Hello once again patrons to another edition of Friday Night Raffles.

In light of the one of the most monumentally stupid idiotic remarks a so called Prime Minister of Australia could make I give you a little montage of how it has received.


The Idiot gets the ball rolling. What a tool



Putin hears about it

After changing his undies from uncontrollable laughter he responds


The Russkies don,t seem too happy with The Idiot,and suggest he may be diseased.


switchback-abbott-ratMaybe this will be another little nail into the coffin of the Stupid incompetent idiotic moron that sadly is the Prime Minister of Australia, The day he is gone cannot come soon enough.


BTW  It’s Raffle Night And


As it is one of my favourite times of the year we will be having not just A Melbourne Cup Sweep but also one for the Caulfield cup Tomorrow and Cox Plate the following week .

I will post when the draw opens early on the sat morning. First in best dressed. Suitable prizes will be awarded to the winners .


Good Luck to all


  1. Some might think Menzies was our greatest PM, some might say Gough was, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but one thing is certain. Abbott is not fit to be PM at all and will go down in history as the worst, most mendacious, most divisive prime minister this country has ever had. To have to refer to Gough and Abbott with the same words – prime minister- is an insult to a great man.

  2. And Katharine can go and get stuffed

    It’s a nice speech from Abbott, who it must be said possesses a talent for lionising Labor figures.

  3. From Katherine Murphy and Bridie Jabour….” It’s a nice speech from Abbott, who it must be said possesses a talent for lionising Labor figures. There are the appropriate caveats – even though we disagree. It’s basically a respectful nod to political history: a conservative instinct, overlayed with some of Abbott’s cultural affinity with Labor figures. Call it the DLP overlap.”

    What a crock…

  4. And later down-page..on the end of Latham’s tribute..
    “But no Australian has enhanced our nation and improved our lives as much as Whitlam.

    Greatest ever Australian?


    Spiteful bastard!…I’ll bet that’s more Murphy than Jabour.

  5. Menzies cost Australia greatly with his sycophancy to England, He kept as a dig it up, grow it, cut it down, ship it out country. The CSIRO I assume is his legacy, set up to support the farming and Defence. But he killed our fledgling computer developments. England told him to stay as a agricultural nation, not to get above ourselves with computing, that we were pioneering at the time. Menzies listened to England and our computing developments died on the vine.

    Menzies is mythologized. Gough was the real thing,

  6. ” The Oaf is sitting in the House looking surly…” …..”Not for the traitor; whistles and cheers…more often scorn in a vale of tears”.

  7. If you listened to ABC News the soundbite they chose made it seem that Abbott had changed his spots.

    What a despicable little man he is!

  8. That Ming became Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports tells you just what a brown nose he was. I think he is the only non-local, Frenchies aside, since it started in C12.

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