Farcical Friday Night Raffle

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Though – just now – it feels as if we are in the tragedy.

And the following isn’t entirely impossible …

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So, up to the barricades for a rousing chorus

sharpen the

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wet our whistles with whatever we wish to order at the bar

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One of these days the farces of good will arrive

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However, NEVER forget who rules . . .

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325 thoughts on “Farcical Friday Night Raffle

  1. I’ve just read this article. So, how do we send this lot of lies back to them so that it costs the Liberal Party itself money?


  2. leone

    While I agree with Albo, I just don’t understand why he is contradicting his boss now. Are we going to have dissent again? Does he want Shorten’s jo? Is he under the LOTO’s instructions? What is the true story?

  3. 2gravel
    Write ‘LIES!!!’ all over it, put the thing in a large A4 size envelope, address it to your state Liberal Party HQ and mail it without a stamp.

  4. gigilene
    I don’t know what Albo’s motivation might be, but I’m glad someone is finally showing a bit of guts and not following the ‘yes, Tony, whatever you say, Tony’ thing that Labor seems to be doing lately.

    I’m trying to watch Albo on the Sky Agenda replay right now, hoping for an explanation, but no-one has asked why he is saying this.

    One thing though – Paul Kelly opened by saying Abbott is giving too much attention to national security and the war and not paying enough attention to the budget. I almost choked on my lunch….Paul Kelly! Criticising Abbott!

  5. gigilene

    Thanks for fixing that link.


    Thanks for that, I’ll post it next time we go to town, after we receive, I want them to pay.

  6. 2gravel
    I do the mail-back thing with National Party election propaganda – we are always deluged with it here. I put it in a big envelope and mail it to theirlocal campaign office, no stamp of course. I don’t know if it gets there or not, or if the PO allows it through for free, or if it gets delivered and the Nats have to pay, but it’s worth a try.

    Next year I might do something different for the state election. I might include a letter pointing out all the lies and actually use a stamp to make sure it gets there.

  7. A telling point is reached when so much inventive invective in the English language is exhausted in describing this govt’ and it’s ministers

  8. 2gravel…I heard a trick to stop unwanted mail-outs..attach the offending article to a wrapped brick and post “wrong address, return to sender”.

  9. TLBD

    I had to “plunder” German to get the right word for Pyne, Backpfeifengesicht

  10. jaycee

    I did the return to sender trick, minus the brick, and got a letter from AEC to see if we still lived here. I told the bloke what had happened, got an unintended laugh, so I have avoided doing that. I’ve been trying to think of things I can write to send it back so that they will get the message. Any good suggestions are welcome.

  11. 2gravel
    Could you post a link to the actual piece? Mr Elder’s tweets are, it seems, protected so if you don’t follow him you can’t access his retweets.

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