1. I did not have an opinion on Scottish independence, until Abbott opened his big mouth. Now I will not be disappointed to see Scotland vote Yes, and Tones getting the finger.

  2. Sir Pent. (@PolAnimalAus)

    The changes definitely due to Gillard. Something else Gillard managed to score.. Imagine the Hyper Bowl of hagiography if the Mad Monk had managed it
    “Gillard scores coup with China agreement

    Australia and China have formally committed to annual leadership talks, giving Canberra greater access than the superpower has granted virtually any other Western nation.

    With countries across the world clamouring for the ear of the world’s second largest economy, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has landed the foreign policy triumph of her leadership, agreeing to a strategic partnership with her Chinese counterpart, Premier and Prime Minister, Li Keqiang. ”


  3. Bushfire Bill especially should read the Joe one.





  4. “Great Dane’s X-ray reveals dog ate 43 socks”…

    And on that note, good evening all ! Thanks once again for including me in the raffle, despite my lateness, and congratulations to the winner 🙂

  5. For the sake of nothing in particular, this is a shot of the local bush around my place in Sydney, two minutes walf from our front door. It’s part of a short High Definition promo film I am making both for my product and my sanity (it gets me out of the house and I get to learn about the intricacies and bewildering frustrations of Adobe Premiere).

    For those unused to Sydney, this little brook is called “Devlin’s Creek”. At this point in its travels it’s only properly full during a rainy spell. It’s amazing what you can find in your local area if you just walk a little bit off the beaten track (and don’t mind leeches sucking at your ankles).

    It flows into the Lane Cove River eventually, but starts within about 50 metres of where we live. As Devlin’s Creek flows into the Lane Cove River, which in turn flows into the Harbour, you could say that this little stream is the very start of Sydney Harbour.

    If we ever sell our house I’m considering advertising it as having “Harbour frontage”.

    Enjoy… (click to enlarge)

    (Incidentally, 4 megapixel, 25 fps, filmed with a Go-Pro “helmet cam” … but I used a tripod).

  6. It is so refreshing to read the pub and the comments also. All the comments even on twitter are about broken promises and I wonder was anyone using their judgement about Abbott or did they just accept the garbage that emanated from his mouth. It was obvious he would say and do anything
    to be pm so how did they believe anything he said. So naive?? Simone

    • Simone,

      Welcome to The Pub!

      There are lots of us both here and elsewhere who have been warning about the danger of a Blood Oaf-led government and the unprincipled behaviour of mainstream media for so long. Happy to have you alongside on the barricades.

  7. Good screen shot (your old one). Plenty of “negative space” for placing ikons. You should keep it. Mine is busy.

    All I did was walk down an overgrown path I’d seen and passed by many times, but never ventured down. And then I found this lovely place at the bottom of it. The local bush regenerator people deserve especial praise.

    The point of the little film I’m making is to follow Sydney Harbour from its very start and to end up (6 minutes later) at North Head a few hundred feet up in the air (using my helicopter, of course). It’s been shot in better-than-HD resolution (2704 x 1536 instead of 1920 x 1080 pixels) to allow all sorts of technical projector enthusiast-type stuff to be done to it when projected. It saves me dealing with movie companies trying to negotiate copyright on short grabs of films. It’s also fun to do. And a tax deduction. Did I forget to mention that?

    Amazing what you can get out of a simple Go-Pro when you have some rudimentary photographic Photoshop experience, a relatively high quality capture standard, and the opportunity to translate these elements into Adobe Premiere (not quite a complete transliteration, as some functions differ, but near enough).

  8. Bushfire Bill,

    Unlike many people, I usually have a maximum of 15 icons on my screen (I have approx. 30 at the moment – well overdue for pruning) – and they are always around the perimeter in a logical (for moi) order.

    So your photograph, while busier than my old background, is perfectly acceptable.

    To be honest, I cannot understand how people work with dozens to a couple of hundred icons on screen – and I’ve seen (and suffered from) how much time is wasted when trying to find something.

  9. I’m one with dozens of ikons.

    I hate the START menu.

    When I find a program I can only access via the START menu, I immediately copy it to the desktop. If it’s a regular, it goes to QUICK START.

  10. Mac?

    All my regular programs are pinned to the start menu ribbon at the bottom of the screen. Work folders I use all the time are on the screen, as are frequently-used documents (like the weekly list of events – created for my mother’s benefit).

    Time for some spring cleaning.

  11. From Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog:

    Eruption Update: New Fissure Eruption Starts Closer to Vatnajökull [glacier] in Iceland, Kilauea Lava Flow Threatens Homes


    I don’t know about Iceland but I’m told that in Hawaii, eruptions are covered by fire insurance. (Given the choice between our bushfires and their eruptions – give me eruptions any day!)

  12. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Peter Hartcher – Abbott’s ideological march to the right.
    Michael Gordon – Happy Birthday Mr Abbott?
    Paul Bongiorno – Abbott’s year of magical winking.
    Laurie Oakes – Abbott’s year of exploding cigars.
    Lenore Taylor looks at the winners and losers from the Senate machinations.
    Greg Jericho with his usual well-researched review of our GDP growth. The rapid rise in inventories worries me.
    Jaqui Maley on how Shorten is going.
    ICAC – one step closer . . .
    I’m sure Bronny will ensure politics will play no part in this deliberation.
    Mike Seccombe – Confidence tricksters dominate the unions RC and ICAC.

  13. Section 2 . . .

    Abott Point dredging approval is under increasing fire.
    Rubbishing the RET – The Australian and Senator Leyonhjelm style.
    My little representative Jamie Briggs gets smacked down by Max the Axe Moore-Wilton.
    Abbott sends national wellbeing into a slide.
    Brandis is right on this one. It also applies to the propensity of right wing Christians in the US to be manipulated. It’s a religion thing in that one needs to be proven to be “mouldable” before being targeted.
    John Birmingham on our warmonger PM.
    The short march to another war.
    Ripping off Australia above the dotted line.
    Ken Cowley could be in a spot of bother.

  14. Section 3 . . .

    IKEA, who build stores modelled on Las Vegas casinos, are experts at tax avoidance.
    The blunders that toppled three family business giants.
    Michael Leunig takes to Photoshop.

    Brilliant work from Alan Moir.
    David Pope on ICAC’s chill winds’ march to Canberra.
    Ron Tandberg on Team Australia’s next game.

  15. Ron Tandberg on Team Australia’s next game.

    Team Australia = Tony Abbott??! (It takes me a while to think down to that level.)

  16. AJ Canberra,

    Dachshunds seem to have become the breed of choice recently. Beware, however – they are liable to back problems, have problems with stairs when older, and can be aggressive, including with small children.

  17. So The Idiot has returned from India just in time for a family Fathers Day lunch at Kiribillli. A lunch we will pay for at a venue we pay for. No doubt the chanpagne we have paid for will be flowing. I hope the greedy sods choke on it.

  18. NBN fibre rollout was going to be cheaper, faster, pilot results show

    Labor’s all-fibre national broadband network could have been delivered faster and for less money than originally forecast, according to the confidential results of a pilot study completed last month.

    The pilot took into account design changes formulated by network builder, NBN Co, last year as then chief executive Mike Quigley undertook a substantial review of the project and identified initiatives to reduce its cost and length.

    The results confirm Labor’s NBN was improving in the lead-up to the election, a point Mr Quigley had pressed in a speech to industry group TelSoc in December.

    Incoming Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull dismissed the promised savings..

    The Coalition government “has this dogmatic view of [fibre to the node] so that nothing else can come in,” telecommunications analyst Paul Budde told Fairfax Media.

    “Turnbull has been so dogmatic about his FTTN that even if someone said they could roll out FTTP [fibre to the premises] free of charge, he would not accept it.”

  19. Well….wasn’t THAT a nice, cosy little chat they had on Lateline last night..there was Albers and Sherrers and Switzers just like old times together…all giggly and pally and chatty…though I gotta admit Switzer was talking sense for a change!…I don’t know what’s come over him lately….he’s not the raving rat-bag he used to be….maybe they found a cure for right-wing idiocy….there’s always hope!…of course, Sheridan was being Sheridan …”sheeting” it home for “team Abbott”.

  20. Have any of you others noticed that Abbott seems only to say two or three words and then pause slightly….perhaps inserting an “em” or an “er” between?

  21. So many anniversary pieces dragging up the links between the Abbott government, Abbott himself, Hoard’s leadership style and the Howard government years. Like this –

    The template looks suspiciously like John Howard’s in 2001. Howard built political momentum with a khaki election strategy in uncertain times. The prime minister would love to emulate his old mentor’s success in winning back disaffected voters

    How very perceptive of them all. As usual, the journalists are very slow to catch on.

    We have been remarking on Abbott’s very deliberate attempts to return us to the Howard era for ages. It has been so obvious, it was obvious well before last year’s election that Abbott had exactly that return in mind. Remember all his blather about the ‘Golden Years’ of the Howard government? Once elected he set about dragging us back to the past. The installation on the front bench of tired old hacks from Howard’s ministry, people so incompetent and so useless that they did not quit after losing the 2007 election bcause they knew no-one would ever offer them a job. The apppintment of former Howard ministers (the ones who did throw in the towel after that election loss) to positions of influence The appointment of advisors from the Howard era to run commissions and write reports, all saying what Abbot wanted them to say and recommending a return to Howard’s polices. The obliteration of every possible Labor policy, all replaced with tired old Howard policies. The attempts to wipe away the last six years of Labor government so we could believe they never happened.

    Like Pamela Ewing in the notorious ninth season of Dallas, we are all supposed to believe those six years of Labor government were just a dream.

    Why did none of these esteemed journalists mention any of this before?


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