Gullible Guru Gulled Again

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To quote the (then newly appointed) editor of the SMH, Darren Goodsir, in 2013: “Hold the front page! Hartcher Has Spoken!”

When political savant and genius commentator Peter Hartcher opines profoundly about the Abbott Budget, the nation sits up and listens. So what was Pete’s Delphic Saturday SMH pronouncement in the on The Budget?

“It’s too early to abandon hope.”

You DO have to laugh, don’t you?

He then goes on to discuss, po-faced, one of the main reasons why Tony Abbott would not promote Turnbull to the office of Treasurer.

Abbott’s jealous.

So let’s let Joe “Misery-Guts” Hockey stay in charge of it. There’s years of trash-talking in him yet: how bad debt is, how they’re going to strip away benefits, lifter, leaners and, of course, “It’s all Labor’s fault!” THAT’ll get the punters back into the empty aircraft hangers they used to call “Harvey Norman” (been to one lately?), and let’s not forget Joe’s “glum” look and that special “cranky” one he saves up for important occasions… all this with the added benefit that Joe has been absorbing king-hits from Abbott since Tony first decked him on the rugby playing fields of Sydney Uni.

Hartcher today is back to his old tricks: writing-up restaurant gossip about leadershit. He even admits it was the drink talking. A group of Ministers, in their cups, sipping Scotch, reckon Joe should go, in favour of Malcolm Turnbull.

The Abbott government is already doing so brilliantly on Foreign Affairs and international diplomacy (says Perspicacious Pete), now all they need is Turnbull in as Treash to fix up the economy and they’ll surge ahead in the polls. The Nation will breathe a sigh of relief. Consumer confidence will soar.

He doesn’t tell us who’ll take over Communications after Mal’s bumped upstairs. That’s a shuddering thought if ever there was one. Bronnie, come on down!

And here’s the kicker: when all is said and done, Pete tells us, “It’s not gunna happen.”

Yes, it’s deep, deep, deep analysis from the International & Political Editor of the august Sydney Morning Herald. Youse can see why they pay Peter Hartcher the Big Bucks.

What next? Maybe he’ll whip around to the back alley and go through the skip? Then he can tell us what the Anonymous Senior Liberal Power Broker was doodling on his paper napkin. Maybe he can even suss what the fortune cookie said?

Thank God we have the likes of Hartcher to guide our thinking. Mr Goodsir was right: whatever Big H writes, Goodsir will print and say, “More please, sir”. There’s plenty of it, too. Goodsir’s Editor Of Many Things writes everything that everyone tells him. Oh, the insight! Celebrate the context! Praise the profundity!

The poor man has a desperate need to be relevant. To show he’s still connected and gets the good goss. Forever an insider etc., etc. And to prove it, he peddles plutocratic piss-talk from out the back door of the Greasy Spoon. “I am a camera,” says Peter (and he doesn’t mean “Box Brownie”).

Pity for Pete, he supported Rudd. That kinda cruelled the ground for later Liberal licks. He’s shut out now. Maybe he thought they’d thank him for the regular Ruddstoration Routine? Sadly, all the advice he’s offered Abbot on how to deal with everything from travel rorts to Oriental potentates has been ignored. Cassidy doesn’t even invite him onto the show anymore (has he ever been on it? Even when he was there?).

Look what his Rudd Love did for him and the country. Abso-bloody-lutely nothing. Rudd’s “triumph in the polls” lasted all of, oh, about a fortnight, and now Pete’s relegated to passing on Chinese whispers and leftover noodles from a Liberal doggy-bag.

It’s a shame that nobody – either in politics, or on the receiving end of it – takes any notice of Peter Hartcher.

Then again… thank God they don’t. His only fan, Darren Goodsir, should take the hint.


845 thoughts on “Gullible Guru Gulled Again

  1. To the Mods,
    You probably already have something planned as a thread starter for tonights raffle.
    If not, could we post that picture of Abbott with arm around Nappy and have a captions competition?

  2. Malcolm Misses The Point –

    Malcolm Turnbull says the publication of personal emails apparently sent between the Labor senator Nova Peris and the Trinidadian athlete Ato Boldon went too far, labelling the coverage “salacious”.

    “I always err on the side of press freedom, but I have to say it’s pretty distasteful collection of correspondence,” the communications minister told the ABC on Friday. “Journalists and editors have to exercise a degree of discretion.

    Turnbull, who referred to his own experience of working in journalism, said there was “perhaps more of the personal in that correspondence that was published than was needed to pursue the public interest question they were raising”

    No criticism at all of News Corp using emails that were evidence in a court case still in progress, no mention of breaches of the law, no mention of the newspaper knowing all that and still going ahead with the story.
    No condemnation of a breach of privacy. No mention of the possibility of the emails being obtained by illegal means by the person who provided them. Just overall approval of the story and a bit of limp lettuce leaf beating because maybe the newspaper included too many ‘salacious’ details. And this attention-seeker is supposed to be leadership material? Maybe compared to Abbott he looks good, but compared to a decent, intelligent, compassionate human being he looks like an arrogant, ignorant fool .

  3. Rather belated, but I also should record my sorrow at Scringler’s passing. I remember him well as a poster at PB and here. He urged me to go ahead on my memoir series of stories. To my hesitation he answered to just go ahead and do it. Sage advice from a pro.

    Spacey is right, that online or in person, friends or soulmates remain just that. A little bit of us goes with him, but much of him remains with us. Make sure to toast him tonight. I almost wonder about a title as “Scringler’s List”. Vale, good friend.

    Nice to have Spacey over for a while, too.

  4. Leone not only does Malcolm fail to notice that the emails are part of a court case, they are part of a custody dispute involving children.
    Isn’t that a Family Court jurisdiction?
    Isn’t it illegal to report details of Family Court disputes?

  5. Billie,

    What’s more, doesn’t Turnbull have an LL.B (Syd.) and a BCL (Hons.) (Oxon.), and wasn’t he a moderately barrister and solicitor?

  6. I take it no-one believes Ms Kelly when she says she won’t be a candidate in the next federal election. I think the Lying Toad comment was her camapign launch – faux independent, if elected will support the Liberals on everything.

  7. No one told Hunt he could not do it. In fact with the numbers in both houses, one is surprised it did not occur sooner. What has been said, it will not work. Different proposition Mr, Hunt, The proof will be in the eating. Will emerge very quickly.

  8. See old Liberal minister Viner out today, accusing Abbott and co guilty of stealing indigenous land with 99 leases, Will mean their ownership rights will be distinguished, Can have similar outcome under Land rights Legislation.

  9. What are the amazing disclosures today., A crime committed over twenty years ago. The one committed now is beings being gown played. Who really should be embarrassed one wonders.

    I suspect at the end of the day, there will be maybe three convicted. Jackson, a bikie and Blewitt. There will be one ort two small players in trouble for lying to commission. Once the police are involved, as long as they are not Victorian police, the could be a contractor or two. What is the point of running this circus for another year.


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