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wenches and mateys run up the mizzen and yo ho yo and a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue label 

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  1. And, at the same time, Brahms four symphonies (von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmoniker).

    Johannes was the ultimate Romantic.

  2. orangefox,

    I cannot remember a Prime Minister with the integrity (bow to John Gorton) and vision of Julia before. her.

    I would dearly like to meet her.

    I shall never forgive Bill Shorten for deserting

  3. No one can say for certain what helped Labor get nearly enough votes to form government in 2010 but it is my opinion Labor’s NBN policy was the key to give them the edge over the Libs.
    However Labor initially stuffed up the anouncement. It was only at two minutes to midnight that they fixed their mistake. I have my own theory of what triggered the correction.
    Like so many of their good policies, they were hopeless at selling them.

  4. Little Black Duck,
    I think you could still meet her.
    I was bitterly disappointed that they desserted her and I didn’t bother supporting Rudd until the last moment. That was the feeling of lots of Labor supporters and it stuffed Labor’s chance of re election.
    Now we see a rerun under Shorten where full grass roots support is lacking.
    Personally I believe the party should be split with the Left faction going their own way. That would sink the Right elements that have infiltrated the party.

  5. Thanks for including me as a resident of WA I nearly always remember when its late…I have joined our State Library simply so I can request they purchase PM JG ‘s book. It seems with ran incredible oversight or bias that they have both Greg Combet’s book ( reading it now – good read)and Wayne Swan’s but not the former Pm Julia Gillard. State bias or Sexism?

  6. Puffy,
    There have already been three AFL Grand Finals involving teams from outside Victoria Port-Brisbane (2004), Sydney-West Coast (2005-06). Periodically there are murmurs of discontent from parochial media (Herald-Sun and 3AW especially). The latter ludicrously referred to Geelong as the Victorian champions when they were runners-up to West Coast in 1992, pandering to the more ignorant of their listeners.
    Since 2006, there has been a revival of the stronger Victorian teams – Geelong, Hawthorn, Collingwood (and briefly St. Kilda) – so this sort of parochialism had died down. Astonishingly Melbourne public transport operators have been running a billboard campaign along similar lines, jokingly referring to Sydney’s “stealing” our flag in 2012.

    Scorps, I refer to our returnee as the “young master” mimicking the usual form of address by the servants in English upper class houses. Generally speaking the YM’s wishes, especially with regard to meal times and catering, laundry and ironing are carried out with appropriate deference and a sense of urgency by the beloved and myself, and he is of course the controller of the television remote controls (free-to-air and cable). He makes occasional, risibly modest contributions to household expenditures.

  7. I believe Abbott is lost without an opponent. What is more useless than one boxer in a ring? The only one he can hit is himself, or cast about for shadows.

    Abbott has to invent one because the Shorten is either gone quiet, is not saying anything that Abbott can fix on or the MSM is not reporting anything Shorten is saying, It is probably all three to varying degrees.

    How long is it since you have heard Abbott say anything much about the ALP Opposition?

    It is a frustrating strategy, but I think it is the right one,

  8. You may be even more angry if and when the Libs win another term. This is not impossible even they are on the nose at the moment. Come closer to the election day their special box of tricks will be employed.
    What we really need is a severe economic downturn to wake people up. At the moment the government using tricks to prop up the economy. A high immigration rate of wealthy people is one of them. Proping up the housing prices to keep the banks happy and those with exsisting property feeling wealthy.

  9. PJF
    Thanks for that, AFL history is not my strong point. I try to fit it into an overview of Australian society, and find interesting the tensions between the traditional insular aspect of the code and the need to expand in response to competition by other sports.

  10. Think Liberal Party supporting businesses held off spending until after Labor lost? You’d be correct.
    There was a jump in business confidence and spending after the Libs won.
    Now it’s the Labor supporters turn to use tge same tactics. Cut back spending to the bare minimum and try and boycot those Liberal backing businesses.
    Yes, we may be inflicting some pain on ourselves but if the economy stays healthy then it will be impossible to shift the current mob out.

  11. Orange Fox,

    Doing my best. I don’t shop at any of the behemoths; I buy meat from one of several excellent local butchers; we have the best greengrocer in the world an easy walk away – actually, they don’t just do fruit and veg, but a mean line of (rather expensive but yummy) meats of all sorts, pasta, dairy, fish … you name it, they probably have.

    They’ve been in my suburb for 50+ years, and are the reason why the local Woolworth’s produce prices are almost the lowest in Melbourne – despite the fact that this is a fairly high SES area.

    Just goes to show …

  12. Puffy,

    Don’t ever assume that people know what is good for them.
    The majority of people need to be told what is good for them.

    This is why advertising works to sell people goods or services.

    The Liberals know how to sell their shit by repeating the sales pitch until people believe it.
    Classic advertising method.

    Labor trys to sell their ideas with logic. A mistake, as this requires thinking from the respondent, which most people don’t have time or an interest for.

    I have said this many times in the past, Labor needs to put doubt in peoples mind about every Liberal policy that is no good.

  13. Fiona,

    Sounds like you are doing a great job.
    What if I told you at least 80% of small businesses are Liberal supporters?
    I have struck up many conversations with small business owners usually by saying something possitive about a Liberal policy to see what the owners reaction is. From there it’s a quick trip to find out the owner’s true political leanings and opinions on just about anything.

    The Liberal party uses these small businesses to spread their message. They know these shop owners can interact with their customers to sell the Liberal ideas in a very casual and down to earth method.

  14. The reason Labor needs to put doubt in people’s mind is that it will force people to think.
    This is better than a sraight yes or know which simply allows the respondent to not engage in any thought of the topic but to forget it quickly.
    Doubt causes the respondent to have to think to about it and remember it until they come up with a conclusion themselves.
    Maybe I should advise Labor on strategy?

  15. orangefox

    What if I told you at least 80% of small businesses are Liberal supporters?.

    People that used to bang on about the bloody “Petite bourgeoisie” were on to something.. They have not changed much.. They love fascism.

    Petite bourgeoisie ………….. a social class comprising semi-autonomous peasantry and small-scale merchants whose politico-economic ideological stance is determined by reflecting that of a haute (high) bourgeoisie, with which the petite bourgeoisie seeks to identify itself, and whose bourgeois morality it strives to imitate

    Role in fascism

    ………………, R. J. B. Bosworth suggested that they were to become the political mainstay of Fascism, which political reaction was their terroristic response to the inevitable loss of power (economic, political, social) to the haute bourgeoisie. Wilhelm Reich also highlighted the principal support of the rise of fascism in Germany given by the petite bourgeoisie and middle-class in The Mass Psychology of Fascism. He claimed that the middle classes were a hotbed for political reaction due to their reliance on the patriarchal family (small businesses, according to Reich, are often self-exploiting enterprises of families headed by the father, whose morality binds the family together in their somewhat precarious economic position), and the sexual repression that underlies it.

  16. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    I’m sorry but when these rabid mongrels talk about non-believers being punished it makes my blood boil. The cynical use of the religiously damaged (from an early age usually) people by those with base means is appalling.
    Preventative detention laws being for possibly the first time used to detain three from the terror raids.
    Richard Ackland examines the dawn raids.
    Mike Seccombe – the real threat of terror laws.
    Michelle Grattan. From saving to spending with Parliament House security.
    Are we entering a war without end asks a academic.
    John Howard talks about like after politics.
    Abbott in Arnhem Land – a display of farce and cynicism. John Pilger.
    Jaqui Maley and Headmaster Abbott’s ministerial report car.
    The Saturday Paper looks at Johnston and Bishop as Ministers.

  17. Section 2 . . .

    Qantas – flying blind.
    The three worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    Essendon’s woes may deepen very much further after Middleton J strongly rejected its and James Hird’s submissions to the Federal Court.
    Caroline Wilson dissects the verdict and the effects it will have on the club.
    The ageing of Australia’s scientist is a worry.
    The secrecy surrounding WestConnex is playing havoc with the real estate market.
    Former ICAC commissioner warns against changing its powers.
    Be alert AND alarmed! The police are astounded at the extent and methods of paedophilia in Australia.
    He’s not the only one!
    Idiot Bernardi and ratbag Lambi get some pushback from the Muslim community.

  18. Section 3 . . .

    And Bill Shorten urges Abbott to haul Bernardi in over “ignorant remarks”. Predictably there was no comment available from the PM’s office.
    John Birmingham fills in for Mike Carlton it seems. Worth a read.
    The scandal that is the Depreciated Optimised Replacement Cost. We are paying twice for this energy cost component.
    Who is paying for the Abbott government’s propaganda in our power bills?,6913
    Phil Coorey – the RET has proven to be resilient as well as renewable.
    Alan Moir takes top guns Abbott and Obama to the air.
    Great work from David Pope complete with pixilation.
    John Spooner – it’s a bit sick this one.

  19. It appears whether vote was yes or no, Scotland was the winner. Wales and Northern Ireland want the same deal. Could it be, that the UK will become united, with each having equal power? I have to add, I have little ideas of how the UK is suppose to work.

  20. Serious questions are being ask about the last few days action of government and police. I suspect Abbott might take the day off.

    One should keep in mind, these terrorist would love the police and community attacking the Muslim community in this land. Yes, such attacks breed new recruits for them \\We have FM Bishop in NY demanding stronger intervention in Iraq and further attacking Putin. Among the 50 countries that have signed up, only one is going as far as Bishop. That is France.

    Why are we among the minority when it comes to the threat from ISIS/IL and carbon emissions.

    Will be interesting to hear what the lady has to say to the CC this week. That is if she even bothers to speak. Why is ot Hunt attending. Why does the PM think he can give it a miss, without any backlash.

    This week we had him out in the bush, saying that PM’s have to be aware of the consequence’s o their actions. Of course he was talking about the Indigenous people, who by the way, have different problems throughout Australia.

    The same man seems impervious to the harm his budget is doing to the people and the economy. No concept of consequences here.

    Seems to be the only Australian to see the back of Pell.. One got the feeling, he has no time for the new archbishop. Did I get it right, that Fisher, the new one, was raised in Lakemba. If so, that is good.

  21. Florence nee Fedup

    only one is going as far as Bishop. That is France.

    And no coincidence the French leader , like our Oaf, has the popularity of a steaming pile of merde.

  22. Orange Fox,

    Yes, I am aware of the political leanings of most SMB owners. However, I am not in a position to be self-sufficient, and I think they are slightly less evil than Colesworth – at least they don’t “dabble” in poker machines.



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