Time to down tools and have a break


The end of the week is here so that only means one thing around these parts.ku-mediumRAFFLE NIGHT

Meat_Raffle_-_WEBAccording to my maths I think the kitty is up to $350


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And could someone get out there and call the cows home?

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  1. These “overstated” devotions make me shiver somewhat..I remember the times when wedding vows / devotions would be three or four pages long!….and then the divorce recriminations another couple of foolscaps longer!

  2. A spell in jail for Kathy Jackson looks more likely.

    Hospital told cash for HSU could be a bribe

    A Victorian hospital was warned not to pay $250,000 to Kathy Jackson’s branch of the Health Services Union or risk serious criminal sanction under the Crimes Act for bribery.

    A senior source at the Peter MacCallum cancer hospital has confirmed concerns were raised with the board in 2003 about the legality of the $250,000 payment to the HSU and whether it was a secret commission, or bribe. Despite the concern, the payment went ahead and helped settle a dispute over back pay that resulted in about 150 research scientists agreeing to forgo $3.16 million owed to them.

    The scientists had been told they could lose their jobs if they did not give up their rights to back pay.

    Crucial to whether a secret commission was paid is the intent of the payment by the hospital, which relies on government funding and public donations to operate, and whether it was disclosed to scientists.

    While Ms Jackson has claimed it was disclosed, several scientists have told Fairfax Media it was not


    Penalties for secret commissions are severe and include up to 10 years’ in jail for the payer and receiver

  3. leone

    There is no doubt about it. People love to leave their mark, be it a memory or a tribute or anything else, wherever they go. I know I used to scratch the bark of trees and engrave my initials …

  4. There’s something incongruous about 24 having Bev O’Connor presenting international current affairs stories.

  5. Not looking forward to the Sales / Uhlmann grotesque…who ever told Uhlmann he had what it takes to do anchorman news?….he hasn’t the “timing” and he just sounds petulant when he continues to interrupt….and Sales is too much of the “excuse me sir, three bags full sir” kind.

  6. http://andrewelder.blogspot.com.au/2014/08/the-futility-of-anger.html

    Peter’s column above doesn’t seem to be online, although it may go up later today.
    Good to see GD (below) putting himself about on twitter.


  7. Abbott visited Seaforth Public School the other day. The kids wrote to him and asked him to come. How nice of him to spend some time in his own electorate. It must have been a new experience for him, visiting a public school rather than a private one. I wonder if the school will now get some extra funding from their MP for the equipment they need. I bet they don’t. They did get a new flag though – shades of the Howard government yet again, handing out flags and flagpoles to schools that need sports equipment and libraries.

    The kids got to ask questions. Here is The Idiot on what happens when people don’t agree with him, complete with creepy laugh and lip-smacking.

  8. Elder – “They are going to be so angry when chucked out of office again – but so what? ”


  9. Oh so that’s Margie, I’d forgotten what she looks like!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. Even though PvO has been a rampant apologist about the LNP for the past few years, he does deserve some kudos for that article telling it like it is. Didn’t think I’d see the day when something that critical about the Abbott government would appear in the Australian.

    Also on reflection, I don’t think I’ll react with as much alarm when all guns come out blazing for Abbott as I did when MH17 turned into a “Isn’t Tony so wonderful?” hagiography festival, it’s all worn off now.

  11. Fiona
    I wasn’t going to say this because it’s not what one should say when people have been killed in a disaster, but…..I really, really hope there were no Australians on that plane. I could not bear any more ‘Isn’t Tony wonderful for taking the lead/saving the world/hurling unfounded accusations’ crap. I’d bet good money that right now, somewhere in Europe, Abbott has his staff trawling through passenger lists in the hope some Aussies were killed. I hope he is disappointed on that one.

  12. leonetwo

    At least 40 people died. They deserve some respect.
    Even I don’t think Abbott would be hoping for some Australians to have been killed.

  13. 30 carat blue+green sapphire, bought for me by mate’s Dad (decades experience mining sapphire) for $500, haggled down from $600, good eh?

    Means cost of the stone is below $20/carat which is good buying.

    Matches these two small blues:

  14. “…then sell it and the earrings for a fat profit!”………..or as the Americans say : ” A lard o’ money!!”

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