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  1. BB
    Now every time our Hornets figuratively fly round the block the Libs will make a point of our wonderful mission. It’s already started.

  2. Either our chaps have not yet had their paperwork signed or they flew legal but could not find anyone to bomb.

    Who would have thought airstrikes would not stop ISIS? Only all the experts, but since when have governments ever paid any attention to that sort of advice? We are being softened up for Phase Two – combat troops sent in – which was always the intention.

    Air strikes against Isis are not working, say Syrian Kurds

    “Air strikes alone are really not enough to defeat Isis in Kobani,” said Idris Nassan, a senior spokesman for the Kurdish fighters desperately trying to defend the important strategic redoubt from the advancing militants. “They are besieging the city on three sides, and fighter jets simply cannot hit each and every Isis fighter on the ground.”

    He said Isis had adapted its tactics to military strikes from the air. “Each time a jet approaches, they leave their open positions, they scatter and hide. What we really need is ground support. We need heavy weapons and ammunition in order to fend them off and defeat them.”


  3. BK, I wonder when RAAF pilots will become “our brave pilots” on their perilous mission, dropping laser-guided bombs on targets 30,000 feet below, “risking their lives daily” to defend Aussie values.

    I keep thinking there has to be a point of exhaustion in all this somewhere, but when reports of planes flying around doing nothing and “returning to base safely” push legitimate news from the front page, I think I must be naive.

    The boos at the Grand Final yesterday were encouraging, but probably not all that indicative of real sentiment out there in Punterland.

    The Doggies have a largeish Muslim fan base, and the Rabbitohs have been stiffed by Abbott in the funding area (he gave the money to Manly instead). Both teams are roughly “working class”, and so it’s not surprising that there was some heckling of Abbott going on.

  4. Fiona/Tlbd


    They did more than chicken with almonds – sweets as well.

    Like you Ducky, I haven’t been into Civic for a long while.

  5. An article listing the Five Fallacies of our involvement in the Middle East, written by James Brown, an ex REAL ADF officer (as opposed to Abbott, who got no closer to being a real soldier than marching around the Riverview parade ground with a broomstick). Brown is now working for the Lowy Institute.

    He wrote this article on September 2nd…

    Promising no boots on the ground is a fallacy for two reasons. Firstly, even a military campaign designed around limited air strikes to contain IS will require some ground combat presence: to determine what and who is to be targeted, to foster intelligence networks, to assess battle damage, and to recover any downed pilots.


    Not for Brown the sycophantic back-slapping of Greg Sheridan, celebrating how clever Abbott has been to start out as a humanitarian and end up as a Warrior PM.

    It’s a good but sobering read.

  6. Kiera ‏@KieraGorden 23m23 minutes ago

    #BREAKING LNP announces Royal Commission into 83,500 people booing Tony Abbott at #NRLGrandFinal. Gillard first to be summonsed. #AusPol

  7. I don’t know how many Bulldogs fans would have been there to boo Abbott. Most of them would have left, rather than see Souths presented with the trophy.

  8. We will still be at war come the next election. Not just bombs, but boots. And coffins coming home to somber ceremony. And we will all ask: why? Read Robert Fisk in the UK Independent.

  9. From AIMN –

    A New World Order or yet another Monumental Blunder?

    From the comments –

    minbaniOctober 6, 2014 at 11:06 am
    To understand why Australia is involved in a war that isn’t a war, we all need to understand the bigger picture. We need to leave our own problems with Abbott long enough to see where, what, how, when and why he is so intent on taking Australians to war. Abbott and the US is just using Australians as ‘cannon fodder’ to enable the major beneficiaries to attain their goal. Read some of the info here and follow the links:
    http://nomadicpolitics.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/on-environment-romney-and-hannity-share_12.html (need to go about half-way down the page to see Murdoch’s involvement in above agenda)

    We all know the US Govt is owned by Corporations but we have little idea – or comprehension – of just how entrenched and powerful they have become. Nor do we or the US Govt in Washington know just what their ultimate aim is. Once they have achieved that aim – and they are well on their way to doing that – then what?

    Getting back to Australian politics, I believe the problem is simply too big for a fragmented Opposition to deal with – thanks to Murdoch’s success at destroying the ALP with his continuous vicious attacks and denigration of the Australian Greens. As far as I can see our only hope to regain our Parliament and our country and for removing Abbott and his Murdoch master is for our politicians to call a bi-partisan meeting for the Upper and Lower Houses and work together as one to force a double dissolution.

    I know ~ I’m off to see the “flying Pigs” through my tears. I cry for my country.

    I thought the links in this were a bit conspiracy theory, then I looked up Genie Energy and found that not only are Murdoch and Rothschild on the advisory board, but Dick Cheney is there as well.

  10. leonetwo

    Islamophobia at Sydney Uni. Female students bear the brunt because they are obviously Muslims. Abbott must be so proud

    With plenty of stories about Abbott crew’s thuggery at uni and their links to B.A. Santamaria what odds Abbott, if he was there today, would be leading that particular nasty behaviour ?

  11. I agree that there is a sense of mayhem in the air..if I had the were-withall, I’d seriously think of moving somewhere else for a while!…but WHERE?!!…the whole world seems to be going crazy!….and then there’s this ebola insanity and the weather on top of it all!…..better to invest the money in a ten-foot high cyclone fence around the place w/ razor wire on top!……oh..and a couple o’ big dogs.

  12. Blowing an effing gale out here…shadecloth down!…incoming, incoming gusts of wind…geez!…and the OH. going out on the back verandah to “pump iron” with the weights…crazy!…she go crazy!..

  13. I always thought this board was like living inside the story-line of Proust’s “Remembrance of things past”, but THAT is just crazy.

  14. Talking of chamomile, when I was quite young, I has asthma..and one of the things that used to alleviate the symptoms was by leaning over a basin of hot water breathing in the steam and my father threw in some pungent herbs he obtained from a Greek woman they called “the witch” who lived in basement rooms in Hindley St….she used to dispense concoctions and whatnot from her place…It wasn’t till I was married and had my first taste of chamomile tea that I knew learned the name of that herb….it brought back a flood of memories as soon as i raised the cup to my lips and smelt the aroma!

  15. ” Beautiful camomile lawn:”……….Geez, Gig’…you better get the Victa onto THAT “lawn”…it’s got away from you!

  16. The usual suspects are busy trying to play down Abbott being booed at thew footie. ‘He’s not the first PM to be booed’ they chant in unison.

    Well, that’s right. sort of. Hawke was booed, Rudd was booed, Howard was booed, some MSM types say it’s a tradition.

    No-one mentions the exception – Julia Gillard attended her share of NRL and AFL grand finals and was not booed. There is a difference between good-natured, doing it because it’s traditional booing and ‘we hate your guts’ booing. Which is what Abbott was given.

    As usual, Twitter says it all.

  17. My mother used to swear by ; “Krushen Salts”..she’d take some every morning…but her “drug of choice” was “Aspro”…..whenever us kids would have ANYTHING wrong with us, she’d crush an Aspro with sugar in a teaspoon, add a little water and feed it to us…………………humph!..mothers…they got a lot to answer for!

  18. Jaycee
    At least it wasn’t castor oil, though it was not my Mum who gave us that.
    And people wonder why I am light on the olive oil on my food!

  19. I know of only one or two people who would admit openly to voting for the idiot (I don’t know about NOW though!!)….so it goes to show, they either are ashamed they ever did…or they are shamefully opportunists who will vote for ANYONE who would benefit them personally.

  20. ” Jaycee
    At least it wasn’t castor oil, though it was not my Mum who gave us that.
    And people wonder why I am light on the olive oil on my food!”

    Sympathise, Puff…I get the same “raised eyebrows” when I put castor sugar with my crack cocaine.

  21. On the MSM. statement that Abbott isn’t the first PM to get booed…

    jaycee@jaycee ‏@trulyjaycee 24s24 seconds ago

    Luurve these MSM “gurus’…; defensive when it’s “their boy”…offensive when it’s “THERE ; woman!”.

  22. Today’s Morgan –
    Labor still ahead 53/47, but with a drop in 2PP support. That support seems to have gone to Independents/others, not, as you might expect, to the Greens. It looks like I’m not the only one thinking of voting for an independent because I’m fed up with Labor being lily-livered and agreeing with the government on Abbott’s war.

    L-NP gains ground on ALP as Australia enters new war in Iraq

    In early October L-NP support rose to 47% (up 1.5%) but still trails the ALP 53% (down 1.5%) on a two-party preferred basis. If an election had been held the ALP would have won according to this week’s Morgan Poll on voting intention conducted with an Australia-wide cross-section of 3,151 Australian electors aged 18+ over the last two weekends.

    Primary support for the L-NP was up 1.5% to 40% while ALP support fell 2.5% to 35%. Support for the other parties shows The Greens were at 12% (unchanged), Palmer United Party (PUP) 3.5% (down 0.5% – lowest PUP support since January) while Independents/ Others rose 1.5% to 9.5%.

    Support for PUP is highest in the three States that elected Palmer United Party Senators: Queensland (8.5%), Tasmania (6.5%) and Western Australia (3%). Support for PUP is lower in the rest of Australia: Victoria (2%), New South Wales (2%) and South Australia (1%)


    Kevin Bonham sees it differently.

  23. ABC TV news leads with the dropping of bombs that wasn’t.

    Can anyone tell me why that is worth reporting at all?

    Will check to see if Tony Boobott gets a mention.

  24. Duck…it must be just about time in this “combat mission” for intermission..any Andy Bennett tunes?

  25. For those who might have missed Julia Gillard’s A-PAC interview (as I did), here is a link to it

  26. http://insidestory.org.au/shock-of-the-new






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