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  1. Au contraire, Ducky.

    Quite a few of them know exactly what they are doing.

    It is deliberate chaos, deliberate obfuscation, deliberate though cloudy malevolence to engender fear, loathing, and – consequently – adherence to the Powers That Be that seem to offer security and stability.

    Now, where have we met these tactics before?

    Never mind: that one only lasted 12 years. And only 22 – 25 million approx. military deaths. And only anywhere between 50 – 80 million civilian deaths.

    But hey, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs – and I bet that would be Blood Oaf’s, Erica’s, Cory’s, HoJos, BishJr’s …. response …..

    Can anyone think of even one Federal Coalition MP who might blench at this prospect?

  2. Fiona,

    I was thinking of the “unaligned” Senators.

    Could not agree more about the Rabble.

  3. Looking at Tone’s effort with eggs – is he practicing for egg-on-face?

  4. For whatever reason, when I heard the Doctor Who theme tonight I felt I wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie (some similarity in the music?).

    Pyne reminds me of Dudley Dursley. Hopefully, he ends up with a pig’s tail too.

  5. Much as I loathe linking to a Morloch Press publication:

    THE guest most worth watching during Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet with Tony Abbott the other night was the bottle of red wine.

    Glasses are poured, and Crabb, who brought the wine, drinks hers. But the level in the bottle, and Abbott’s glass, remains unchanged throughout dinner. He does not touch it.

    The London Telegraph, recently introducing the next Australian PM to its readers, said Tony Abbott “likes a beer or two”; and this morning it was reported that Abbott’s Warringah electorate in North Sydney had the heaviest drinkers in Australia.

    Abbott does not actually enjoy beer or wine, in the sense he takes an interest in what he’s drinking. Liquor is functional. When he drinks, he murders a drink.

    I observed Abbott’s drinking manner most closely during the fabled trip to Kings Creek station, in Central Australia, when we all almost never came home from an outback quad bike adventure.

    Abbott cracks a beer, sits on it a moment, then drains it, clean, in one go.

    Then he crushes the can.

    A glass of white wine goes like a shooter in a Manly pub.

    As for food, I was sitting opposite Abbott at a barbecue. I cut a seven mm rope of fat from my porterhouse, discarding it to the edge of my plate.

    Abbott finished his dinner before everyone else, and was looking around for more.

    He said to me, eyeing off my fat: “Are you going to eat that?”

    “No,” I said.

    His fork speared the fat and he swallowed it in a single gulp. The host then noticed his desperation and arranged another steak for Abbott.

    I’d thought he might have been one of those calorie-counters, who calculated every incoming morsel. But he was so far ahead of the calories and they had no chance of catching him.

    Once Crabb was ushered out the door after dinner, Abbott would have said: “Right, where’s dinner?” And that glass of red would have been eradicated in a gratified gulp.

    Not sure if this provides a useful metaphor for Abbott as the next PM.

    But when you’re next heading to the Lodge for dinner, and pull in the bottle shop, don’t worry about that $70 bottle from that little Geelong winery. Budget $15 to $20. He’ll like it fine.



    Okay – the date: 6th September 2013

    Lucky lucky us.

  6. The word “uncouth” is way too gentle. Even “oafish” doesn’t cut it.

    Jane Austen might have put it “bereft of manners, wit, intelligence and any way of understanding them”.

  7. Are we due for poll headings (!) tonight?

    I’m sailing into the wind and have four sails up. Is that a good thing?

  8. If you have enough years under your belt, you have met the likes of Abbott, probably too many times….and have learnt to avoid them many more times!….two “t’s” in Abbott…..double trouble, mealy mouthed and a tight-arse to boot……to be avoided at all cost!

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