Farcical Friday Night Raffle

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Though – just now – it feels as if we are in the tragedy.

And the following isn’t entirely impossible …

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So, up to the barricades for a rousing chorus

sharpen the

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wet our whistles with whatever we wish to order at the bar

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One of these days the farces of good will arrive

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However, NEVER forget who rules . . .

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325 thoughts on “Farcical Friday Night Raffle

  1. I doubt there would be an arena strong enough to withstand puff and Brown being that close together.

  2. Joe6pack,

    Thank you – and these were our replies.


    We knew you would be a hit. I’m VERY proud of you, j6p.

    And Bushfire Bill (of course, far more considered, insightful):

    As I have often said Joe, the only person who has any doubt about you is yourself. What a fantastic result. If you steered just one kid onto the straight and narrow you did fine work.

    Good angle too… trucks are just the vehicle (a lot of automotive puns in this email, aren’t there?). What makes a business run is the person behind it and their integrity. You like to come across as a bit of a hard nut, but you’re just an old softie at heart.

    Congratulations mate. We think the world of you.

    We do – think the world of you, that is.

    By the way, you still haven’t responded to my list of things to be done around here . . . but hey, I won’t complain TOO much.

    Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Joe6pack,

    Charlie Brown?

    You wish!

    Now, isn’t it time for The Boss to hit the hay, given the 6:00am start tomorrow?

  4. Tasmanian Federal MP Brett Whiteley tells Simplot workers to accept pay offer and ‘be thankful’

    It seems that the LNP has just told their support base that, forget about Workchoices, go right ahead and do to your employees what you would have been able to do under workchoices and we will make sure that our version of the Fair Work Commission allows employers to do what ever they wish.

    Number 2 daughter has just finished employment with a certain employer and is about to commence employment with another one.

    Apparently, she is owed over $10,000 not counting Superannuation not being paid on her behalf and I suspect they haven’t paid her income tax either. They have probably been trading insolvent for some time as my daughter says that all other employees are in the same boat as her.

    I have been hearing similar stories from all over and after reading what the government are trying to pull with the public servants and military, nothing would surprise me any more about this miserable mob.

    My wife informs me that Queensland Health are trying to get their employees to trade off penalty rates etc for a miserable pay rise that doesn’t even cover inflation.

    They should all drop down tools until this miserable mob wake up to themselves. And that will probably be until the twelfth of never!

  5. Fiona – The Brunfelsia is low on the priority list. The high priorities are a couple of Lantanas, and especially climbing Asparagus ferns (dreadful!) I pulled a small one out; it was like wrestling an octopus. We have shallow, rocky soil which fortunately restricts the roots to two dimensions, but they extend an awfully long way. The Duranta “Geisha Girl” (or similar) will be a doddle in comparison. :-/

  6. http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/support-for-palmer-united-party-plummets-poll-shows/story-fnii5v6w-1227087647011

    Support for Palmer United Party plummets, poll shows
    October 12, 2014 1:00AM
    The Sunday Mail (Qld)

    CLIVE Palmer’s support is disappearing faster than a packet of Tim Tams in the self-proclaimed billionaire’s hands, a new poll has revealed.

    Conducted exclusively for The Sunday Mail and Channel 7, the poll shows the Palmer United Party’s vote base has more than halved in just three months, with people increasingly turned off by his antics.

    Most Queenslanders believe Mr Palmer’s party will win seats at the next state election, due in March.

    However, it appears the PUP’s poached duo in State Parliament thought otherwise, both quitting as the slide set in.

    With Mr Palmer’s dream of crushing Premier Campbell Newman all but over, the election is now shaping up as a two-horse race between the LNP and Labor, with minor party preferences likely to have little influence.

    According to the Reachtel Poll of 1471 Queenslanders, the Newman Government’s attempt to keep a low profile, interrupted in recent days by Moggill MP Bruce Flegg’s ousting and the finalised privatisation plan, has so far failed to improve their appeal. Primary support for the LNP was at 40.9 per cent, almost unchanged since last month, while Labor had inched forward to 36.6 per cent.

    Mr Palmer’s party has been the biggest loser, falling from a peak of 15.4 per cent in July to 7.2 per cent in the ­latest results.


    LNP in for election fight in Cairns and Barron River at Queensland election according to ReachTEL survey
    Nick Dalton
    The Cairns Post
    October 11, 2014 5:10AM

  7. “Disaster yawn?” Our ADHD MSM couldn’t cope with this…

    Three months on, the June 27th lava flow from Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō * is still threatening Pāhoa:

    Volcanic Activity Summary: The June 27th flow remains active, with the flow front consisting of 3 narrow lobes totaling about 185 m (202 yd) wide this morning. The leading edge advanced downslope 115 m (125 yd) since October 8. The flow front is 1.6 km (1.0 mi) upslope from Apa`a St. along the steepest descent path and 1.3 km (0.8 mi) upslope from Apa`a St. along a straight line. At the average rate of advancement of 86 m/day (94 yd/day) since October 3, the lava could reach Apa`a St. in about 18 days (October 28). The advance rate of the June 27th flow has varied significantly during the past month and week, meaning this projection is subject to change. Our next overflight is scheduled for Monday, October 13.

    Pāhoa town is in the Puna District of the County of Hawai`i.




    * Pronounced: poo-oo oh-oh (ʻ is a glottal stop.)

    I never understood why you would name a “new” (1983) cinder cone after an extinct bird; a digging stick makes much more sense.

    Although the name is often translated as “Hill of the ʻŌʻō Bird” from Hawaiian, there is a different explanation of the Hawaiian appellation. The word ʻŌʻō also means digging stick. Because in Hawaiian legends the volcano goddess Pele uses her magic rod pāoa to create volcanic pits, this seems to be the intention for the naming. The cone was originally informally called “Puʻu O” by volcanologists, who simply assigned letters to vents as they arose during the first part of the eruption.

  8. The World Summit of Regions for Climate ended with a flurry of signatures, as political and business leaders from around the world inked a Paris declaration – laying down commitments to tackle climate change through concrete actions. It also calls on nations to reach an ambitious agreement to cut greenhouse gases when they gather for a United Nations climate change summit in Paris next year.


  9. joe6pack

    Excellent job, well done, and you lived to tell the tale. None of us here had any doubt that you would do well, and that you would get interest from the students.

  10. Just logged on from last night ..thelast post I saw was Puff being curios about what Joe6pak did next!….When I read it this morning , I too have to add my “very well done” to the list…It is heartening to see that kids are still so inquisitive and curious…the talk on business ethics couldn’t have been more succinct or better explained if they had come from St Francis of Assisi himself!…bloody well done….but I have one question…was there a equal attentive curiosity from the girls as well as the boys?..I ask because in these days of ‘big-rig’ technology, I’d presume it was of equal capacity for women to run such a business as a bloke.

  11. joe6pack
    Well done! We all knew you would be a great success.. Do you think your talk will become an annual event?

  12. I got to thinking that every morning during the week, I wake to the ABC. radio clock and invariably there is some “news on the economy” from some economist or perhaps the baritone humm of Saul Eslake delivering good or bad news….followed just before the news at 7. by Cheryl Baddwell giving the stock market report….and throughout the day or the week on the tele with Alan Kohler of the IMF or Euro -union spokesperson telling of the rise or decline of banking or stock market fortunes in every corner of the globe…..We all are so well informed of these fluctuations and warnings and opportunities to secure or make fortune that one is surprised there is even a monetary crisis at all!…..and yet…and yet…when I look at the world news, I see that the poor still have the look of the poor, the hungry have the look of the hungry and the sick still suffer the pains of the sick…and I wonder if all this monetary policy and economic “advancement” is really doing the slightest bit of good at all.

    Perhaps many people would be a lot better off learning how to use their hand-skills for their and their family’s good rather than their “head-skills” that seem to be much more limiting. I did some building work for a Professor of mathematics at Flinder’s University many years ago…a Dr. Kluvanik..a Chekoslavakian…He was head of the dept, I believe …and he did all the electrical work on the renovations and the welding when needed etc…I remarked on his multi-skilling and he said that before one could advance into his choice of pure mathematics at the university in those communist days, one had to learn a trade skill…his choice was electrical engineering (more a profession here in Aust’) . A very sensible policy I have to admit and perhaps one that ought to be adapted in this country.

  13. Very well done indeed, Joe6Pack. Didn’t we all tell you the kids would mob you and your rig? I’ll bet those kids re-live your school visit every time they see a big rig on the road, and more than a few will remember the wise advice they were given.

  14. Could this be the reason for all those RAAF flew-out-did-no–bombing-flew-back’ missions? We just cannot afford it.

    Australia to foot bill for US bombs dropped in ISIS fight

    And –
    Destroying a $30,000 IS pickup truck can cost half a million dollars

  15. Joke of the day. Of the week, even. Maybe even joke of the year.

    Australia presses for Human Rights Council seat despite UN criticism

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia is a leading contender to win a seat on the United Nations’ pre-eminent human rights body despite scathing recent criticism from the UN of the government’s asylum seeker policies


  16. This is starting to look serious.

    Kim Jong-Un’s Absence Leaves North Korean Government Officials No One To Agree With

    NEWS IN BRIEF • North Korea • World • World Leaders • News • ISSUE 50•40 • Oct 10, 2014

    PYONGYANG—Explaining that the highest levels of government were currently in a state of disarray, international affairs experts confirmed Friday that the continuing absence of Kim Jong-un had left top-ranking North Korean officials with nobody to agree with.

    “North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly and National Defence Commission have effectively been brought to a standstill, as government figures have had no one to heartily concur with, repeat verbatim, and then congratulate for their careful thought and insight,” said Henry Lawrence of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, who noted that North Korea’s political, economic, and military structures are built around a regimented system of repeating the words “Yes, certainly” and respectful nodding.

    “As long as Kim continues to face health problems, this agreement vacuum at the top of the North Korean power structure could grow even more acute.

    It’s hard to see how this country can move forward much longer without someone whose views top bureaucrats can vigorously assent to while bowing.”

    Lawrence noted, however, that Kim’s absence over the past 37 days had afforded officials some much-needed time to catch up on a backlog of executions.


    Actually, when you think about it…

  17. Julie Bishop is trying to gain kudos on Australia’s past good will..unfortunately, under the LNP. , the tread is wearing a tad thin and even going down to the wire in some areas….so she better act swiftly if she wants to look like “Barbi-in-the-mirror” for the local press.

  18. Let’s see if this works…


  19. Nope. But it’s hilarious. Cut and paste the link. A white woman sentenced to be tried for murder as a black male (and all its ramifications).

  20. There’s a good video too…

    Report: Many Companies Now Offering Women Permanent, Unpaid Maternity Leave

    NEWS WITH VIDEO • Jobs • Gender • Women • Parents • Healthcare • News • Business • ISSUE 50•40 • Oct 9, 2014

    WASHINGTON—As part of a nationwide effort to accommodate women in the workplace, many U.S. companies are now offering female employees permanent, unpaid maternity leave, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Thursday.

    “We understand that women face numerous challenges when it comes to balancing work and family life, which is why our company allows every female employee to take an indefinite, fully uncompensated maternity leave,” said David Koerper of EasyPay Payroll Processors, one of thousands of businesses around the nation guaranteeing women the right to leave their job at any point during their pregnancy, stay home with their child for as long as they need to after the baby is born, and then never return.

    “Women should know that when they decide to have children, we will be proactive about offering them an unlimited number of days at home to care for their kids while earning zero percent of their pay. That is our promise.”

    In a further accommodation for women, Koerper added that prospective employees who may at some point consider starting families have the option of not applying for a job in the first place.


  21. Loved the father’s comment!

    And the bit about how they’re appealing for her to be tried no harsher than a Black Celebrity, or even An Extremely Attractive Filipino Woman.

    And lets us not forget the judge’s order that henceforth the media were to assume she was guilty.

  22. http://andrewelder.blogspot.com.au/2014/10/another-week-in-federal-politics.html



  23. KK

    Sitting watching the car racing.

    Van Gisbergen well up front today.

    If it rains he is unbeatable.

    Lap 138 …

  24. Pyne on 24 saying he wants a Western Christian centric history curriculum taught by white Nuns in full dress uniform of the 1850’s.

  25. Laurie Oakes –
    When Joe Hockey talks, Coalition colleagues wince

    HICCUP Hockey strikes again! Just when colleagues were starting to think the Treasurer might be getting his act together he produces another gaffe.

    Joe Hockey’s attempt to use national security to pressure Labor over his stalled Budget Bills was an appalling misjudgement


  26. CTar1

    Ta. Forgotten all about that race. Was watching the IRB 7’s . Looks like a long hard day of sport for me 🙂

  27. There was this strange whooo I could hear. Everyday, for many hours a day. No variation, no melody. For several years, I couldn’t work it out. Assumed it was some sort of machine. I thought it coudln’t be a bird. I went for walks, trying to find out and to identify that persistant whooo.

    I’ve finally discovered the culprit. It IS a bird. I saw it in the act. What it does, it nods as it whooos. Monotonous and repetitive. It’s a bronzewing pigeon – an attractive and timid bird:

  28. from jaycee
    I remarked on his multi-skilling and he said that before one could advance into his choice of pure mathematics at the university in those communist days, one had to learn a trade skill…his choice was electrical engineering (more a profession here in Aust’) . A very sensible policy I have to admit and perhaps one that ought to be adapted in this country.

    It is an excellent idea. The penny-pinching tories would probably begrudge it, but it would undoubted broaden horizons and perspectives. Back when the the US government was mostly run by Keynesian and New Deal economic policies, many US colleges (then well-sourced by collegiate+graduate backing and government support) actually had a cross cultural approach to qualifying. Those wanting to do a science-related degree had to first qualify in an arts-related one and vice versa. J K Galbraith first qualified in agricultural science before moving to agricultural economics and then economics. The eloquence and fluency of his writing probably derived in some way from his broad range of reading.

    There is much we could do to make life better and more fulfilling if we could only get away from cutting costs and making money for a while. Perhaps we’d have been more inclined to accept the sense of climate science if it was presented in a compelling way.

  29. gigi

    If you knock them down you should retrieve and eat.

    Other than that – All big excuse needed.

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