Foggy Friday Raffle Evening

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We’ve been having strange weather this week, with heavy fog more like autumn than early spring. Most days the fog has cleared by late morning … but not today … and who did the week’s laundry this morning?

The fog seems to pervading the political scene as well – especially the brains of our Coalition Lords and Masters. Tony Burke’s weekly email is worth a rerun to highlight their sorry condition:

There wouldn’t be many occasions in living memory when a Prime Minister was asked to defend his Treasurer in Question Time and sat silent. That said it all about this Prime Minister who doesn’t want to be near his Treasurer or his Budget. That stood apart from everything else this week.

1. Often in Question Time we talk about how many people are affected by Government policies. On Wednesday Bill Shorten made it about one person, Jacob Floyd. Jacob, who Bill met the day before, is from Bendigo and will be affected by the privatisation of Australian Hearing.
2. Check out this speech from Bill. My favourite part is at 3:18 seconds when Bill talks about the antics of the Government over the five week sitting break.
3. Just before Question Time on Tuesday there was speech after speech from the Labor Caucus hammering the Government’s unfair Budget.
4. Combine the core Labor value of universal healthcare with one of our strongest advocates and you get this speech from Shadow Health Minister Catherine King.
5. Penny Wong is on Facebook. I know this email is meant to be about Parliament, but Penny Wong is finally on Facebook!

1. Joe Hockey arguing with Joe Hockey on Tuesday.
2. Joe Hockey still arguing with Joe Hockey on Wednesday.
3. Joe Hockey was beaten in an argument against Joe Hockey on Thursday. Why can’t Joe Hockey just get along with Joe Hockey?
4. Poor Warren Truss. The Leader of the National Party claimed on Wednesday Labor was holding up funding for local roads. The problem was, Albo had brought on the debate for the funding the day before, only to find the Government voted to oppose their own measure. I’d like to say someone should have told Warren, but he was in the Chamber voting against it himself.
5. On Wednesday Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull released a report on the NBN (written by his former staff). It proved that a slower, less effective NBN will cost less. Thanks Sherlock.

Mind you, I suspect Blood Oaf would have been pleased if his apparently uncontrollable … urges … had been decently shrouded by fog:

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Ho hum – another week, another Liberal bites the dust at New South Wales’s ICAC; Kathy Jackson seems to be looking into that abyss called The End of the Age of Entitlement; JoHo is now officially embattled.

But we wise people at The Pub will gather around the

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with our

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of choice, remembering to order our

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from the amazing CK Watt and to start up the

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In honour of the weather, I present this for your delectation:


329 thoughts on “Foggy Friday Raffle Evening

  1. Puffy

    Now that’s a cake! I can’t wait to get my laughing gear around a piece of it. My taste buds are going to dance the night away, me thinks.

    Hey there is plenty here, so if any other Pubsters would like a piece, please do help yourselves 😉

  2. leonetwo,

    I assumed I’d vote Labor next election, but if there is much more of this lily-livered ‘me too, we agree’ rubbish then I’ll be looking for an independent, again. I can see the Greens vote increasing if Labor persists with its cowardly silence on the government’s treatment of asylum seekers.

    Blimey! One vote for one Independent! That’s really going to change the status quo, isn’t it.

    Getting all emotional and striking out blindly against the only political party that has any chance of achieving any sort of change to the status quo that more broadly fits your preferred opinion of what should be in the best interests of asylum seekers (and most probably that of the likes of many of us here at the Pub & PB) isn’t likely to change anything, is it?

    I would have thought that leaving out emotional negativism and focusing on what might be more useful as far as being of use in changing the political direction might be a more useful direction to pursue!

    Just my humble opinion, of course!

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