Friday Fandango Macabre

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Posted from The Pub’s unplottable bunker.

Food supplies laid in, guaranteed fresh water laid on, solar and wind-powered generators humming – so there’s plenty of power for the kitchen, the cool room, and the jukebox.

Best of all, moi haz the keys to Teh Secret Cellars which are full to the brim of top stuff.

Oh, and the

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is keeping The Pub safe from prying Security Eggplants.


Let’s have one other gaudy night: call to me
All my sad captains; fill our bowls once more;
Let’s mock the midnight bell.

Order your numbers from The Pub’s Resident Good Wizard, CK Watt

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Your drinks from

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and help yourself to the banquet

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Music will provided by the usual sackbuts and viols

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with security in the capable paws of Ned and Syd

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Enjoy the evening, everyone!

312 thoughts on “Friday Fandango Macabre

  1. Pol’…” George Town in the Tamar Valley. I intend just to have classical music playing, ABC Classic FM and/or CDs. Fuck the TV, it has lost any vitality and worth it once had.”

    That “Foyles War” is a beaut….the gravitas of the chap…that standard ” jewish shool(SP.?) with the hat” as Lenny Bruce once said.

  2. I hate when they tell you, everyday, several times a day, the number of missile strikes … They seem to enjoy the war.


    I like Foyle’s War too. Great actor, great role.

  3. Your Federal Government at work

    Aged care advocates have called for findings into allegations of neglect at Canberra nursing homes to be made public, claiming the federal government’s Aged Care Complaints Scheme is shrouded in secrecy.

    Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association spokeswoman Charmaine Crowe said her organisation received many complaints about scheme, which is protected under the Aged Care Act – making it unlawful for information about complaints to become public.

    “The problem is the public has no idea how well or how poorly these nursing homes are doing,” she said.

  4. Situation normal in Allbull Land

    Committee chair Conroy accused NBN Co of deliberately lying about the pilot in a blog posted by the company following the publication of the leaked document, which denied the existence of the Melton trial.

    “What is the committee to think when an officer of NBN Co misleads the public by stating a bald-faced lie?” Conroy said.

    Morrow said NBN Co’s management team had been unaware of the document when it first surfaced publicly and assumed it was “doctored”.

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