Vendredi soir loterie. 22/08/14

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  2. I noticed the Victor Chan Cardiac Research last night on the news, pushing for the Medicare co-payment to be legislated so that the Hospital gets funds for its research into heart diseases.

  3. Gigi’…Have you ever heard Marles do a half decent interview on how Labor will handle the Refugee situation?…All I’ve heard from him is agreeance with LNP. “offshore” policy and half mumbled apologies….I want to hear him give definites AGAINST the cruelty of LNP. policy…sure, Labor carried on Howard’s SFB. policy, but I want them to declare unemphatically that Labor would NEVER have let it get this bad!…NEVER!…I don’t want to hear these : “yeah but, yeah but” mumblings…like he agrees with Morrison…I want to hear definites!….and I don’t want to even HEAR Fitzo’…let him go onto “Sunrise” to tell his “funny bits”….all they got usually is Abetz…they need a laugh!

  4. ajc’…: “Is it just me, or is there a real effort on to push J.Bishop as the potential saviour of the Abbott Rabble?”

    Just like the Christian church has it’s branch of “Mary-ism” , will the Liberal Party have a branch of “Julie-ism”..or should we say : “Jewelery-ism” ?

  5. jaycee

    It’s the same old story. There will never be a consensus. We seem to be torn as to what Labor should do. I tend to think like you do that their voices should be heard louder. Certainly in ref to the AS cruelty. Though it’s difficult to be louder than Morrison. I still think Shorten has not yet decided to stir too strongly. But he will eventually.

  6. ‘fridge

    Snorkelling in Iceland

    A mix between you can drown and die due to the cold or, equally, a volcano may ‘flash fry’ you.


    (ps – Nice morning.)

  7. All of this calling for the Labor Party to more forthright and vocal about Abbott and counterproductive.

    Does anyone remember how Abbott won Government? Do you remember the 5/6 years of unrelenting shrill abuse? The broadcasting, far, wide and loudly, the lies and innuendos about JG? The scorn heaped on the ALP body politic The disparaging comments? The fact that they set up Slipper. One of their own?

    This Government, and those that own it, are unrelentingly vicious. They understand that cruelty is a very patient mistress. They play a long game. They are masters at it.

    Just consider this.

    If the ALP and Bill Shorten roll over on this budget Abbott will have two full years to turn the pain into positive propaganda. Don’t try and tell me they won’t. They will and we all know it.

    It’s not about people getting the fruits of their ballot box folly. It’s about how mean and miserable we wish to make ourselves. It’s not about seeking the very best of ourselves. It’s about seeing how many we step on and crush on our journey. How many we keep down to enable us to ” succeed “.

    The budget debate is the first volley in war on ourselves, who we think we are and where we are going. It’s much deeper and important than vengeance on someone who fell for 6 years of propaganda.

  8. BK,

    Apologies – I didn’t read your question early yesterday afternoon until this morning. You have email which just might solve the problem.


    Which children’s book are you looking for? I may be able to help.

  9. ‘fridge


    Are the bikee tire ‘carvings’ / Swans still visible?

    ( On the west side of Bowning on the way to Harden- Murrumburrah (Minus minor villages and very ‘take care’ railway crossings)).

  10. This a right wing nut job site and is clutching at straws to somehow beat up the story of Bill Shorten rape allegations. By his writings he is not letting it go. He has been persistent in championing Kathy “the misunderstood” Jackson and has written millions of words on the so called misdeeds of Julia Gillard. His batting average is not great. Kangaroo Court is an apt name.

  11. Fiona

    Which children’s book

    Andy Pandy now ‘collected’.

    Small grand niece i-pad connected to it (and enjoying). There’s something about it that promotes reading skills.

    Just another ‘go figure’.

  12. CTar,

    It has a lot to do with the rhythm of the words, which are very “song-like” – and there are strong arguments that evolutionarily, singing was the foundation of spoken speech.

    So it’s to be expected from a developmental perspective.

  13. Cliff…I view those right-wing nut-jobs like a switchboard where half a dozen circuit-breakers have thrown off and the current is being re-routed (sp?) along old cloth-covered wires that are smoking and struggling from the overload!

  14. ” and there are strong arguments that evolutionarily, singing was the foundation of spoken speech.”
    If you look at the ancient Greek alphabet, you can see the rhyme or “song” in the stanzas of words.

  15. Fiona

    [There’s something about it that promotes reading skills.]

    Somewhere I’ve still got the ‘Book’. Bedraggled and broken backed.

    If I can find time out between forks and spoons stuff I find it for her.

  16. fiona

    So it’s to be expected from a developmental perspective.

    I bow to your expertise on this.

    My view less expert (and then some), but if you can get them to read early some quotient of job done.

  17. fiona’

    Or get back to sane spoons or forks (26 forks @ around 80mm each = better than 2kg – a real hand full).

  18. Ctar1
    I have this annoying affliction. I like crockery, cutlery and glassware to be in sets. I almost bought a lovely wooden box of silver plated cutlery at a garage sale yesterday, for $25. But five of the teaspoons were missing. I told myself i could buy a new set of fancy teaspoons to put with it. But I didn’t buy the incomplete set. I thought I had got over it after years of breaking stuff but no, there it is. I still love a nice matching full set of stuff.

    I think it is because I grew up in a less than well off family.

  19. Fiona

    Tssk tssk to you too, don’t you remember he sold the vacuum cleaner because it was just gathering dust, keep up!

    And just a thought on the Labor should be speaking louder meme, could it be that our failed msm is not reporting the stuff that labor is saying and treating us like mushrooms?

  20. IF anyone thinks Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie will be refining her brash, outspoken style in the near future, they had better think again.

    The controversial Palmer United Party senator has hired another political pot-stirrer, former Queensland state MP Rob Messenger, as her chief of staff.

  21. We started out with full sets of stuff but with a houseful of kids, Mum could not keep us from breaking stuff, and we did not have a ‘good set’ of anything. So I always wanted a good set of everything ‘in case visitors come; but then my kids kept breaking stuff. 😆

  22. When I was a kid, we either had stationhand/farm labourer’s wages (a pittance) or shearing (seasonal work). No dole, no medicare, no schoolkids bonus, just a bit of Child Endowment. My Mum never had healthcare during her pregnancies, she had one stillborn child due to high blood pressure she did not know she had.

  23. Doctors often let you go away without having checked your blood pressure. It’s a grave fault. Because it is so common and potentially so damaging, the trick is to buy your own high blood monitor. A bit under $100 gets you a good one.

  24. Ptmd – ‘Replating’

    Sorting cutlery has proved a ‘HTF did that bit come from and where ‘exercise.

    This sort of stuff should be easy.

    I’ve sorted some drigs and dreggs of genuine Silver (Hallmarked, but with wrinkles so 2nd class). These I know where they come from – sometime pre 1900. ( I didn’t realise they were part of a ‘set’ but some tea spoons still in daily use )

    After discarding the Silver (cupboard not bin) I’m left with a squadron of heavy EPNS. Knifes put aside from the re-plating exercise – they have bone handles.

    I’m left with 13 big forks, 13 smaller forks and the same number of desert, and soup, spoons.

    Is this an Omen, a Masonic plot or just coincidence?

    ‘Paronoid in Scullin’.

  25. Did any of you hear that wanker-Pyne on the news earlier….he threatens to cut research funding if he can’t get his budget things through…now there’s a guy who hasn’t had an original thought, word or deed his whole life!..and now he gets to make policy….and I bet he only gets the wording for that from his “alphabet soup” that his “mummy” makes .

  26. Ctar1…: ” These I know where they come from…” …..most likely the Home Office canteen !

  27. gigilene – A great idea. Make sure it’s a traditional arm cuff one, though – the wrist cuff ones seem to give wildly varying results.

  28. I am quite open; my dearly unlamented late step-father was a fkn a-hole. Part of our poverty was because he was fond of a weekend in local pubs and losing jobs because he thought he was always right when he actually was dumb as a box of rocks,

    Meoldema was the epitome of an exploited woman. Not able to read and write and unable to get help when the a-hole let fly with his fists. The best she could do was protect her children, she made the sensible analysis that we were safer with him than hiding (no women’s shelters back then) from his wrath. She could have gone back to her family in Qld but i guess she felt ashamed or something.

    Anyway, I am good at spotting a-holes. I see the a-hole Abbott treating the country like the fkn a-hole treated my family. Keep him happy or someone’s gonna get it.

    I am over it now which it why I can write about it, I even understand I think how the fkn-a-hole ended up like he did. (He came from a good family, but he was in a reform school for boys for a while, he probably got sexually assaulted.)

    Anyway, as I said, I have a radar for a-holes and my radar starts going mad-ape when Abbott is in the frame.,

  29. ian

    I agree with you. This is a test for Aussies to see if they want a compassionate country or a selfish country. It won’t matter what Labor does. I doubt there would be very few people who would be aware of how this budgets hurts vulnerable people. It is now up to each person to decide which side they stand with.

  30. C K – You’re really crossing into the naughty group. I’m appalled.

    But only slightly. The idea that this may be graceful occurs.

  31. Ctar1
    About replating. My Mum was a champion show eventer in Longreach, Qld, as a young womam She won this heavy silver plated tray, engraved. It has been neglected and now I am cleaning it. It has tarnished areas which turned brown, can this sort of thing be replated?

  32. jaeger

    it’s a traditional arm cuff one

    Definitely. Also check the size of the cuff. There are small and large sizes. It’s convenient to have the size you require.

  33. gigi

    Doctors often let you go away without having checked your blood pressure.

    10.4 on this .

    I’m lucky here. It appears that no matter what I do mine is good.

    Not so much for my favorite sister. I’d swap her if I could.

    Pregnancy is health challenging and we’re a lot too casual about that aspect.

  34. Agree, Puff’….Abbott reeks of “bastard”, you get to meet enough in a working life to “smell” them….and he’s a real stinker!

  35. But I tell you what, I reckon the IPA. is full to the gunnels of them!….you just gottas see a pic of one, and if it says :”IPA.” it might as well say ; “TURD” !

  36. jaycee

    … most likely the Home Office canteen !

    Not even likely. Maybe the MoD.

    The real ‘enemy’ looms large.

    The f’king Foreign Service. The F&CO HQ just across the road and something to be ransacked.

  37. CK Watt

    Yes, and I think it is deliberate. Pre Rudd, LOT used only to get the last paragraph in most articles. Things changed. Now I notice Labor spokes people only get last paragraph in most articles, 3 second sound grab on news etc. I don’t know whether it was here or on twitter someone said yesterday Toxic was broadcast live on some political event, yet Labor had one in Qld and not a peep.

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