Vendredi soir loterie. 22/08/14

Cette tombola nuits je déclare être Nuit français

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Buvez du vin frnch

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Manger du fromage smeelt français


Offrez-vous quelques calories si vous le souhaitez


Écoutez de la musique française si vous le désirez


Montez un Frenh vélos si vous le souhaitez




(All frenchie speak done by google translate so don,t blame if  i put a ‘ in the wrong place)


460 thoughts on “Vendredi soir loterie. 22/08/14

  1. Doctors , Priests and Lawyers..: One will ruin your pocket, one will ruin your health and the other will ruin your soul….you know which!

  2. Ptmd

    and now I am cleaning it. It has tarnished areas which turned brown, can this sort of thing be replated?

    I’m no expert, but gentle cleaning is the go. I have a similar ‘plate’, engraved and with handles.

    If it is actual Silver you won’t damage it. If plated you can have a go and still get it fixed.

    ‘Free Willy’ time. Go for it.

  3. ,

    Pyne said he had been negotiating with the sector and Senate crossbenchers for “months and months” and would this week “even be meeting the Greens”.

    What a poor negiotiator he must be. Julia Gillard could teach him one or two things.

  4. Pregnancy is health challenging and we’re a lot too casual about that aspect.

    My apologies, again. For being serious on a Sunday afternoon.

  5. Looks the real Pyne to me.

    A student tries to light a cardboard figure of Christopher Pyne in Sydney on Wednesday. Photograph: Sergio/Pacific Press/Barcroft


  7. Gigi’..: ” What a poor negiotiator he must be. “…..Of course, perhaps it was what he was “offering” in exchange ??

  8. TLBD. .: ” Looks the real Pyne to me.”…’d have to be a rectal surveyor to be certain !

  9. I thought it was funny that Pyne mentioned the left kidney and not the right one.

    He might have experience in the selling, thereof.

  10. “Rectal Surveyor”..: Meaning..:
    Position peculiar to the Liberal Party of Aust’. , having many acres of Arseholes in their ranks, surveyor needed to sort ownership of one from the other!…(see : ” dog-bum jokes” on Wikipedia).

  11. RE: James Foley’s executioner has been identified.I used to think journalists had some sort of protection but obviously not. To be beheaded is a dreadfully barbaric thing. I know it’s just one sort of weapon. It’s psychologically different to a rocket or a gun or whatever, imo. For Foley’s parents, it’s horrendous.

  12. gigi

    The real ‘excuses’ don’t come often.

    This time a ‘Drone’ with a Hellfire missile justified.

  13. We’ve heard it all before, it’s just blatantly trying to bully Labor and the crossbench into passing their ideologically driven measures.

  14. From the guardian link

    Labor released figures over the weekend calculating the impact of the changes on each electorate, based on past PBS use, that revealed the highest additional cost for the PBS measure would fall hardest on Coalition-held rural electorates, with the Victorian seat of Gippsland topping the list, followed by Hinkler, Murray, Gilmore and Cowper.

  15. If the site layout is being changed, could the font size be considered too? Its always seemed a bit large to me.

  16. jaycee

    We know he is a Pom, but people by and large don’t seem to know. Anyway, what I meant, If the jihadist had been an Aussie, Abbott would have amplified the theme of fear among muslims here.

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