Friday the Fifteenth …. and it’s RAFFLETIME … with an ABBA Theme!

(at Ducky’s special request)

Today has had more than a hint of spring about it. The sun is shining, the sky is a clear pale blue, the birds are very excited …

… and more importantly, a whole thundering herd of buses

seems to be heading in the direction of the nastiest, most incompetent Federal government Australia has ever experienced.

To mix metaphors, the wheels seem to be flying off many ministers’

Is it – just remotely – possible that PM Abbott and his lunatics are heading towards their Waterloo?

Too early to hope, but it’s pleasant to dream.

I have to go for coffee now, but will add to this as soon as I am home.

Meanwhile, in honour of Mr Bushfire Bill:

732 thoughts on “Friday the Fifteenth …. and it’s RAFFLETIME … with an ABBA Theme!

  1. Isn’t it really weird how seemingly reasonable , sensible people can become ..kind of..absolutely foolish and will blurt out the most gross things!….it’s like the entire LNP. front bench has contracted “stupid fever” from the IPA.

  2. Jaycee,

    “stupid fever”

    I will be uncharitable for once ( 😉 ) and express the hope that “stupid fever” infects every last one of ’em and their supporters and is as fatal as the 1918-1920 influenza pandemic.

  3. Looking forward to Julia Gillard’s book coming out…I suspect the shit will hit the fan then!..Have any of you others noticed she has given no interviews to the MSM. regular journos’?….I notice when in public, she never has one word for the MSM. press.

  4. Jaycee,

    Why should FPMJG – one of the best Australian PMs ever – give that canaille anything?

  5. I would support an investigation of the MSM- but that will never happen.
    Team Australia- what are the rules? who is in/who is out? Can anyone play? Am I less if I am not a white Anglo Saxon male born into privilege?

  6. Catalyst,

    Am I less if I am not a white Anglo Saxon male born into privilege?

    Were that true, the computer would say, “YES.”

    Sorry, and all that.

  7. *spits* (politely)

    Jaycee (and others),

    Don’t EVAH call moi Fi or Fie.

    Not if you value your lives, or other attributes.

  8. Did I read earlier that the Coalition will be campaigning on ALP debt and terrorism in their next campaign? Seriously?? They’re losing the ‘blame Labor’ battle badly now. I can’t see it getting any extra traction when they’ve had three years to do something about it. Are they really that bereft of ideas?

    And attacking the ALP for continually saying ‘no’? Have they not noticed that the entire country is saying no to them?

    What an appalling bunch of useless sods. Not one positive message amongst the lot of them. Not one constructive policy. And no plans to introduce any in the future either. What a rabble.

  9. Sorry, Fiona…I thought I was of such respected status that I could be a tad more “familiar” know..sort of ; “of the family” !

  10. Jaycee,

    Nobody, but nobody, gets away with calling me anything other than “Fiona”. When kids at school tried it, they encountered either the Death Stare or the You Don’t Exist Stare.

    Both were effective.

    It may now be an “upper class” name, but when I was born it was unusual, and not claimed by any particular “class”.

    I’ve always liked it, even though I fail completely to fulfil its meaning of “fair”, given that I am (or was) black-haired and definitely not comely.

  11. Lately I’ve been a bit nervous about the Senate. Even though the Liberals’ extremist policies are at the moment being blocked, there’s every chance that one day Palmer gets out of the other side of bed and goes “Oh alright then” and agrees to them.

    While that would make the L/NP very unpopular when people feel genuine hurt from their broken promises, it’d make life very hard for everyone in the long wait until late 2016. And that might even last longer with the sustained campaign of Murdoch trying to portray Abbott as the reincarnation of the Aztec Sun God who only grants prosperity to the nation through sacrificing people (preferably union members). Depends on how dull the electorate really is I suppose.

  12. For Q&A fans

    Tonight on Q&A Tony Jones is joined by Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, Labor Senate leader Penny Wong, Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer, businesswoman and RBA board member Heather Ridout, and social justice advocate Dr John Falzon.

  13. Hunt wants to put us back into the dark ages to bring India and it’s ..”p,p,poor, poor people” into equality and fair pay principles………….Pass the vomit bucket!

  14. Every time I see Truss, I fully expect him to place his right index finger horizontally against his lips and go ..”bur,ba,bur,ba,bur,ba !”…



  17. Sorry Fiona. When my little sister was born, “Fiona” was such an unusual name little kids struggled to pronounce it so amongst other names she had to answer to “Piano” truncated to “Yo” and “Fi” transformed to “Phoebe” – go figure!

  18. Truss showed his true colours on Q&A in ugly hidebound detail. When he said the Nationals represented farmers I was almost moved to tweet details of the mechanism by which he claims he represents farmers but I couldn’t express it in 160 characters or as fast as Q&A requires. I have processed the WA National Party lists – I know! Signed up farmers in 1958, used direct debit,the monies still flow out annually until account is closed.

    Probably did the same in Eastern states.

  19. Billie,

    I’m tolerant of (very) young children’s attempts. After all, my DD daughter’s first pronunciation of her own lovely name (Felicity – because I was so happy to have her) was “Nitty” …

    Other than that, no way.

    I won’t relate here what happened to someone when, about a decade ago, I went – reluctantly – to a party where most people were friends and/or acquaintances of OH, almost none of whom I knew.

  20. Dr John Falzon is the CEO of Vinnies Australia, and is one of the brightest and most committed people I have met.

  21. Kambah Mick,

    Vinnies, you and your friends, and all of us, are lucky to have Dr Falzon in our midst.

    Goodnight, all.

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