone of us!

  6. Thanks for the clue, PJF, about putting the effort in to win a Labor seat. Quite provides some interesting thought considering the state of the ALP here in WA.
    If folk thought that QLD was bad about shooting themselves in the foot, WA seems set to go the same way *sighs*

  7. Cher Canard Noir *G*, I will be travelling O/S for two week in December to celebrate my nephew’s nuptials in the UK. Is there something I should be worried about – other than freezing my tootsies off?

  8. another thing from that poll is that the ‘others’ vote has dropped from 12% to 7%, presumably because Palmer’s not running lower house candidates and is concentrating on the upper house.

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