Headless chooks rule the roost

This poor man isn’t the only headless person running around this morning.

The way the government’s behaving you’d think Ingham’s chicken factory had moved to Canberra.

Hockey on AM this morning was in a denialist Fantasyland. He is actually making out there’s little or no problem with the Budget, and is sticking to the mantra that they have kept all their promises. Michael Brissenden, his interviewer, laughed out loud. It was the laugh you hear that says, “You can’t be serious!”

Doesn’t Joe realize that, every time he says this, they lose a few more voters?

Not that I care.

I always said the man had failed in every portfolio he’d ever taken on, and he’s failing again. Unfortunately (for us) he’s now the Treasurer of the country, a portfolio in which failure is measured in the $billions and the lives affected score in the millions.

His combination of laziness and petulance – his “happy” or “grumpy” stage act – isn’t getting him anywhere. Nor has it ever.

Holding the Australian people and Australia’s economy to ransom so his mob of culture warriors can score points for “toughness” isn’t helping him, or them.


Abbott is flying all over the world, looking for someone he sees as a kindred spirit. He had to go to the UK to find a friendly government. Perhaps he still thinks James Bond and MI6 saved the world when Goldfinger tried to take over the gold market? Britain has its own problems. They’re not going to be able to solve ours. You’re on your own, 007.

Very few Prime Ministers get just the one Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 to strut their stuff. No Prime Minister has ever had TWO of them. Yet both of them have been fucked-up on the altar of Abbott, trying to look like a leader. How is that even possible?

Abbott Terrier

Rushing around being Tony The Terrier – at the front door to welcome his people home, then at the back door to say hello, rolling over wagging his tail to every AFP and military type he can spot,  labelling everything he can lays his hands on “Operation Something-Or-Other”,  using the grieving relatives of MH-17 as props in his “Statesman” act – is not a good look. You just can’t keep up this kind of vaudeville act forever while the nation languishes, ungoverned.

Buffoons like “Bookends” Brandis are too busy trying to please Andrew Bolt, the IPA and their gaggles of green biro crazies to notice that the caravan has moved on from Tea Party-like exhibitions of “freedom”.

Kevin Andrews (when he’s not on Polly Pedal, that is) and Eric Abetz are off on vanity tours of crackpot fringe groups still looking for reasons why the unemployed and women who have abortions are about to suffer for their “choices” .

And God only knows what Cory Bernardi is up to.

Cory Bernardi Crazy

(Credit: Fairfax)

The PUPs are causing mayhem in the Senate. The Motorists are busy sacking staff.  Blacksmiths are telling the Treasurer how to run the country.

Action on Climate Change has been shut down, along with the industries that depend on it. Motor industry workers are about to find that even if you applied for four hundred and 40 jobs a month, in Geelong there aren’t any.

It doesn’t matter how many severed heads The Australian publishes on its front page, or how many ex-General Blimps they put up, telling us we’re in another war against Islam (and this time it’s for a hundred years, no less!)  only upsets the Punters more.

The Photoshop artist at the Daily Telegraph isn’t about to change the fate of nations by stitching a Mike Carlton head onto a Boston Bombing body. Photoshop is easy.

Abbott - MH370 annotated

And what can have possessed Fairfax to constructively dismiss both of their most popular columnists?


Australians – in business, employees (and the unemployed), the sick and the simply troubled – don’t really give a damn about the coming Caliphate. They know it’s not real. They know their jobs and the livelihoods are. Today… not in a a hundred years’ time.

When are the headless Coalition chooks going to get serious?

They won government in a healthy landslide and they’ve squandered the gift of the Australian electors on fluffery: personal vendettas against Gillard and Rudd in the form of sham Royal Commissions, sackings, phoney imported “freedoms”, the born-again abortion debate, 100 years Wars.

Abbott Nosferatu

It’s Abbott’s demented brain expressing itself through his government. His disorganized brain-fart mentality, his need to shock and to intimidate, to belittle others to make himself look a little taller is now infecting an entire nation.

The more he combs-over his hair, the more stiltedly he speaks, the longer the miles he flies seeking credibility, the deeper the nation he’s supposed to be governing will sink into despair.


We have plenty of problems at home that need attention. Massaging Tony Abbott’s ego is not one of them. And slogans don’t help either.

I do wish he – and his so-called “government” – would just GROW UP (and the media would do well to give it a go too).

Abbott Fearless Leader 2



691 thoughts on “Headless chooks rule the roost

  1. Eric Abetz will not be speaking at a lunch at the World Congress of Families thing. His function has been cancelled.
    Sadly this is paywalled, but …

    Government leader in the Senate Eric Abetz was due to speak at a lunch for one of the key speakers at the conference, where Dr Angela Lanfranchi is also due to speak. However, the lunch has now been cancelled by organisers at the Endeavour Forum, who cited the illness and clashing engagements of some other guests as reasons for the cancellation. They did not comment on suggestions that the lunch had been cancelled at the government’s request


    Some more – including an outlandish c claim by the odious Danny Nalliah..

    Other participants and sponsors include the Catch the Fire ministry, whose Danny Nalliah describes mosques (and Hindu and Buddhist temples) as “Satan’s strongholds”. A Catch The Fire minister, Daniel Scot, claimed that Muslims were responsible for 70% of the drugs in the West. Nalliah himself claims to have raised a girl from the dead by the power of prayer. Salt Shakers, the Melbourne-based group that continues to argue that condoms do not promote safe sex, will address the conference.

    And one of the key guests will be Larry Jacobs, a co-founder of the World Congress of Families, who was also due to attend the Abtez lunch. Jacobs has become famous for his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he believes is “saving the world for Christianity” against a Western tide of homosexual liberation.


    What sort of guests would a conference have to invite before government ministers did rule out the implicit support that attendance gives? If a group were advancing eugenic or racialist pseudo-science, would they attend? Anti-vaccination talks? The hypothesis that there is no HIV-AIDS link? The religious opinions on display are open for discussion — even if being in the same room as Catch The Fire is a funny way to promote harmony for “Team Australia”. But the endorsement of the pseudo-science peddled by Lanfranchi and others is simply another manifestation of the Right’s anti-science and anti-reason agenda. Andrews should withdraw, and if he does not, the Prime Minister should instruct him to.

  2. Told youse all. any savings on our electricity bills after the removal of the carbon tax will be more than clawed back by increased access charges. First complaints now coming in.

    Cheaper power deals zapped by ‘sneaky’ billing

    Launceston dry cleaner Mathew Bowen recently signed on to a new contestable contract, which took effect from July

    Mr Bowen’s new deal included heavily reduced peak and off-peak rates, with usage for both consumption types plunging by 20¢ a kilowatt hour.

    But Mr Bowen has accused the state’s power providers of “sneaky accounting” after network charge price rises outstripped the discounted energy charges on his latest bill.

    “I was quite excited to receive my account and find out just how much I had saved,” Mr Bowen said.

    “But let me tell you when I saw this bill my reaction was not good . . .

    “I thought, ‘You pack of mongrels, this is bastardy at its best’.”


  3. kk – It’s a match right down to the grotty un-renovated bathrooms.

    It’s a doppelganger flat – I could walk from the main bedroom to the kitchen (when sober) in the pitch dark and get a glass of water without even brushing wall.

  4. 😆 Esteemed Commentators here being very inventive on my in-passing suggested mythical ‘big’ bus.

  5. The other thing about discounting tariffs and raising access fees is that it wrecks the economics of grid connected electricity generation. Win, win for big coal and the generators.

  6. John Rau will be slightly disappointed with himself at this Presser.

    One of the things that is always foremost about him is that he is meticulously barbered, shaved and dressed.

    A shirt collar lapel has gone astray on him this arvo.

  7. CTar1

    He’d be very reluctant to give up the security that surrounds him as PM . An ex PM with his track record in sectarianism likely to have a short life expectancy without it.

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