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Best of all, moi haz the keys to Teh Secret Cellars which are full to the brim of top stuff.

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Let’s have one other gaudy night: call to me
All my sad captains; fill our bowls once more;
Let’s mock the midnight bell.

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  3. Love marmalade! Making blood orange marmalade with vanilla tomorrow.

    I think a severe case of cognitive dissonance is about to hit LNP supporters:

    The incompetence of the Abbott govt is way beyond what even I thought and I never had any illusions about a govt headed by the worst of Howard’s cabinet ministers. Howard frequently protected Abbott who rarely put forward a decent cabinet submission and never could argue cohesively and cogently in favor of whatever submission he did put into Cabinet.

    No surprises then that a hallmark of LOTO and then PM Abbott is announcements about policy made before the matter had even been raised by shadow cabinet or cabinet. Easiest way—short circuit discussion—for an incompetent LOTO and PM. The PPL nonsense, sirs and ladies nonsense re-installed.

    If you watch Question Time, and that is getting harder and harder to sit through but do it a couple of times, you will see a pattern to Abbott’s answers. There is no clever repartee, no clever off the cuff turning back the question on the questioner. Abbott merely delivers a set little speech, usually of little relevance to the question and sits down as if he has answered the question. No brilliance there!

    You can tell how uncomfortable Hockey is by his screaming and shouting in QT.

    No surprise his main acts have been wrecking, Carbon Price, MRRT, Gonski, cuts to ABC, Australia Network. The University changes will reinstitute a class basis to University admissions. No surprise their only positive act, the Budget, has been a disaster. Abbott lies are all through the Budget. He was going to keep the compensation from the Carbon Price but in fact the effective cuts to the pension, the withdrawal of the dole for 6 months for the under 30s are all designed to actually claw back the compensation.

    Swan was rightly scathing and contemptuous of Hockey for not having all his Budget Bills introduced even months after the Budget was handed down. This was and is a spectacular failure and incompetence. Not even Costello was that lazy and incompetent—and he let the Asst Treasurer introduce all the Bills bar the main Budget one he was that lazy.

    Now we have learned that the cuts to the pension and availability of the dole will not be proceeded with! How big a hole has that blown into the Budget bottom line? Now the idiotic, open ended, no clear aims and strategy, no exit plan Iraq adventure is going to drain the Budget even further. $400m this year at this stage but bound to increase as this ill advised and ill planned adventure continues. Note that we sent 8 rather old fashioned planes and some SAS contingent—nothing major and our commitment is going to make no real difference to the total campaign. So all that money for what? Crawling to Uncle Sam?

    Now we are in the last few months of 2014 and the Budget is in absolute tatters. The usual suspects are still backing the LNP as always, save a few who knew Abbott was going to be a disaster. However late Nov or some time in December Hockey is going to have to present the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook statement. This is going to be full of grim news.

    Don’t forget the scares pre-election and “debt and deficit disaster” since the election and reflect that the Budget increased spending and so increased the deficit and pushed the surplus back some years. With the incompetence, delays, the cancelling of some major measures that were never going to pass and now the Iraq Adventure the deficit will have more than doubled. If revenue is still coming in below forecast levels, which bedvilled Swan’s last three Budgets, then the situation will be even worse than that! I doubt unemployment will decline but rather increase.

    So MYEFO shows the mess the Abbott govt has made of our finances what are LNP supporters going to do? Keep excusing and defending the most incompetent government we have ever had or actually decide enough is enough? But when the main attack on the Rudd and especially the Gillard govt was its supposed poor economic management and MYEFO shows the hash the Abbott govt has made of it—well, they are going to be conflicted.

    The only “bright” spot on the Abbott govt record is “stopping the boats” and the usual fanbois are making hay with Morrission stopping the boats. But when Manus Isl has to close? Or gets too full—the fantastic plan to bribe Cambodia to take some of our ASs has fallen through. If ever a plan was based on mist it was that one. There is also a new govt in Indonesia—how will they react to turnbacks and stuff?

    In any case, “BOATS!” does not put money in people’s pockets (and it is a rather big drain on the Budget in itself.)

    So be interested to see by Jan–Feb how the polls will fare and how some of the usual fanbois will be reacting. Some are pretty mindless and rusted on but there must be some with a bit more intellect.

    As to Abbott, remember he is above all a liar, adept at the Jesuit mental techniques and sophistried to pretend the lies he tells aren’t really lies. His rather limited intellect is going to be hard pressed to defend a spectacularly bad performance economically. I think he is probably thinking more of Iraq than the tedious questions of detailed policy so there is going to be policy inertia on top of all the other ills of the Abbott govt so far.

    A Leadership change cannot be ruled out IMHO, another source of cognitive dissonance for the electorate and especially for the Lib fanbois. I do remember the Leadership change from Rudd to Gillard, as necessary as it was (policy inertia) caused a lot of anguish in Labor/left ranks.

    Another time bomb ticking away is the NBN. If Malcolm really tries to put FTTN over normal Telstra copper there is going to be huge disappointment as hardly any real increase in bandwidth results and all the faults of the old, too–thin copper are still there. And the FTTB that TPG is going to start running out bulk is going to rob NBN Co of huge amount of revenue—while leaving blackspots untouched. Another purely destructive, wrecking policy by our worst PM ever!

    But MYEFO is definitely going to crystallise the situation. Interesting times.

  4. BSA Bob

    Just check in to see if you win is all, if you have any favourite numbers let me know and I’ll reserve them for you, that is unless they have already been reserved by someone else. Or you can just have a random pick each week.

  5. Perhaps the Minister for Women should turn up at a WL game (Women’s national soccer league)

  6. Do you know? Your Government does not care what the rest of the world thinks of it.

    The ministers will say whatever comes out of their mouths and our Mickey Mouse Media will polish it like mad. As BB says, they will never say that they had a part in getting the excrescences into power. Is there such a thing as journalistic ethics?

    If the media wanted to tell us what really is going on there then they only have to show uncropped images from their O/S appearances.

    They could also just report what was said, without comment. They could do a bit of reporting the lies. It’s not as though there is insufficient material.

    Andrew Elder’s latest is spot on. He does give Katharine Murphy way too much credit, but.

  7. Abbott was a no-show at the NRL GF last year, and Manly were playing. Truzzzz went along in his place.
    And Hockey presented the Dally M medal in 2013, looking incredibly sour-faced.

  8. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Sydney’s teaching ground for radicals.
    This show of solidarity and support highlights what it has all come to.
    Here’s Peter FitzSimons’ weekly contribution.
    These people frighten me. And so do the preachers at Westboro Baptist.
    Want to buy new apartment in NSW next year?
    Annabel Crabbe stops writing weak comedy to give us a good piece on what the anti-terror crackdown will mean. She draws on her experience in London during the 2005 bombings there.
    NSW to extend its late night drinking measures and the “industry” pushes back.
    A 15 year old girl is evacuated from Nauru after self harming and Morrison triumphantly signs up for resettlements in Cambodia at a cost of $10m per AS.
    Charles Waterstreet on the theatre of terrorism.
    Mick Gatto is “negotiating” divorce settlements with Geoffrey Edelsten.
    Surely with their new powers the government can find out where this dangerous stuff came from and then deal with it.
    Abbott’s and Hockey’s very own debt and deficit disaster. The article does say, however, that this government certainly has a surplus of hypocrisy.,6943
    The three worst things the Liberals did yesterday.

  9. Abbott won’t attend the NRL Grand final. Not if he’s smart anyway, if he shows up he will be booed and he will deserve it.

    Late last year he cut funding of $16 million, promised by Labor just before last year’s election, for the Rabbitohs planned high performance centre and Marcellin College. That did not go down well, especially asThe Idiot gave Manly-Warringah $10 million to improve their facilities at Brookvale Oval.

    Abbott was playing his usual nasty games – Heffron Park, site of the proposed development, is in the Labor electorate of Kingsford-Smith.

  10. Poor Laurie Oakes – fancy being silly enough to have a headline that says “Our free press is under siege” in a Murdoch rag.

    Too late to cry now, Mr Oakes. you supported Abbott, you did all you could to destroy Julia Gillard, you railed against Labor’s proposed media laws, you helped get this government elected. Now you can live with the consequences of your own actions. You reap what you sow.

  11. Leone,
    Don’t forget that the Bulldogs, whose traditional home district includes places like Lakemba and Bankstown, have a lot of supporters of “Middle-Eastern appearance”. Abbott will be far too terrified to show up.

  12. The comments to Katharine Murphy’s mea culpa article in The Guardian have been visceral.

    Hundreds and hundreds of people have lined up, taken the time to compose their words and let fly. Most of it is pretty cogent and well-written, with the odd swear word or typo more adding spice to the mix than detracting from it.

    I don’t think Murphy expected this response. I think it will shock her. It certainly ought to. She would have expected cheering, “Good on yer, Kath!” responses. While there is a small sprinkling of these, the overwhelming tone is of disgust with the profession of journalism, dripping cynicism as to how the last few weeks of mostly manufactured “terror” have been handled and quite a lot of pointed commentary about Murphy’s own role in how we got to where we are. She is not excused by any means.

    Sure she puts in a mealy mouthed personal confession – claiming she is not exempting herself from criticism – but it is so weak and wishy-washy that it’s pretty clear it was inserted into the article for formality’s sake.

    Murphy should read the comments and ponder the anger and distrust out there among her beloved readers, both for herself personally and for the medium in which she works.

    She has always been a journalist who claims to know what we want to read, and then dishes it up, in spades. Her mocking coverage a couple of years ago of the Slater and Gordon business, and in particular Gillard’s part in it, was met with outrage by readers of The Age and a rebuke from the then Public Editor of the Age, who then left the organization. Murphy’s response was to tell her readers to grow up and admit they loved what she was writing and wanted more gossip and slagging off. That was when she lost me.

    I don’t think I’ve read another piece by Murphy until yesterday, and I only did it then because, as I read each successive self-serving sentence, my eyes wide with astonishment at the cheek of Murphy for writing them, I couldn’t believe the gross lack of self awareness evident in almost every word on the page.

    Murphy fancies herself as a philosopher-journalist, one who is above the fray and writes fearlessly about her profession. She is no such thing. She is a cheap hack like the rest of them, always ready to go with the herd. Yesterday’s article was a very rare exception and does not excuse her past behaviour.

    Article here:

    Read the comments with pride that Murphy’s readers just aren’t buying her bullshit.

  13. Agree, BB. there were a lot of long, well thought out posts there…The criticism was in most cases pointed and accurate and well meant. But i do not believe there will be change…one post I did notice and was a tad disappointed but can understand, was from VanBadham, giving support to Murphy.

  14. Good Morning, Pubsters.

    Good Morning, ASIO. btw I left my phone somewhere after a footy final bbq. I know I will get it back, but that is why I am typing at one place and my phone is at another, a rare event. Just letting youse know.

  15. Further on those erudite posts over at at The Guardian on Murphy’s article…one can see arising with steady confidence, a new class of “intelligentsia”…no! don’t laugh!…with the rise of social media and it’s crash or crash through style of opinions, especially on the open boards, we see people , much like you and I first gingerly putting the toe in the water…testing the ground and then slowly, surely, with tweaking and adjusting one’s vocabulary and argument style, a new boldness toward assessing and constructing policy. Sure, some of it is crude and nasty…hell!…it’s in many of our upbringing. But there is that gem , that glint in the mullock heap , of honest concern that shines through the clumsy vocabulary.

    It is there, it is there….waiting it’s moment in the sun!

  16. I have put this piece up without ANY editing for syntax, grammar or clarity of structure. I accept there are some typos, there are grammatical gaffes and some weakness in layout etc. I do this not because I am proud of my grammatical failings, they will always be there, my lousy education guarantees THAT!..I do this because it must be realized that there are many who would like to contribute, to post articles , but are sometimes a tad awed by the prospect of judgement..not on their opinions, but on their writing. There are many who do post here with admirable skill more accomplished than myself…Ian, GD. Fiona, BB. Aguirre, Kambah Mick, Puff, Leone2, Janice and others (and I apologise for missing any, but you and we know you!)..but I feel there are others who lurk here and who post commentary that would have bloody good yarns and stories to tell.. I myself , left high school after the second year to go into trade and never sat for another academic exam till my forty sixth year…and then it was touch and go!…and THIS TOO is the Labor story…that those who have worked their way through life, perhaps raised a family, developed a trade, profession or business or are on PAYE employment, can draw from their own experiences and pass them on to a listening audience without fear of ridicule and rest assured that what they do pass on will be woven also into the Greater Labor story.

    Death by a Thousand Cuts, Living by a simple philosophy.

    Or : “Old Ideas, New Australians.”

    Quote :

    “ 1983…Business ………..of Survival.

    With the Death of Richard, I must now manage alone, on one pension.
    The house seems in good condition. No large account, only the small loan I had taken out, which finishes in June 1985. Must try not to take out anymore loans, to(sic) much drain on my low income.

    I must try to live on produce from garden, with eggs to help out.

    Try to cut down on weekly food bills, most of all on meat.

    The animals take quite a lot (money) for food, reg, etc.

    As the fowls are all getting old, must breed up some new hens. “

    That was from a aged pensioner’s diary…sure, we know she was not going to die of hunger or homelessness..or do we?…She certainly was afraid of some vague uncertainty…and therein lies the simple truth..: “A lifetime of habit, creates a certainty of belief ..a moment of uncertainty doubts a lifetime of belief ”. For that lady, her entire life was constructed around hard work…the old-age pension that Labor and the unions put in place gave her a measure of security so she could live out her final years in dignity…that is a word well worth praising…; Dignity…..Let’s put that up there at the top of the page of Labor principles.

    And damn if a person who applies their person to contribute toward the social betterment of their family, friends and neighbours for their working life, they are denied that most basic of respects..; Dignity ! ..and it only comes from others who have walked that same path . The speculator, always on the make..always on the lookout for the next “win”..the next “deal”, has neither wish nor capacity for dignity…he has traded it away with a Faustian deal with capital…no need to look to him for a “fair go”, his motto is ; “Opportunity”…but does he seriously believe that if HE did not exist, there would be no work to do?

    [Actually,The name that lady called her late husband was not quite correct…you see..his name really was ; Riccardo….he was an Italian…SHE was born in Australia of Irish / Cornish stock….now THERE’S a mix!…But you know, it is not at all uncommon..of the three sisters in that lady’s family, after the war, one married an Italian, one married a German (third generation Australian) and the third a Polish man. This idea that we are just lately become a multi-cultural nation is not true..for many years there has been intermarriage in the community…sure, the surnames may be Anglo, but there is mixed ethnic in the family somewhere..and we should be proud of this…love knows no boundaries, children know no race.]

    I keep hearing this catch-cry ;”What does Labor stand for?”…To my mind, Labor stands for what it was raised for..a simple measure of dignity…in work, in leisure, in the fair go for all people. I remember when I was about ten years old, with my older brother, selling newspapers at the Royal Show…The manager would allocate you so many papers for the day, you’d sell them, putting all the coins into a leather bag at your hip and at the end of the day, you’d give the bag over to that manager and he’d count out what you owed for the papers and any over (you’d get tips, but most times didn’t have the time to separate the tip from the coinage) incl’ tips he’d give back to you along with your pay….But there was this one big bastard manager one year, who’d keep back most of your tips…my older brother, being a stroppy sort of young fellow , challenged him (my brother was canny enough to keep a careful watch on his tips) and the manager got angry , saying ;”If you don’t like the way I do things , you can get off with yourself !”…and THAT included me. So a thirteen and a ten year old couple of kids get cheated by an unscrupulous manager (News Limited, by the way!)….nothing new, neither then nor now!…MacDonalds do it all the time…it’s called ; cheap labour…but to cheat kids..what sort of people are these ? Vermin….who steal the rights of their fellows…Labor with the unions, stand up for those rights..Let’s put that up on the list.

    And damn if a person applies their advantageous position to cheat even paper-boys…what sort of bastards are we up against?…and they ask what does Labor stand for?..Labor stands for what it was raised to stand for…the Rights of the everyday people to stop the vermin from ripping off the wages of ALL people and to bestow on All of us what Gough Whitlam called for and what Labor calls for now..: “A fair go”.

    Labor must think carefully before they pass these new “security laws” put up by Brandis…They are not to protect us from “terrorism”, but are deliberately being put in place to track and control our own citizens…it is as obvious as the nose on your face. There has to be a measure of restraint in how far we go to cower and threaten the populace. There has to be a measure of dignity and rights in our confrontation of any threat. Better we offer safe harbour to the majority of whom have been driven from their homelands in fear of their lives or livelihood, like those three men-folk above, than attempt to cower and oppress a minority for little more than their own particular culture.

    Now read these comments and tell me they are irrelevant today..:

    “ As rivers glisten in different colours, but a common sewer everywhere looks like itself, …so the all powerful rule of capital ruined the middle class, raised trade and corporate agriculture to the highest prosperity, and ultimately led to a – hypocritically whitewashed – moral and political corruption of the nation…”


    “ The leisure class lives by the industrial community rather than in it. Its relations to industry are of a financial rather than an industrial kind. Admission to the class is gained by exercise of the financial aptitudes—aptitudes for acquisition rather than for serviceability. There is, therefore, a continued selective sifting of the human material that makes up the leisure class, and this selection proceeds on the ground of fitness for financial pursuits.”

    Both the above pieces are over one hundred years old..The first by Theodor Mommsen on ancient Rome, the second by Thorsten Veblen on post Victorian capitalism…yet they could both have been written today. Why is it that such rational observations go unheeded in our society?…I read such and take them in and use them (as you see here) as moral and ethical fodder in my own life. Where do we see such civilized observations used widely?…I don’t know!..I don’t hear or see it in everyday life!..Where is the scholarly debate among political higher learning in this nation?….Education abandoned..that’s where..Let’s put that word up there too..


    And damn if the multitude of tomes of wisdom that have been written in the tears of humanity over millennium, get abandoned for stupid, facile , quick-fix slogans. What sort of people are these who, flaunting their higher education, claim the high ground of public debate , yet cannot or will not learn from history and will not read from the wisdom of the ages…There are those who cannot claim education beyond the third year high school, who read and revere such books…their shelves a proud display of well-thumbed volumes. And some ask what should Labor stand for?..Education…Labor stands for what it was raised for…: Education for all peoples..not the abandonment of an age of learning..but education.

    The many different ethnic groups that come to these shores, from the earliest to the latest have one goal in mind…”Betterment”..of their family fortunes, their security and their children’s education…it is that simple…sure, ( and I mean no disrespect, only metaphor).. they brought their metwurst and salami and tabouli and prayers with them..that is their immediate security..we all take a bit of “home” when we go on holiday…When one is driven in haste and fear from one’s house..; What would YOU grab?..a piece, any piece of home?…that is what “culture “ is…a little piece of the past to carry with oneself into the the worst case, it could be but a poem, a prayer, a song from the motherland….in the best case it is the family. How can one reject the call of assistance…not charity…assistance to a family in need and still shelter under the common name of humanity?

    So there are the players, there are the situations…we know what the problems are today…what can be the solution?

    Check this little piece from a short story by Eric Knight, see if it gives you ideas..: “Never Come Monday”.

    “The Prime Minister thought of a lot of things all at once. Suddenly he called his secretary and said :
    “Carrington-Smaithe. It is Sunday to-day, I hear, and it will be Sunday again tomorrow. Pack my things,. We’re going away for the weekend.”
    “But sir,” said the secretary “What about the international crisis?..We have two ultimatums that must be answered immediately.”
    “Dear me”, said the Prime Minister. ‘That is a nuisance, but all the world knows the British weekend is inviolate, and if this be Sunday, as it seems to me it must be, than I won’t be able to answer till the weekend is over.”
    “But when will it stop being Sunday, sir?”
    “Well, Carrington-Smaithe, how long will it take our fastest cruiser squadron to get around to that troublesome part of the world?”
    “Oh, about thirty-six more hours, sir.”
    “Hmmmph! Then I think it will stop being Sunday in about thirty-six more hours.”

    There is a secret desire in that little piece of the realization of reality..(it is well worth a read by the way)..a desire that is really a need for time off from work. But it can be more than can be the barricade between capital demand and producer compliance..a demarcation line between demand and supply. I have never liked sacrificing my weekends for overtime, ever! Damn their work..No-one should be compelled to work on the weekend..and if they must, as in the emergency services..then they ought to be suitably..VERY SUITABLY will be around a long time after we are ALL dead and gone!…and there can be the solution to differentiating Labour from Capital…the inviolate weekend..the compulsory time off for R&R. . For as long as one stays healthy, one can always earn money…but time is of the will run out of time before you run out of money…take the time..screw the money..let capital know it has no price for your free-time. And they still ask what Labor stands for…Labor stands for what it was raised for…honouring the eight hour day or it’s modern equivalent, honouring “family time”..personal time ..resting time. Those who would try to reduce the vulnerable to a kind of 24hr. slavery would love to claim ownership of the whole of our weekend…bugger them!..they can’t have it!

    The solution is that WE who are the producers, the consumers, the life and breath of business, take control of our working lives…We draw a demarcation line between being compelled to work and a time for life. we stop the machine for a pause in production so we can enjoy our family and friendships…I say we take back our lives and deny the vermin their pound of flesh!…it has never been the speculator who physically laid the “foundations”, never the stock-broker who mixed the “mortar” , never the wealthy who carried the “hod of bricks” to build “our house”.They don’t own it..they don’t own us..they OWE us !

    THAT, is Labor policy…: Dignity..Rights..Education..and what flows automatically from those simple entitlements..Stake your ground, claim your rights and serve your people.

    ” The quality of mercy is not strain’d.
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes “…


    Read and see just how badly Turncoat has mismanaged his portfolio. You might say, well, if private enterprise delivers high speed broadband that is what the Libs want. Not so—private enterprise will cherrypick leaving NBN Co the various pockets of high cost, low value to roll out to. NBN Co will have to rollout to the outer suburbs and the regions, costing the Budget big time.

    Also of interest, towards the end of the article, the mention of premium TV service. That will be 4K TV and later 8K TV, both requiring enormously more data than can be broadcast over the air or streamed down the Telstra crap copper. (FTTN will NOT work here, the Telstra copper being both too rotten and too thin to carry the data fast enough.)

    So it is high time Malcolm bloody Turnbull stopped faffing around with reports that just tell him what he wants to hear and, despite monkey’s dictat to destroy the NBN, start NBN Co ramping up the rollout.

    The Melton rollout showed just how much time and money could be saved in the rollout, no excuse at all for Turnbull now.

    I am tired of the TV offerings around ATM. No hidef TV, the ABC and the commercial channels are both repeat city—and I only have the TV on as a bit of noise while working on the computer. What complete and utter failure!

  18. The ABC. repeats are getting so bad, that a new series can get played one day and repeated the next…jeeezus!

  19. Sir Pent.
    The television offerings are atrocious. My Mum has Foxtel for the sport and horseracing, and watches old Westerns and classic movies. Otherwise it would get the flick.

    They show the same movies every six or eight weeks, the sport is full of adverts, Mum gets channels she has no interest in ( Where’s Raymond and other yank crap comedy) , but cannot get the ones she wants (docos, crime stories. etc) because you can only buy ‘packages’ not individual channels.

    Bring on internet TV, she can buy access to the AFL channel, buy whole series off the net, free docos, anything she wants. Then Foxtel can go where the nightcart went after modern sewerage systems were installed.

  20. Boxhead is giving a presser about the Medibank Private Share Offer. He just said it is the biggest private health cover provider in the country.

    That tells you exactly who most people want handing their health insurance, the government fund, not the commercial one. It is atrocious these people are going to lose their choice of who gets the profits from their premiums, which is currently their Federal government.

  21. Once Mum dies (she is 93) and I don’t need to look after her I want to move to Tassie—George Town in the Tamar Valley. I intend just to have classical music playing, ABC Classic FM and/or CDs. Fuck the TV, it has lost any vitality and worth it once had.

    I do like to look at MKR/Masterchef even tho too little cooking is shown and the judging, giving just a figure instead of breaking it down into plating/appearance, texture, flavor etc is worthless. I do not give a pinch of Demi’s poop who wins, of course.

    Hmm I should be looking for YouTubes and how to cook shows. I love cooking but am not much good at it. My right shoulder is also stuffed so too much cutting etc and I am in pain city which is why I bought the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium, the mixer and the various attachments take soooo much load off the shoulder.

    Currently I am trying to make sourdough bread—my very last loaf was getting there, rose well and some biggish holes in the bread, the sourdough texture.

    I have some Belgian chocolate buttons, I have chooks—a chocolate souffle won’t be too far off!

  22. If I was a member of Medibank Private I’d be cancelling my membership ASAP. All members should leave. Right now. Hit the buyers where it hurts, in the hip Why would anyone stay anyway? How many Medibank Private members even know they are being sold off to the highest bidder?

    Sheep, people are just sheep.

    What government flogs off a source of revenue? The Abbott government, of course.

  23. jaycee

    Thanks for all the time and trouble you have taken in that post. Your so called ‘little education’ doesn’t stand out to me. I’m glad you pointed out that some of that was written many years ago, I just thought they were written very recently.

  24. Puff…thanks for that advice…I’ll keep it in mind!!

    2gravel…well, it is more enthusiasm than pedantry!…I spent the best part of my life at the “business end” of physical labor…now I’m enjoying the “cerebral work”…I just luuuurrrrve the internet.

  25. I see you Fiona…no worries, if you please….It’s what I like and treasure about social media and boards like this…it is the utter democracy of them!!…you write a piece, you post it up you get read or not, you get agreement or dissed!…it is how it goes…i just love the freedom it allows us all…AND it certainly screws over that bastard Murdoch and his MSM!!

    Let the freedom bell ring!!

  26. I see Tony Abbott has got the war he wanted. Any Australians killed will be blood on his hands. John Howard is up to his ears in the blood of innocents. We have The Hague, Howard should be there, along with Bush and Blair.,

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