Friday the First

The last month of winter has begun, and in the southern states those lucky enough to have hatches to batten down have done so – it is FREEZING and I’m so glad I have a roof over my head and a small heater warming my toes.

(Image Credit: Shayne McCarthey, News Ltd))

(Image Credit: Shayne McCarthey, Fairfax))

(Image Credit: Fairfax))

Gather around the fire everyone, order your raffle numbers from the redoubtable Mr CK Watt, and help yourselves to

(Image Credit: Morznet))

while I dash over the road to me mum’s for a glass of chateau cardboard.

Back soon …

471 thoughts on “Friday the First

  1. the refugee convention doesn’t really mean what it says

    That’s what comes of “thinking” in tongues, let alone “talking” in them.

  2. Great tweet found by someone over the road.

    @BrigadierSlog 15m
    Joe Hockey complaining the poor don’t pay enough tax. Funny thing, homeless people never invite you around to dinner either genius! #auspol

  3. Good point Leone, I put it in a tweet. People, feel free to retweet the below…

  4. One of the funniest moments on QI

    Pam Ayres: My father was a boxer
    Stephen Fry (quick as a flash): Mine was an Irish Setter.

  5. I wonder what happened with Labour in New Zealand at the turn of the year? They plus the Greens seemed to be tied with the Nationals until then, now their polling has plummeted back down to 2011 levels, and it seems Key will get a 3rd term.

    From what I’ve observed it appears that David Cunliffe is a complete dud as a leader, in fact all three people who have led NZ Labour since Helen Clark lost appear to have been colossal duds.

  6. Also, a number of polls are showing Key and the Nationals may get a majority in their own right.

  7. Yet more Morrison lies –

    India never agreed to accept the return of any of the 157 Tamil asylum seekers who were not Indian citizens, a spokesman for the Indian high commission has said.

    Tarun Kumar, information officer at the high commission, said India had agreed only to “investigate” the situation of non-citizens.

    The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, said he had struck a “highly unusual” agreement with the Indian government under which asylum seekers – most of whom were Sri Lankans who had been living in India – would be able to return to India after discussions with Indian consular officials.

  8. It’s fun over the road tonight – it seems only Poroti, Dio and nappin have a sense of humour after what must have been a hard Monday.

  9. A LIBERAL candidate at November’s state election has quit in disgrace after party officials were told of hundreds of offensive sexist and racist posts on his Facebook page.

    Sheesh, where do they find these people?

  10. Sheesh, where do they find these people?

    Posh private schools?

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