Farcical Friday Night Raffle

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Though – just now – it feels as if we are in the tragedy.

And the following isn’t entirely impossible …

(Image Credit: Austrian Elections 2010 Demotivator Posters)

So, up to the barricades for a rousing chorus

sharpen the

(Image Credit: Why I De-converted from Evangelical Christianity)

wet our whistles with whatever we wish to order at the bar

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One of these days the farces of good will arrive

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However, NEVER forget who rules . . .

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325 thoughts on “Farcical Friday Night Raffle

  1. Due to unprecedented demand numbers will now go from 1 to 180


    I declare this raffle open, get your numbers in and open the door to riches beyond your wildest dreams, good luck to all.

    If anyone wants to lock in a set of reserved numbers let me know as it makes life easier for me.

    In a hopeful attempt to counteract all the hate around the country atm perhaps it is time for a bit of good old fashioned lurve –

  2. Reserved numbers :-

    2gravel – 3, 37, 152

    Razz – 26, 78, 91

    Hunter – 97, 114, 129

    Aguirre – 83, 86, 88

    ajcanberra – 13, 84, 110

    Barry J – 72, 117, 135

    BK – 17, 23, 29

    Logan – 41, 43, 143

    brianmcisme – 11, 14, 80

    BSA Bob – 64, 142, 164

    Catalyst – 18, 82, 147

    Florence – 46, 79, 107

    foreverjanice – 66, 90, 125

    gigilene – 2, 7, 112

    gorgeousdunny1 – 30, 40, 51

    HaveAchat – 4, 34, 141

    ian – 25, 102, 103

    leonetwo – 58, 148, 173

    Leroy – 47, 98, 169

    msadventure2 – 16, 27, 54

    muskiemp – 24, 36, 99

    Ned – 61, 101, 106

    Syd – 68, 96, 113

    obione – 118, 138, 158

    orangefox – 74, 93, 128

    Patriciawa – 69, 70, 71

    Political Animal – 5, 28, 67

    puffytmd – 57, 76, 122

    meoldema – 21, 77, 144

    granddragonette – 9, 124, 139

    Scorpio6to2 – 19, 31, 39

    socksfullofsand – 10, 12, 53

    TLBD – 6, 116, 126

  3. Isn’t it just bloody marvelous!…Over a hundred years of Health, wealth and egalitarian multiculturalism and we get Abbott..and in ONE year..kaput!….Abbott..: Enemy of the people!

  4. Jaycee,

    Gorgeous Dunny,


    The link on the other thread is now working (a case of more haste less speed plus a failure to check on moi’s part – slaps wrist with small piece of lettuce leaf) – thank you, CK, for putting up the correct link.

  5. Evening aaallll….

    whoooaaa….whheeewww,,,,SHIIITT,,,,ooooh the floorr….ouch…fk that hurtz….damn…ouch jeeezuz that aches…..whew…give us a hand up will ya…..yow…..steady on….thanks!

    Whooaa man…..schooner of light thanks….evening all……is it just me or do others think that 6packs mutts spreadeagled across the entrance to the bar a a bit of a hazard???

  6. Hey everyone.

    NBN keeps on moving backwards and now Optus is moving in for the kill:

    Got a call from my friend in California—because too many crims are stealing hydrocone (Vicodine) tablets a law was passed so that a new script is needed every time. My poor friend and her (paid) caregiver presented to the pharmacy with a repeat, told it was no good, caregiver, bless her, said “we are going to the {expletive deleted} oncologist, barge in and get a new prescription. Which they did, a nurse at the nursing station prepared a prescription and got the oncologist to sign it.

    All well, but nurse wrote out a prescription for 100 Vicodin instead of 180 so my friend cut them all in half and will nurse them to the next oncologist appointment by using a bit more of the much stronger dilaudin(?)

    All through this my friend had to lug a big tank of oxygen, her small cannisters of oxygen no longer enough.

    Ahh, the glamor of smoking!

    God I could cheerfully murder tobacco executives in lots of 100, just give me the machine gun and a brick wall!

    I am so proud of the Leadership shown by PM Gillard and Health Minister then AG Nicola Roxon on getting the Plain Packaging laws through the Parliament. I know lots less kids take up the brutish habit of smoking because of it and I cannot wait until Ireland and France introduce similar laws, followed by the UK.

    Please—use any info above to discourage anyone you know from taking up smoking.

  7. Ian,
    You must have looked or smelled a tad suspicious. Whatever, I hope this takes away the pain:

    BSA Bob,

  8. Message from BK:

    Here is Logan at 9.5 months (6 months corrected age). Maybe the PUB would like to see it.

    Definitely – thank you!

  9. By the way.
    A war or three back, I read this update of Marx’ dictum-

    History repeats itself twice.
    First as tragedy, second as farce, & thirdly as American foreign policy.

  10. For those who missed my wise words at 1 AM, apropos the bastardry of the WA Opera woman; who wouldn’t want to smoke a cigarette made by Julia Migenes?

  11. I’ll take three of the most convenient and a drop of port with a long pot of tea (Earl Grey, hot, black, with lemon if you got it)

    And a TimTam or two, or (better for me) a couple of those huge macadamia & white chocolate polluted Anzac biscuits?

  12. CK,

    Only guessing but they are doing repeats at peak hours on Saturday nights so I’d say pretty soon.

  13. TLBD I just googled it and in pommyland they are in the last two weeks of the series (of 10 eps) so soon we hope.

  14. My goodness BK, hasn’t Logan grown! (and has it really been that long? it seems like just the other day …)

    Thanks again for the numbers CK! *crosses fingers*

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