1. Well, that’s a real bummer!…Russia and Ukraine sign up to a cease-fire WITHOUT the “Welsh Fussy-liars” having any input…..bugger!..and they hired the chalet for the week, got the display out the front and Tom Jones in the “Starlight Room”….Oh well…at least J. Bishop can have a good gander at the latter….although, if one is to judge from the later pics of ol’ Tommy J. I’d say he has had better days!…but then…so has Jules .

  2. On the suppressed emails thing at ICAC…” Several journalists had read the emails before they were suppressed.”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/media-fights-suppression-order-over-mystery-emails-at-icac-20140905-10crsh.html#ixzz3CU2CaDd3

    So here’s the big story for the “big players” in the MSM……they’ve read the emails…more know of them…so c’mon!…let’s hear it…suppression orders didn’t stop them when they wanted to shit-can Gillard or Labor….because THEY didn’t use such tactics….Labor, unlike the LNP. believe in democracy…so c’mon..Laurie…you’d run across a road to post on an important issue if it could damage Gillard or Labor…what’s holding your dick?…and YOU McClymidia?…YOU posted copy with false evidence to win a Walkley on Thomson…you got no scruples…what’s holding you now?….shy?…and where are all those “GIVE US FREEDOM OF THE PRESS OR GIVE US DEATH!!!” News Limited warriors?….I’ll tell you where, bunkered down with their boxes of gossip-porn hoping to stave off the dustbin of history!

  3. One Howard decision Abbott is doing his best to overturn.

    Not that it was ever worth anything. All for show, the happy snap, the big announcement, the promised export bonanza and then? Not much happened.

    Here are some interesting facts about Russia and our uranium. Did you know Russia does not need our uranium and never did? Did you know that the only shipment of Australian uranium ever made to Russia was one very small trial shipment of less than 100 tons? Did you know that Russia owns 100% of the Honeymoon uranium mine in SA, currently mothballed?

    Looks like Abbott’s tough-guy chest beating over stopping uranium sales to Russia is just a whole load of bulldust. We are meant to believe The Idiot is hurting Russia with his bans and sanctions when he is actually doing nothing at all. Why haven’t our MSM told us this?

  4. Now that I’ve confused everyone, we are off up the long road to the Juniors footy finals. It is a nice sunny day and we will be barracking hard for our team.

  5. leonetwo

    Looks like Abbott’s tough-guy chest beating over stopping uranium sales to Russia is just a whole load of bulldust.

    An Abbott trademark. He also beat his chest about stopping oil and gas and armaments to Russia. Sales of which per annum must total at least $1.50.What a fecking joke.

  6. Abbott is restriciting arms exports to Russia. I never knew we exported arms, I didn’t even know we made any. You learn something every day.

    It took lot of effort and a lot of research, because this is supposed to be top secret, but I can finally reveal the true extent of Australia’s state of the art arms manufacturing industry.

    And the very latest –

    Seriously though, we do make small arms, there are a whole five Australian manufacturers, but I really don’t think the Russians need or want what we produce.

  7. What a joke this mob are….but a bad joke…a long-winded wearing bad joke…Do any of you remember those schoolyard bad jokes that went on for ages and ended with going back to the beginning…I remember a girl in high school teasing us boys with a joke about “Purple Passion”….I believe it did the rounds for a number of years…

    I don’t doubt Tony and Julie have got some international attention through the novelty of Aust’ punching above it’s weight…after all, your average American didn’t even know we were one “of the willing” with America in Iraq one. But I suspect the novelty will wear off and the MSM.knob polish will fade and that old reliable Abbott / Bishop goofiness will come to the surface….like the perennial bad penny…speaking of which, that talk this morning on radio nat’ about “Tony’s excellent adventures” , instantly conjured up that image on those old pennies of “Britannia replete w/ shield and spear”…can someone do a photo-shop with Abbott’s head on the seated Lady Britannia..and post it up?

  8. leonetwo

    Russia is the world’s largest producer of oil+gas .Somehow I don’t think they’ll notice our sales boycott of oil+gas. True Abbott emptiness. Follow up to rescuing people on a mountain that had been recued days earlier and making threats to Russia about reaching a peace deal after it had already been announced a ceasefire was to start the next day.

  9. I can see why Turkey wants to get involved but Australia?!!!!!!!

    All the others are members of NATO.

    The US secretary of state, John Kerry, said a new 10-nation grouping would concentrate on strengthening the forces in Iraq who were fighting against Isis, but said intervention would not extend to western powers sending in troops.

    The 10 nations are the US, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Denmark.


  10. Thank you Fiona, for your welcome. I have been a lurker since the beginning back in Xmas 2012. Presently stuck recovering from # ribs so can only use iPhone ie very slow.

  11. Australia and NATO – we have been linked to NATO for quite some time.

    Australia already has a partnership agreement with NATO signed by the previous government, which covers the sharing of technology and intelligence, and joint training and personnel swaps. However the new agreement – which Australia will sign along with Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden -.is expected to mean a seat at the table for more of NATO’s key deliberations

    NATO to discuss Ukraine and Afghanistan with ‘enhanced’ Australia

    Now we are an ‘enhanced’ partner.

    While not a member, Canberra is a close US ally and has played an increasing part in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation operations over the past decade, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Bishop said Australia had been formally invited to become part of its Enhanced Partnership Program.

    “At this meeting Australia will accept a formal invitation to become an enhanced partner of NATO,” she said as she left for the summit this week in Wales


    Jules even has a medal to add to her collection of brooches –

    In a nod to deeper Australia-Holland relations, Ms Bishop’s Dutch counterpart Frans Timmermans presented her with the green and gold-starred medal, topped with a blue, red and green ribbon for her diplomatic à€work in the aftermath of the crash of MH17 in Ukraine.


    A word of warning –
    Australia joining NATO must be carefully considered

  12. Australia’s involvement against IS reminds me of the old phrase “she is no better than she ought to be”.


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