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  1. tlbd

    I will tell her. Thank you. It’s quite hard; she’s a vegetarian but cooks meat for him everyday. But somehow he never likes what she cooks. When she cooks for us we always like her meals. My son does too. But here you go. I think the problem is a bit deeper than not liking the meals.

  2. gigilene,

    Our sons had “preferences” for food. They got rid of them when they married.

    I think the most parents can do is to say: “You must taste it and, if you don’t like it, no problem.”

    I even (hush!) had by kids smell and taste strong alcohol when young. They all grew up with a responsible attitude.

    Did your family in La Belle introduce you to alcohol?

  3. I often wonder how it comes each country’s name is feminine or masculine: France – La patrie; Germany – Vaterland

  4. tlbd

    My sister never says that he must taste it. It was a gradual thing, difficult to trace when it started. He’s 23 now and will leave home next year. On his own he will learn to appreciate things a bit more.

    As for myself in La Belle France strictly no alcohol as a child and teenager. The funny part is I didn’t want any. It’s only when I was in my twenties that I started to drink wine. My dad liked a bit of red with his meal and when the postie came he would gladly share a schnapps with him. See, winters were very cold in France … and the postie was cold under his wide black cape …

  5. Have two bought chicken dim sims sitting on a small plate waiting to go into the steamer. As usual I did the sign of the cross:

    N–S with soy sauce bottle while intoning “Et nominee et Patri et Fili”
    E–W with chili sauce bottle while intoning “et Spiritu Sancto Amen.”

    Good Catholic boy I was, once.

  6. Tlbd

    [at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop]

    They’re getting close to being as friendly mad as RiotACT.

  7. tlbd

    True most countries are feminine. Not quite all. Le Maroc.Le Portugal. I’m quite sure there is an explanation which I might have known once and have now forgotten.

  8. For NSW rugby fans, something quite exceptional in the semi-finals:

    Manly (top dog) at home to Eastwood lost

    Sydney Uni (very big dog) at home lost to Southern Districts.

  9. tlbd

    This is the tragedy … This postie in question died due to stomach cancer. Her daughter believes that it’s all the drinks he used to get during his runs. She has a point. Very sad.

  10. Ducky,

    Both Manly and Sydney Uni could be described as Blood Oaf’s teams, so that makes good hearing.

  11. gigi

    [nd the postie was cold under his wide black cape]

    The capes are big. They make them look like the advance guard of la police anti-émeute. 😀

  12. CTar1,

    As I remember, that shop was on the Eastern side of Northbourne Avenue many moons ago. Coffee at the front: books at the back.

    This all recent stuff but you obviously know the drift


    Then (just a bye-the-bye), of course, we had that excellent Blue Moon Cafe which is the closest thing we ever had to Alice’s Restaurant.

  13. I have two “e’s from my last comment that I would like to auction. Any takers?

  14. Fiona,

    Good news: I barrack for Eastwood (because OH used to live there)

    Bad news: Southern beat them in the quarter-finals.

    Don’t even begin to ask me how come they could meet in the big one. (And, yes, I could explain)

  15. OK! For those who don’t know.

    It is a classic.

    Goes for 20+ minutes


  16. Tlbd

    [we had that excellent Blue Moon Cafe]

    Don’t forget the Highgate Cafe in Kingston. Also one of their family places.

    Manny and Maria good fun. I used to be able to walk in and sit down with out ordering – Manny would say (in the raucous mad Greek way “Hamburger with the Lot, no sa-LAD”.

    A pleasurable experience now gone in an increasingly impersonal world.

  17. CTar1,

    Combining The Civic Pub and a slab of cheese from The Moon and a flagon of McWilliams port, … from somewhere … was take-back to Reid House.

    There was that place in Kingston where you could get wine in a tea-pot and … something extra …

  18. Tlbd

    I haven’t been to Civic for quite some time. Jorian is not a favorite.

    Last time I was there my Nephew invited him for a pre’ lunch drink at the wig and Penn. He declined which was sensible as I think it was a lead up to him being, as he well deserves, whacked.

  19. CTar1,
    I understand the Wig and Pen does Guinness on tap.

    Reliable sources say it’s nothing like the real stuff. I can believe (which is the closest I will ever do to believing).

  20. Tlbd

    The ‘old Civic Pub’ – faint memories of Toohey’s Beer, white tiles and fire hoses to clean and get rid of lingering patrons at closing time.

  21. “Jorian”! What is “Jorian”!

    Don’t tell me that Higgins is out of the loop!

  22. The Civic, in its day had the Jungle Bar. It had not much lighting and a lot of jungle business was conducted, even to my innocent eyes.

    On wonders what Our Police thought of it. If you remember, the police HQ was about 200 metres away along (?) Alinga Street.

  23. The Civic did have at least one good thing going for it: the Ladies were not consigned to the Saloon Bar. We are talking Sixties here so that was progressive.

    Mind you, at certain hours I did have to confess I was a weary traveller from interstate to obtain a quenching draught.

  24. Tlbd

    ” 2014 Fringe Festival Creative Director, Jorian Gardner ”

    He used to be with WIN or Prime and supposed to be running the ‘NEWS’.

    He had a well known run-in with news reader Katherine Stolachuk werein she’d modify the ‘news’ she was supposed to read when she thought it was to silly to read out’. He didn’t like her doing her own thing.

    Stolachuk ‘left’ but ‘Jorian’ was a laughing stock. It was some years before he managed to dislodge the last part of the fencepost she stuck up him.

    Stolachuk way to smart for him. 😀

  25. Tlbd

    The ‘The Jungle Bar’ out the back with its own entrance on Northbourne ?

    If so, been there and done that as well.

  26. I had my farewell to civilization before heading to Kapooka at the Jungle Bar. Took me about 3 days to recuperate.

  27. CTar1,

    What is Jorian’s connection to Civic? Equally Katherine Stolachuk.

    Should wish to accept the challenge, beware of metadata collection!

    “Metadata” got a bollocking by John Shortis and Moya Simpson.

  28. Talk about French Mailmen..: Funny as…
    “Jour de Fête (“The Big Day”) is a 1949 French comedy film directed by Jacques Tati. Jour de Fête tells the story of an inept and easily distracted French mailman …”
    Sorry I’m a bit behind on the threads, but I just finished my dinner…roast pork w / crackling.

  29. Of course there was the Scots Bar at the Rex, the Garden Bar at the Ainslie, the News Bar at the Wello, and something or other at the Kingo. If you hit town unannounced and did the lap of those places and a couple of others without finding a companion for the night it was very unusual.
    All gone now, or changed beyond recognition at least. And I, of course, am old.

  30. jaycee,

    Barossa chorizo is what you get Spanish chorizo when you cook it in red wine? Capisce?

    The chorizo you buy is cooked or it isn’t. Check the label. What gives it the special taste is the amount of paprika.

  31. Kirsdarke – a small point, the PvO article was in Perth’s News Corp weekly tabloid the Sunday Times, not in The Australian. Ths may partly explain why it wasn’t online and he tweeted a picture of it. Not all the tabloid articles go online, which people who never browse the other News Corp tabloids may not realise. Smaller local articles often don’t make it, occasionally even longer articles go up later rather than overnight.



    Warning, it is horrible. Don’t look if you’re easily disurbed.



  32. Kambah

    [ before heading to Kapooka at the Jungle Bar]

    At least it was Army kinda garden rather than JTC, Canungra.

    Having a hangover there would have been dangerous.

  33. Ducky…I was down the central market (adel’) a couple of weeks ago and was offered a taste of ‘Barossa chorizo”….”Barossa chorizo!!??” I replied, amazed….mild up front, but with a sharp after-taste…there was a spice linger on the tongue….not spectacular, but not bad.

  34. Mick,

    I understand exactly. Had to post this just for the song. I don’t take it as comment on our relationship. Meeting Pubsters gives you a sense of US.

    Bloody great song and dresses!

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