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  1. Puffy,

    I believe Adelaide once had a rugby league team in the national competition.

  2. duckie
    yes I think they did.
    As far as I remember the marketing was way off. They set up a team and I remember some woman going on about how they were going to base it on tribalism.
    I knew it was going to tank at that moment, Adelaide just does not do tribalism externally imposed.

  3. The start of the match was very much Souths in front.

    Not much in it first off (they are in paid employment). For whatever, Souths had their backs running much harder.

    This is one match where the forwards did not win the match.

  4. This is a city where sports share spectators, even the football codes. People who follow Adelaide United will also go to Crows games and will be looking at the footy scores during the game.

  5. Puffy,

    “Adelaide just does not do tribalism externally imposed.’

    I do believe there is some contretemps between the Power and Adelaide.

  6. Question.
    I am hoping to see the first ever woman President of the United States. Do you have any advice and will she have to put up with the same misogynist rubbish you did?

    Give that man a beer.

  7. Many thanks to Puffy & Ducky for their commentary of the ARL Grand Final.

    Eli had his his second birthday on the 2nd and his father the very next day on the 3rd.

    Eli’s father has been a Rabbittos supporter all his life and red & green caps, shirts etc are everywhere in that household.

    I expect that it will take many days for both of them to come down after such a result as this! 😉

  8. Well done to Sam Burgess and the Rabbitoh’s club and fans. Pity they had to shake the idiots hand.

  9. lro

    “Puffy, regarding POTUS. I have a hope that Elizabeth Warren will get the gig”


  10. So, it’s Clinton v Warren?

    I think you will find Mrs Clinton will be the next candidate. It is because people are not happy with their lot and want change: any change.

  11. gigi

    Does she look like one of these?

    She’s a discard from a breeding cycle.

    So Two.

    When fronted with children she’ll defend the laundry.

    You can’t want more than that.

  12. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Sydney’s multi-faceted infrastructure issues.
    If we are so wealthy why are we in so much debt? Paul Sheehan.
    This is nice!
    I wish NSW Chief Scientist the very best if she sues The Parrot.
    Some worrying counterfeit goods enter the country.
    Stop the Waste! Hang on, it’s Morrison though and he can do no wrong.
    This church will never learn!
    Michael West takes on the Property Council over its shockingly low tax payments.
    Doctors say that Royal Commission into detention abuse is needed and may indeed be inevitable.
    George Williams – our new terror laws need proper scrutiny.

  13. Section 2 . . .

    Woolworths declare war on the corner shops.
    More land annexed for Melbourne’s EastWest Link.
    Pacific Hydro takes a big hit. Nice work Tone.
    The big life insurers are holding their collective breath as they wait forASIC’s inquiry report to be handed down this week.
    Given the pointed rhetoric coming from the Coalition when Labor introduced a levy to rebuild after the Queensland floods how can they now put on a levy for Abbott’s non-war?
    Let us imagine . . .
    Abbott was a wrecker in opposition – who’s surprised he’s a wrecker in government?
    Not a rosy picture for us with Turnbull’s NBN says the Business Spectator.
    Stephen Koukoulas thinks the AUD will drop to 66 US cents.
    View from the street – a reasonable light-hearted read on several subjects.
    The SMH editorial tells Abbott to stop settling political scores and get on with the proper job.
    David Rowe – To Catch a Creep. (I can’t work out what is dangling off Abbott’s left hip).

  14. BK
    The Rowe – definitely Abbott’s right arm. He seems to be doing a nazi goose-step.

  15. Abbott being booed has gone viral. It’s all over everywhere this morning. Tweeters who were there in person say the booing was much louder and much more obvious than what we get on videos.

    Better than any rigged ‘people love Abbott sending us to war’ poll – 80,000+ thousand people give their opinion.

  16. Monty Abbott’s Flying Circus is alive and well…

    ABC 7.45 radio news this morning was breathlessly introduced with the “breaking news” that 2 RAAF F14s had taken off with bombs attached, flown around for a while and returned to base without dropping anything on anyone.

    Apparently this qualifies as “Australia’s first combat mission” in Iraq.

    I suspect we still haven’t been given the green light by the Iraqi government to actually attack IS and have to content ourselves with joyrides instead.

    Gotta start spending that half-a-billion eventually. May as well be now.

    And right on cue, from a patriotic ABC, as lead story, reports of a tweet:

    Australian Super Hornets complete first armed mission over Iraq
    Updated 19 minutes ago Mon 6 Oct 2014, 8:18am

    Australian F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jets have flown their first combat mission in Iraq.

    Chief of the Defence Force Mark Binskin said the two jets were armed, but did not launch air strikes.

    In a brief statement on social media, Air Marshal Binskin said both jets returned safely to base.

    “2 F/A-18F completed 1st armed combat mission in Iraq. No munitions expended. Returned safely to base,” he tweeted.


    Is Libtika now the Defence Correspondent?

  17. And from the Daily Telegraph (who seem to get all the good stories lately):

    Aussies ready to hit the ground in Iraq

    UP to 200 Australian commandos will move into Iraq as early as tomorrow before a final mission clearance is given by the end of the week.

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