Friday the Fifteenth …. and it’s RAFFLETIME … with an ABBA Theme!

(at Ducky’s special request)

Today has had more than a hint of spring about it. The sun is shining, the sky is a clear pale blue, the birds are very excited …

… and more importantly, a whole thundering herd of buses

seems to be heading in the direction of the nastiest, most incompetent Federal government Australia has ever experienced.

To mix metaphors, the wheels seem to be flying off many ministers’

Is it – just remotely – possible that PM Abbott and his lunatics are heading towards their Waterloo?

Too early to hope, but it’s pleasant to dream.

I have to go for coffee now, but will add to this as soon as I am home.

Meanwhile, in honour of Mr Bushfire Bill:


732 thoughts on “Friday the Fifteenth …. and it’s RAFFLETIME … with an ABBA Theme!

  1. Sorry Fiona. When my little sister was born, “Fiona” was such an unusual name little kids struggled to pronounce it so amongst other names she had to answer to “Piano” truncated to “Yo” and “Fi” transformed to “Phoebe” – go figure!

  2. Truss showed his true colours on Q&A in ugly hidebound detail. When he said the Nationals represented farmers I was almost moved to tweet details of the mechanism by which he claims he represents farmers but I couldn’t express it in 160 characters or as fast as Q&A requires. I have processed the WA National Party lists – I know! Signed up farmers in 1958, used direct debit,the monies still flow out annually until account is closed.

    Probably did the same in Eastern states.

  3. Billie,

    I’m tolerant of (very) young children’s attempts. After all, my DD daughter’s first pronunciation of her own lovely name (Felicity – because I was so happy to have her) was “Nitty” …

    Other than that, no way.

    I won’t relate here what happened to someone when, about a decade ago, I went – reluctantly – to a party where most people were friends and/or acquaintances of OH, almost none of whom I knew.

  4. Dr John Falzon is the CEO of Vinnies Australia, and is one of the brightest and most committed people I have met.

  5. Kambah Mick,

    Vinnies, you and your friends, and all of us, are lucky to have Dr Falzon in our midst.

    Goodnight, all.

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