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  1. Tlbd – The delightful ‘Jorian’ had something to do with the Bookshop after he got flicked from the TV station (Katherine was the newsreader who was supposed to read 15 minutes of Autocue formulated in Sydney and pretend if was a ‘local’ news session.)

  2. jaycee,

    You were offered uncooked chorizo. Chorizo without paprika does not exist. It may be plain paprika or smoked paprika. No difference in the hotnet, just the taste.

  3. Seriously, does anyone believe that Abbott hasn’t asked whether there were any people “who call Australia home” on that Tehran flight? Enquiries would have been made. No risk about it.

    Once you start out on these kinds of things – welcoming the troops back to base, then leapfrogging back so you can welcome them back to Australia, then attending the memorial service, then declaring a National Day Of Mourning – you have to keep it up.

  4. Kambah

    If you were so inclined you could jump a ‘racing’ person at the Ethos. Not my sort of thing.

    The tartan in the Scots bar always made me feel like making for the loo’s after a few drinks. And it and the Ainslie always smelt like the beer was ‘off’ (and it generally was!).

  5. Here is an early Agnetha

    You really have to admire how tuneful Swedish is.

    I was quite verliebt in the seventies. Didn’t we all have a crush? The lady is five years younger than I. The rest were born when I was.

  6. OH is watching Anzac Girls.

    How the #$%^# and I’m going to survive the next five years!

  7. I never buy The Sunday Times or The West Australian- I can make up my own mind and don’t need pre digested opinion- (all leaning right).

  8. My OH and daughter have been watching that show. I think they are becoming a little disenchanted.

  9. And here is that other ABBA lady, the one (Norwegian) with operatic training.

    I know nothing about registers but she was lower than Agnetha. Never, I think, was able to go to the top. A bit sad because she did stuff like this

    When the two ladies got together and the boys knew what was what- Wov!

  10. Tlbd

    [and the boys knew what was what]

    I think the problem turned out to be ‘who was with who’ rather than ‘what was what’

  11. Ctar1,

    It was a case of “an egg was an egg”.

    Agnetha just had enough of being in the public eye.

    The boys just wanted to pursue their talents, one did and one didn’t quite as well.

    As for Frieda, I just don’t know and am not bothered to google.

  12. CTar. I think I only ever went to the Ethos the once, it was the wrong side of the lake for me. For a while I lived at Macquarie Hostel, and there was a kitchen hand there who was during the week a flyblown alcoholic wreck but every Saturday morning he surfaced scrubbed, shaved, spotless and dressed in his powder blue suit with tie squared and rose in the buttonhole and jaunty hat upon his head, form guide jutting out of his back pocket the only jarring note to his sartorial excellence. He was off to the races. One day he must have missed hi lift, and asked me if I would drop him off at the Ethos where he would pick up a ride to the racecourse. Then he persuaded me to go in with him and share his first of the day, so I did.
    He was the brother of a famous and well regarded trainer of the day, and sober was a delightful bloke. Because of his impeccable sources of information he was often surrounded by characters less than savoury.

  13. Mick,

    So far, I have just enjoyed listening ( I have a CD).

    A lady who came from the country of two “Null points” must be OK.

  14. Fiona,

    Care to tell me what you are doing next Friday?

    I do recollect that you made certain comments about yourself and a duck many months ago.

    As one famous said: Nothing propinks like propinquity.

    I think the English languish is so available to exactness and inexactness. As someone who had to learn it, I love it, and am totally bound to explore it and assail the Pubsters with my views.

  15. kambah

    I think I only ever went to the Ethos the once

    That may be so, but you’ve captured the ‘ethos, concept, feeling, whatever’ so very well.

    Quite and restrained except for some squealing after a race.

    Not like the Dicko with the bikers riding their steeds through the bar on occasion.

  16. kambah

    Because of his impeccable sources of information he was often surrounded by characters less than savoury.

    Let me guess – The ‘Private Bin’ guy?

  17. Expect the main poll tomorrow. Just this for Monday. Chart is the second link. Can one of the mods turn it into an image on the page?

    Voters register a sharp rise in pessimism as clumsy budget undoes election euphoria
    The Australian August 11, 2014 12:00AM
    Phillip Hudson
    Bureau Chief

    ALMOST one-third of Australians believe their standard of living will get worse by Christmas while barely one in 10 expect their fortunes to improve by the end of the year.

    The grim outlook flows across the political divide with both Coalition and Labor supporters more pessimistic after the Abbott government’s first budget than they were at the end of last year.

    According to a Newspoll survey, done exclusively for The Australian, of voters’ attitudes about their standard of living in the second half of this year, the number who believe things will get worse has jumped from 20 to 32 per cent.

    The rise from one in five expecting their standard of living to get worse to almost one in three is the biggest deterioration in the measure since June 2008, on the eve of the global financial crisis, when it soared from 18 to 43 per cent.

  18. Sorry CTar, got diverted.
    I believe he may have been one of the hangers on, mostly they seemed to be involved in the Qbn casino, and the infamous “Pine Lodge” at Barton, adjacent to Mr Abbotts current abode.

  19. Our power will be off again from 8.30am until 2.30. Could anyone here following ICAC give a bit of an update for when we get back online, please. Thank you in advance. Have a great day. We missed seeing the supermoon last night, too cloudy, but it was beautiful at 5.30 am.

  20. Apparently Abbott’s going to The Hague for talks on MH17.

    I hope they have a cell ready for him.

  21. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Paul Sheehan reckons a made-over new budget might be in the offing.
    And Peter Costello advises Hockey to dump the $7 copayment.
    Michelle Grattan says Hockey’s bruised ego is up for another battering.
    Trouble in the Marist Brothers camp.
    John Madigan is very concerned over the potential effects of Hockey’s budget.
    More problems for NSW Planning.
    All about the new ATO on-line personal tax return.
    The three worst things the Libs did yesterday.
    I don’t think any of my SMSF will be invested in this type of PPPs.
    And here’s another reason why.

  22. Section 2 . . .

    Could be curtains for Cornwell this week.
    Voluntary euthanasia – It’s Time! I hope I’m still alive to see Kevin Andrews and his pious coterie of hypocrites crash and burn on this and other socially progressive issues.
    Hello! More dodgy donations. This time an undisclosed $11000 to the Libs – and there is a connection to Abbott’s office.
    This is just the sort of thing that the IPA and the right wing ideologues crave.
    Abbott can run but he can’t hide from the issue of climate change.
    Jobs carnage at the ATO.
    Mesma and Morrison are looking to engineer an international flick pass with asylum seekers.
    George Williams posits that the proposed new anti-terrorism reforms will put democracy at risk.
    ICAC and where the buck stops for the Liberals.
    Tim Costello asks if Daniel Andrews will stand up to the powerful pokies lobby.

  23. Section 3 . . .

    Labor jumps on the Libs’ registration and use of the “abbottlies” domain name.
    Support grows for Freya Newman over the Whitehouse revelations.
    Bruce Petty has Brandis with some IT issues coming close to home.

    Cathy Wilcox gets down and dirty with George Brandis.
    Ron Tandberg and Team Australia.
    A chilling reminder from David Rowe.

  24. ” OH is watching Anzac Girls.

    How the #$%^# and I’m going to survive the next five years!”
    Same…ducky…bloody same!!!

  25. Hi jaycee

    Yesterday morning we decided to shift the horses around into different paddocks so I got the thoroughbred in to near the gate. he sensed something was going on and got quite excited. I goot the halter and lead onto hom and opened the gate whereupon he reared up and bucked and carried on while I was holding the lead. I couldn’t hang on and had to let go so more freestyle bucking bronco ensued. Eventually he calmed down enough to be firmly led to the other paddock. Once through the gate it was on again and he pulled the lead from me. When he came back he allowed me (just) to remove the halter and he was off again for a riderless rodeo show. for 5 minutes. Happy boy!
    But my shoulder has been damaged in some way as has a musccle in my upper leg.

  26. BK…Sympathise greatly…have just got back big warmblood mare who doesn’t take to me kindly…I believe it’s a male thing from a bad breaking-in experience with a male race-horse trainer who used hard discipline rather than firm persuasion like most women use….had similar experiences with her in the past…but I never..NEVER let go of the lead rope…strength out of fear!….in the end had to use a “stallion bit” to lead her out…have you got one of those…John Cooper might have one…they are not cruel, but do have a clever method of simple application to the horses mouth….works well.
    As a matter of fact…gonna lead the horses to a fresh paddock ourselves this morning…I get the big gelding…the OH. gets the mare!…we’ll see how it goes… yes…horses!
    I had one of the horses suddenly wretch away a while back that buggered my shoulder…..I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and given the OH. till I am sixty five…then she better go hire a “Mellors” to look after the horses..I’m out!…(well..that’s the plan).

  27. 69er ! ..well….got them out ok…a couple of “hurried ” moments where the mare would like to take the lead..a bit like my first wife when we learnt ballroom dancing!…”No, madam…the man leads!”…I had to “drop ‘er” in the end.
    I think the mare (a dominant matriarch if ever there was one!) has twigged the gelding hasn’t “got what it takes” to be lead stallion!

  28. Abbott just can’t help himself – he is still talking up sanctions and trying to act tough. From these comments he seems to be doing a reasonable impersonation of a cracked record, the same lines, over and over.
    Mr Abbott kept up his pressure on Russia this morning, telling AM that Australia was prepared to apply further pressure on that country over its backing of the Ukrainian rebels blamed for shooting down MH17.

    “Everything is on the table,” Mr Abbott said, confirming Australian sales of uranium are now being reconsidered.

    “We certainly are looking at tougher sanctions, I think the world is looking at tougher sanctions,” he said.

    “We certainly would anticipate tougher sanctions against Russia in the weeks ahead.”

    How much did this useless trip th Euope cost us? A couple of million perhaps? All the way to the Netherlands to sign a condolence book. Then a bit of ape-like chest beating about Russia and off to London for a repeat performance. This trip has achieved nothing, except to add to the international impression that Abbott is a moron. A war-mongering moron now.

    More on Abbott’s useless trip –

  29. ll, Leone…a while back we had that Dutch right-wing moron out here so I suppose it’s only fair…

  30. Tones’ accompanying group look all very uniformed in the Netherlands (Lucky for the Dutch that little Bish is not there – she’d look scary in Nurses gear).

    I think I just saw a firm clip of him in his best dark blue suit with the AFP Comish dribbling on one of his shoulders and the Chief of the Air Force dribbling on the other shoulder. I’m wondering if the ‘uniforms’ come with headstalls and leads to keep them in place?

  31. ” (Lucky for the Dutch that little Bish is not there – she’d look scary in Nurses gear). Steady on Ct’….you’ve got “form” on this sort of conjecture , you know!!

  32. Yes, but what role did all those armed force personal he sent 0over have to do? Yes, and were so many police needed. Just asking. No one else has asked him to justify sending so many, for so long. It was Malaysia and the Dutch, negotiating with those on the ground, that got the bodies out. We are on the security panel, why is Abbott’s focusing on Putin, when there are greater tragedies occurring, which as Grattan said he flew over. Palestine and Iraq do not seem to c0ncern him at all.

    Yes, Clive is right, he should be here dealing with the economy, Well at least with his toxic and ridiculous budget. One that no one supports, even on his side.

    Ukraine has upped the ante in it’s battle against those rebelling against their government. That is why the search was called off. They believe, thanks to the plane being shout down, they now have the upper hand., One cannot blame them, suppose for taking advantage of the opportunity. One should also not blame Putin, as this does not appear to be true. The Separists appear to give the rescue crews all the assistance they could. Even Houston admire them for the work they did, collecting the bodes etc.

    I cannot see what Abbott hopes to gain, with his sudden trip to the Netherlands and Britain., Does not the action occur in NY. Is Putin the biggest threat ewe have to our security today. I suspect not. The big danger is in the Middle East, which Abbott is ignoring.

    If one follows events, since the plane came down, they would notice that Abbott as only been a small player. It is the Dutch and Malaysians that have been in charge.

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