In honour of New South Wales’ highly effective Independent Commission against Corruption for achieving its latest victim, heart-throbbingly attractive

(Image Credit: News Limited)

State Member for Port Stephens, Craig Baumann:

In denunciation of the worst PM in Australia’s history and what can only be described as his lecherous yearnings to be another khaki leader:

(Image Credit: Mark Knight, News Limited)

(hat-tip to Leone for that one).

In honour of one of the best Australian Prime Ministers ever

(Image Credit: ABC)

who appeared before the Gillard Witch Hunt Trade Unions Royal Commission and walked out without a hair out of place, just a reminder for all of us why the worst PM in history decided to set up the witch hunt (authority: Bishop the Younger – “after the misogyny speech, all bets were off” or wtte):

Alright, time for a reviving bevvy or ten. Help yourselves, everyone,

(Image Credit: Tokyoholic)

order your numbers from The Pub’s Rafflemaster Extraordinaire, Mr CK Watt,

(Image Credit: Wordcamp)

and have a good evening.

I’ll be at me mum’s for a while enjoying a well-earned glass of chateau cardboard, and will rejoin you later.

Toodle pip!

202 thoughts on “FABULOUS FRIDAY FIVE o’clock FRIVOLITY with PHENOMENAL raFFle!

  1. Running of the bulls balls.

    Thanks to campaigning by anti-bullfighting advocates and with the support of locals, the ‘Running of the Balls’ festival (that’s what we’re calling it, anyway!) sees giant polystyrene balls weighing up to 125kg ‘chasing’ adrenalin-fuelled participants down Mataelpino’s streets into a now defunct bull ring. Not a terrified bull in sight!

    Talk about inventive. One local has said, “People don’t want to see frightened animals running for their lives any more.” — and reportedly tourism revenue has increased in the area since the town stopped using live bulls.

  2. Orange Fox,

    I think I may have misunderstood the direction of your earlier question (re fluoride).

    I plead exhaustion.

    Could we please resume the discussion sometime tomorrow, preferably after 6pm?

    Goodnight to you, and to all.

  3. Joe6pack and Fiona,
    Thanks for your reply. I do think the problem is at my end and could even be made worse by slow or patchy 3G speeds.
    The device I am using only has 500mb of ram and from my experience with other sites it is not enough to run a full website smoothly.
    The Guardians website really needs 1GB of ram to run smoothly.
    They do have an App that can be used but I refuseto install it as it requires location permission.
    That means they can see where my device is down to street address.
    Sometimes their full website will recognise. if someone is using a phone or tablet and change the veiw to mobile view which runs a bit smoother.
    Anyway the better phones now have 1gb of ram which fixes most issues.

  4. Fiona,
    No problem. I think your maps you posted refered to areas that are fluoridated.
    The point you make is true and my theory has been blown appart, but …..there have been a lot of southerners moving to Qld.
    Still I am anti Fluride as adding to water is the most inefficient means to deliver protection to one’s teeth and has all soets of known and unknown side effects to people general wellbeing.

  5. Given that the Mad Monk is ticket holder No.1 , my heart bleeds not for Manly. Go the Bunnies !!!!

    Damn! Now, why was it that I was thinking a similar thing?????????

  6. Joe6pack.
    I bet the kids will be fascinated and you will be a hit. Just remember you are following scintillating talks from accountants and solicitors. “I have this pen with four colours.”

  7. Yes, but kids teeth are a lot healthier. and it is one way to make sure that they all get it. Indeed, dental health has declined with the increased use of bottled water and filters. In Australia with no public dental schemes worth talking about, that protection is an important public health measure.

  8. It’s pretty-well pointless to resist.

    The journos LOVE a war, especially one where they can sit safe and snug in their studios, or next to their mobile phones and just take patriotic dictation.

    Not for them actually going to a REAL war, like those poor bastards who’ve had their heads cut off, or who live with the locals and share their fates to get the story back.

    It’s beat the drum and raise the flag. Let’s all salute.

    Even Emma Alberici is wearing khaki tonight. She has on a couple of “experts” talking up Aussie military “might”. It’s all our “potent” F-18s and the “superb” SAS. Sure our mid-air refueling tankers aren’t up to flying anywhere near a combat zone (because you an shoot them down with a skyrocket, it seems) and there’s only about a couple of battalions’ worth of genuine, combat-ready soldiers. Our subs are broken, too, but otherwise Team Australia is ready to take on those awful ISIS nasties and teach them a thing or two about The Fair Go.

    Emma, her eyes slightly gritted, her mouth a little tight from the stress (and no doubt the exhiliration) of a proper WAR to yabber about from her Ultimo studio, shows what real Aussie journos are made of: steely resolve, jingoistic patriotism and The Abbott Method of statesmanship: start a war and they will follow. It’s News, after all.


  9. There is zero doubt that Rupert Credlin has come with this particular gambit and have given Abbott and Irvine their instructions.

    Irvine is completely compromised after his raid on the Timor Leste documents.

  10. PuffyTMD, was that one of your relatives? Or an image of you as a young drake? *suppressed grin* Very handsome.

    I’m also reading Mr Combet’s book, freshly retrieved from my local library. So far I keep having odd flashes of memory about what was on the TV as he talks about various incidents involving his history.

    I’ve requested all the recent run of books through my local library as I’ve become aware of them. So every now and then I get the chance to a) read a Brand New Book (if you like reading, you’ll know what I mean *amused at self*) and b) ensure that the books are in the local and state library system in WA.

    I currently live in the “blue stripe” of the seat of Hasluck. As a result, I take great pleasure in requesting such terrible “lefty” books for my library. Adding to my amusement this afternoon, my local librarian informed me that I will be the first on the list to get Ms Gillard’s “My Story” when it arrives *G*

  11. Thought for the day

    What we are paying our prime minister isn’t exactly peanuts so how come we still get a monkey?

  12. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Abbott’s indigenous takeover is in disarray.
    Hadley and 2GB self-immolate to the tune of $550000. Nice work!
    Yet another NSW Lib bites the dust courtesy of ICAC. And Arfur’s pathetic excuses are laughable.
    This editorial says that the ICAC appearance of Sinodinos proves its worth.
    Here’s the Guardian’s take on Arfur’s appearance.
    Arfur says it’s time to go back and work with Abbott. Er Arfur, the ICAC report won’t be out until next January, and all you’ve done is to promote your incompetence as a defence.
    Mike Seccombe asks a good question – Why did the Libs get illegal donations to fund an election that was already in the bag? A very good essay on the whole sordid thing.
    Tony Wright seems underwhelmed by Abbott’s terror alert.
    It’s sending us to war that will really raise the terror threat.
    Michelle Grattan with a rather benign contribution on the matter.

  13. Section 2 . . .

    Paul Bongiorno on Abbott taking us to war. It’s not at all complimentary to Abbott.
    The high cost of the high terror alert.
    Peter Hartcher examines the call for a federal ICAC and how Clive Palmer would be a prime subject for it.
    At last some common sense writing about the next submarine fleet.
    Myer shares slide towards oblivion.
    Jaqui Maley – the Ashby and Gillard stories still have more left in them, she says.
    Julia creams the critics and crashes more careers.
    Tony Windsor in the Saturday Paper – No guts, no glory on clean energy. And a beautiful punchline at the end!
    Are pharmacists as trustworthy as they are thought to be?
    Anne Summers – violence against women is a job for all of the nation.

  14. Section 3 . . .

    A genuine “sorry” seems to be the hardest word.
    Mark Latham looks at Abbott’s impending visit to Arnhem Land.
    Baird increases the role of the Auditor-General. Goods work.
    A devout Muslim on how her religion has been betrayed from within.
    Child sexual abuse within families is rampant in Victoria says the police.
    Alan Moir has some thoughts about the coalition of Arab states to deal with IS.

    David Pope is unimpressed with the terror alert.
    Michael Leunig with his thoughts on religion.
    MUST SEE! Ron Tandberg.

  15. “Emma Alberici is wearing khaki tonight.”

    Emma’s khaki jacket reminded me of the suit John Howard wore for the 2001 election debate. The same dark khaki, with a lighter khaki tie. The 2001 election was talked up as Howard’s ‘khaki election’, perhaps he thought he should follow the war theme by dressing up in a faux military outfit.

  16. Hmmm –

    Rumour (from a very credible inside source at the ABC) has it that Leigh Sales insisted that Chris Uhlman take over from Sarah Ferguson because Sales did not want the direct comparison between her and Sarah…she needed the limp lettuce leaf Uhlman in between so she didn’t look inadequate in comparison.

    In the comments under Kaye Lee’s piece on Chris Bowen.

  17. Abbott’s Top End trip: PM plans to run Government from tent during week-long NT visit
    Notice Their ABC doing their very best to rewrite history with this –

    Before being elected, Mr Abbott committed to spend one week of every year as Prime Minister in a remote Indigenous community.

    No, he promised to spend his first week as PM with an indigenous community. I have the video…..

    Images of Abbott’s luxurious accommodation can now be revealed.
    Roughing it under canvas –

    And for urgent meetings –

  18. http://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/politics/2014/09/13/abetz-still-the-woods-fighting-lost-war/14105304002530ad66-eaea-45c9-ad94

    http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/2014/09/mrt_20140911_1740.mp3 well worth listening to




  19. The current ruling government – known as the Alliance – is made up of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderate Party, the Centre Party, the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Party.

    Sweden elections: who’s who?

    Polls suggest that support for the Moderates has dropped and the Alliance’s total share of the vote is now smaller than the combined share of its main rivals – the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party. But the gap between the two blocs has narrowed in recent days.


  20. Bernard Keane @BernardKeane
    During the week I spoke with @richardaedy about the obsequiousness of our journalists toward intelligence officials http://ab.co/1qQt4af

    Too many journos with dirty little secrets ?

  21. Shut the gate, the chutzpah has bolted…

    “I am not prepared to allow this to become a distraction for the party or the government,” Baird said in a statement.

    This is the NSW Premier talking, on the day that he lost his 10th Liberal MP for dodgy dealings. There they are. One more and we can have a cricket match: Barbarians v. NSW.

    Perennial Liberal drinks waiter, Arthur Sinodinos, seems chuffed to think that because Geoffrey Watson didn’t fly across the lectern and strangle him on the spot and that he left on his own two feet and not in a paddy wagon, he’s been cleared by ICAC.

    There is a difference between giving evidence and being cleared.

    To be fair, Julia Gillard is technically in the same holding pen. The media has cleared her, but not Dyson Heydon… yet.

    Some of the (now) “Nothing to see here” press brigade weren’t so charitable back in 2013, when they wrote up the AWU business as Labor’s “darkest hour”.

    The difference between Gillard’s “I can’t recall” and Artie’s were chalk and cheese: Gillard couldn’t remember whether she had the meat or the fish at a dinner on a Wednesday night in 1992.

    Arthur couldn’t remember whether he noticed that $700,000 dollars has passed through his own finance committee just a couple of years ago. Even if it had, Arthur boldly asserted, it wasn’t his problem. He was only Chairman of the Finance Committee.

    But of course that leads to Arthur’s REAL problem. Can you imagine him in charge of billions of dollars, not just hundreds of thousands?

    “Oh, I dunno. Yeah, there was some money went in and out of the Reserve bank, but I wrote a letter to someone, so it’s none of my concern that it disappeared.”

    I guess it all boils down to how you define “stupid”.

    To put a guy like this in charge of a large swathe of the nation’s finances would be a very stupid mistake. He seems to think his various job descriptions, for which he naturally expects to be paid a very large salary, are primarily ceremonial. No question of them being hands-on, or anything coalface like that. Arthur has people who look after the details.

    He’s read Management For Dummies, where it specifically states that the job of The Manager is to pick the best people, and then let them get on with their job. The only problem is that Arthur seems to have dredged his own people from direct descendants of the Rum Corps.

    I’ve heard of “delegation” but to make Arthur Sinodinos the Assistant Treasure for the Commonwealth of Australia would be an insult to the voters. Especially when his boss, Joe Hockey, is floundering at the next level up as well.

    There’s an old Aussie phrase for Arthur: “Tell him he’s dreaming.”

    Baird must be amazed that the polls haven’t tanked as far as they might have, yet. That’s why he still thinks his government has spare capacity to be further distracted by the ICAC findings. It’s distracted alright. Has been for months now, as a conga line of developers, lurk merchants, sleeve tuggers, commission agents and dodgy MPs do the Walk Of Shame onto the Castlereagh St. footpath outside ICAC.

    Baird only got his job because his erstwhile boss, Barry O’Farrell, crashed and burned after “misleading” ICAC.

    That’s not a bad basis for distraction, right there. While Barry was pontificating about how naughty Labor was, and about how he was going to clean up NSW, he and his troops had their snouts in the trough so deep that pigs gave them a standing ovation.

    As Mike Seccombe posits: why did they bother? They were going to win in a canter?

    Mike forgot one thing: greed.

  22. A bit of food for thought this Satterdee….

    This Abbott govt’ has / is behaving in a very erratic way…it would be fair to say that it throws one on the back foot again and again because of it’s obscure policy constructs and it’s sudden shifts in attitude and direction….could this be because we (as a savvy political group) have been looking at it from the wrong angle…perhaps our view of “Rational / Secular / Westminster” is skewered by the real intent and direction of this govt’ of religious zealots….perhaps, we should shift our viewing platform to look at Abbott and co. as the Trojan Horse for the reintroduction of a new/old form of government…a kind of “Theocratic Democracy”….except it is not really democracy at all….it is Theocratic Feudalism in disguise…and if one was to look at Abbott’s up-bringing…it was devout Catholicism all the way through, pre-schooling to tertiary, religion all the way up…now it’s “turtles all the way down”!

    Consider this…: No science minister…(in effect) no minister for women…no respect for climate science nor environmental science (god will provide). A direction toward lowering or holding wages at minimum levels…the shifting of social care programs toward registered religious charities…social counseling in schools to be administered by religious and ONLY religious sects…anti homosexual, anti abortion, anti female control of any kind…there are others you could add, but I think we can see he pattern…: A Patriarchal authoritarian top-down structure, with absolute control of economics, social , health and education…in short, the perfect example of Theocratic Feudalism as taught to and absorbed and believed and now applied by Tony Abbott, via his Mentor : Archbishop George Pell…high priest of the Vatican State.

    Consider also this latest war we are being dragged into in the middle east…it is not a war against a state, a coordinated administration…it is a war between religious sects…a religious war and we are coming in on the back of a Christian Trojan horse…WE are another religion joining together the three main Abrahamic sects in fighting for the souls and the territory of the middle east….and I for one have always maintained the theory that the Vatican has forever harboured a burning grudge to reclaim “Constantinople” and the church of Santa Sofia back from the Moslem religion.

    Consider and read carefully these quotes from Gibbon…:

    “”The grateful applause of the clergy has consecrated the memory of a prince, who indulged their passions and promoted their interest. Constantine gave them security, wealth, honours, and revenge; and the support of the orthodox faith was considered as the most sacred and important duty of the civil magistrate. The edict of Milan, the great charter of toleration, had confirmed to each individual of the Roman world the privilege of choosing and professing his own religion. But this inestimable privilege was soon violated: with the knowledge of truth the emperor imbibed the maxims of persecution; and the sects which dissented from the catholic church were afflicted and oppressed by the triumph of Christianity. Constantine easily believed that the heretics, who presumed to dispute his opinions or to oppose his commands, were guilty of the most absurd and criminal obstinacy; and that a seasonable application of moderate severities might save those unhappy men from the danger of an everlasting condemnation.” Chapter 21”

    And this..:

    “”The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful.” Chapter 2”

    These two passages need to be read carefully and fully comprehended for the flow and pattern of power they expose, and although but a minute representation of the complexities of theological impositions, give notice of Abbott’s complete indoctrination in the conferred male dominance of a religious hierarchy that exercised complete control of Europe for around a thousand years plus…a hierarchy that was greatly diminished and that deeply abhorred not least the sexual revolution of the seventies…an amazing revolution that “allowed” along with a more “convenient” contraception (also abhorred) for the first time in recorded western history…mark that!..; the first time in recorded western history..the choice of women to become more freely involved without the oppression of male tyranny , in the cultural, social and political decisions of the times….such freedoms have forever been the enemy of total theocratic government and never has the church been more vulnerable and if one was to observe human nature, one would notice that power is most valued and most sought when one is most vulnerable.

    So I for one believe the reason for the chaos and bizarre politics we are seeing at the moment is because although Abbott is in the top job, it is not HE who is making the decisions…rather, and although removed from the domestic scene, the Archbishops of the Vatican and other extremist denominations of Christianity do all have a firm grasp on the reins of governance. Heaven’s knows what the “soft” protestant members of the Party make of all this, but whatever their reservations, it would appear that their hunger for political power over-rides it all!

  23. gigi / fiona

    Sales -v- Ferguson

    Sales is intelligent. She often asks all the right questions but always fails to go for the kill.

    Ferguson? Who gets picked up by Tony Jones in a Belgium airport lounge …

  24. Curioz- I checked WA state library website , there no catalogue listing for Julia Gillard’s My Story- usually they show if a book is on order-( which they have for Wayne Swan’s book.) I have ‘helpfully’ suggested that they buy M/s Gillard’s book – but there are no guarantees. Given they have the others it seems a strange omission and as its due for release next week – it should be listed as on order. My conclusion is they had no plans to buy it.

  25. Fiona
    When you’ve got time, could you do jaycee & I a favour?
    On the Abbott Hero thread yesterday morning we discussed swapping email addresses. Could you give him mine, or me his?

    Must away for a bit, have to clear a portion of the fridge for the new Terror Alert Magnet. My friend Elvis has seen a production sample & it’s a ripper! Using state of the art technology it contains a small receiver & speaker unit powered by long life batteries, is linked to Liberal Party headquarters via ASIO & will broadcast hourly updates from Mr Abbott accompanied by soothing & inspirational messages. The Terror Level itself is to be calculated as an inverse of Mr Abbott’s current Newspoll standing. Gunna be good!

  26. jaycee

    Theocratic Feudalism in disguise

    Would fit with something I read years ago about Fanboi Abbott’s hero B.A.Santamaria’s vision of a perfect world being a feudal agrarian theocracy.

  27. Would someone please slap some sense into Bill Shorten? This ‘We are with Tony 200%’ garbage has to stop. It must be possible to express concern about terrorism without agreeing with every single idiotic government beat-up and without the enthusiasm for Abbott’s war-mongering.

    I would have preferred to see Labor mock the government’s decision to raise the terror level alert. I would have loved to see something about the move being a distraction from ICAC and The Budget. WHY dioes Labor awlays miss these opportunities?

    Mr Shorten said Labor supported the decision by security agencies to raise the terror threat.

    Mr Shorten emphasised that national security was a bipartisan issue and said repeatedly that he and Mr Abbott were “partners” on the subject.

    He backed sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister that the change in the terror alert level would not impact on the daily lives of most Australians.

    “When it comes to fighting terrorism we are in this together,” he said.

    Mr Shorten also welcomed the “leadership” from President Obama in “responding to the atrocities that we are seeing in northern Iraq and Syria”.

    “This is not a distant crisis for us, it is absolutely in our national interest that ISIL be defeated,” he said.

    “I thank the Prime Minister for his willingness to engage with the opposition

    “The Prime Minister and I are partners when it comes to national security, which is exactly what Australians expect of us.”


  28. Would someone please slap some sense into Bill Shorten?

    I wish I could. Does he have to flatter Abbott constantly? Most embarrassing! He’s got young children, and so has Tanya P. Why not be a bit more moderate and protective. The Greens polls will only improve.


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