In honour of New South Wales’ highly effective Independent Commission against Corruption for achieving its latest victim, heart-throbbingly attractive

(Image Credit: News Limited)

State Member for Port Stephens, Craig Baumann:

In denunciation of the worst PM in Australia’s history and what can only be described as his lecherous yearnings to be another khaki leader:

(Image Credit: Mark Knight, News Limited)

(hat-tip to Leone for that one).

In honour of one of the best Australian Prime Ministers ever

(Image Credit: ABC)

who appeared before the Gillard Witch Hunt Trade Unions Royal Commission and walked out without a hair out of place, just a reminder for all of us why the worst PM in history decided to set up the witch hunt (authority: Bishop the Younger – “after the misogyny speech, all bets were off” or wtte):

Alright, time for a reviving bevvy or ten. Help yourselves, everyone,

(Image Credit: Tokyoholic)

order your numbers from The Pub’s Rafflemaster Extraordinaire, Mr CK Watt,

(Image Credit: Wordcamp)

and have a good evening.

I’ll be at me mum’s for a while enjoying a well-earned glass of chateau cardboard, and will rejoin you later.

Toodle pip!

202 thoughts on “FABULOUS FRIDAY FIVE o’clock FRIVOLITY with PHENOMENAL raFFle!

  1. http://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/politics/2014/09/13/how-packer-and-crown-are-gaming-politics/1410530400bbaa6cb4-1fcd-493a-abcf




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