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  1. ” A bunch of amateurs calling themselves the BBC Symphony Orchestra .”……and I don’t doubt they deserve all the sympathy they can get!

  2. But you know, KK…I can’t understand why they wouldn’t run an endless-loop of old AC/DC. hits over the intercom…like they do here!

  3. One of the regular shops the OH. does some restocking at when down the market is “Goodies and Grains”…while she goes rummaging amongst the organic forests (you know..I can’t help thinking whenever we go there of that old myth of having naked peasants running through the marihuana crops and then scraping the hashish resin off their bodies after!) , I sit over the aisle on the “pensioners rest” seat and watch the world of humanity pass by…..Tell you what…it doesn’t auger well for humanity!….not well at all..if that is the best!….and how is it that the Asian women (in particular) make the loudest noise with their sandles on the lino?…they seem to really slap them down so you can pick them coming a mile off!…SLAP. SLAP. SLAP!…on the floor…I’ve tried to emulate the sound, but just cannot get that decibel up to the top of the range like they do!

  4. I’d play that ,KK. except I’m about at the end of my monthly gig’ allowance!…but I’ll take your word for it.

  5. Could anyone who knows about these things please ask Julie Bishop to give the black frisbee back to the kid who lost it.

  6. Another place the OH. goes into while I wait outside is the Chinese supermarket…there’s this tiny young woman always there with her arms crossed watching (I presume) for anyone trying to thieve something…though what she’d be able to do, given her stature, I anyone’s guess….trip them up I s’pose!(“vomit on her ; Basil says!” )…she doesn’t look bulky enough to be “packing hardware”….but she’s there every time…every day , I suppose….won’t do her varicose veins any good,,i wonder just how much she saves as compared to how much it costs for her to be hanging around all day?….there is a stool nearby…I was going to sit on it myself while waiting…( “the pensioner’s rest”)…but it had ; “Please do not sit here” in both English and Chinese texta’d on it.

  7. Spot the difference between what Angus Houston has said versus what The Idiot has been saying

    Australian troops will not enter the crash site of MH17 in eastern Ukraine, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s special envoy on the ground, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston.

    He said on Sunday that Australia was days away from sending in a police-led, “non-threatening” force to recover bodies and assist with the investigation.

    “One of the important things here is to posture a non-threatening force, a non-threatening force that will go in with civilian specialists in white vehicles who will do the job on the crash site,” he said.

    “One thing that we will be going in with is primarily police and civilians, not military personnel. Military personnel have been involved in some of the activity, but on this one it’s a police-led mission and I think that’s the right answer, and I think it’s going to be very important to posture a non-aggressive, non-threatening force so that nobody will interfere with it.”

    : http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australia-days-away-from-sending-nonthreatening-force-into-mh17-crash-site-20140727-zxbfd.html#ixzz38d4qOqBz

  8. Deja vu here??…theis govt’ goes into the senate cockahoop confident bragging the carbon tax is “GORN”…ends up in chaos…goes into the Crimea all cockahoop confident they will show those bolshies how it’s done..end in chaos with little or no thanks to the idiot-in-command!

  9. Someone who knew about these things once said tome that Chinese hieroglyphics wern’t that hard to understand, as each symbol had in it’s structure a “little drawing” of what it was describing….I don’t know…I’ve stood for ages outside a Chinese food place looking at the menu and blow me down if I can make out “Mongolian Chicken” in those “little drawings” !

  10. I’ve just come in from the great outdoors.
    The country around here had a nice 32mm fall of rain yesterday which we appreciate muchly. Timing is pretty good as well since the month of July is the month of ‘nil growth’ so this rain will leave moisture in the soil for the August blush of growth.
    I live in the Upper Hunter which is now more open cut coal mines than anything. It is now a completely and utterly ruined valley with open cuts stretching further than the eye can see and squeezing the life out of everything and everyone in it.

  11. Did anyone hear that bit about “Whale watching” on radio national this morning, and how damaging it could be to go out in fast boats to watch the whales close up?….I have to ask..: Why can’t people just watch from the cliff-tops?…what are you going to see close-up that can’t be imagined from the land?….I wonder if, in this age of technology, where every “experience” is expected to be delivered to us via instant replay in three-dimentional close ups, that we are losing our imagination?…mabey that is why we have this boom in thrill-seeking sports…..like zimmer-frame darby in the old folks homes?

  12. Whilst the abbott can boast the carbon tax is GORN, the whole purpose of his campaign is not quite dead yet. That is, the abbott and his backers weren’t all that worried about the tax per se, but wanted to be rid of the progress of renewable energy. The repeal of the carbon tax was really less important to them than the RET. the Climate Change Authority and so on.

  13. well, around here we have lignite coal under us and a smattering of uranium…but I don’t think they will dig it out…they have drawn up schemes for fracking though I believe. I sent a letter to the energy corp’ suggesting they tap into the intellect of the locals…there must be an unlimited supply of fossil fuel locked up in there I should imagine!

  14. I got a reply back saying that there wasn’t the technology in drilling yet advanced enough to break through the hard-headedness of such a population.

  15. Gigilene,
    The frisby/cowpat creation was shown on ABC24 newsclip. Dunno whether Ms.Bitchop does her own makeup but she really out to go easy on the black eyeliner….reminds me of a comment my late OH used to make at such sights i.e. “looks like burnt holes in a blanket”

  16. Mabey Mesma can organise to send in to the Ukraine a battallion of fashonista stormtroopers the like of Imelda Marcos’ “Special Ladies Forces” in the seventies?

  17. janice

    Thanks. Missed the newsclip. Will give it all my attention tonight. Without having seen it, that “cow pat” reminds me of a beret.

  18. jaycee – It may sound sterile and might be in the centre of a very large city but there is still wildlife.

    These in the basement (sleeping on car bonnets) –

    On the Terrace block balconies (eating pot plants) –

    And flying around (nesting on top of one of the tower blocks and picking off ducklings from the Estate ponds) –

  19. Mind you, I’ve made it one of my life’s habits to never get between an arguement and an armed woman!

  20. How about that!!..I googled “Imelda Marcos KLadies Brigade”..and I get an old posting from Fiona on The Pub!

  21. gigi – Totally natural re-invaders. Just taking back their space after centuries of being banished.

    The Peregrine’s are fiercely protected by residents and Estate staff. The squirrels and foxes ‘not so much’.

  22. ” Jaycee,

    Be very careful …”
    I think I will go for that walk now……………I may be gone some while…

  23. ctar1 and kk

    If I was asked to do a gushy pitch then it would focus on peoples perception of the city as the centre for financial services, trading across the world, a place of hustle and bustle and yet, here in the mayhem is this oasis of peace and quiet where birds and mammals prosper”

    Sounds like a great Estate where cohabitation of people and wildlife seems to work reasonably well.

  24. A moving story of the trauma suffered by the residents around the crash site. Makes a pleasant change from the propaganda sliming by the likes of the Daily Toilet.

    After Flight 17 Crash, Agony, Debris and Heartbreak in Ukraine Villages

    Days later, the 43-year-old mayor found the bottom half of a man’s body in the shrubs next to her office. She has barely slept since then.

    “I know that for others I need to look strong, assured and composed,” says Ms. Voloshina, her hands still trembling a week after the July 17 crash. “But when I’m not at work, I cry at home into my pillow.”

    On Thursday, an elderly woman showed up at her office in tears and handed over a doll with the name Emma stitched in pink across its shirt. The woman was digging potatoes. Emma turned up instead..

    ……..Before the crash, Mr. Berezhnoi says, he thought pain couldn’t get any worse than when his wife died a year ago and his mother died the year before………………………..

    ……………………..Her husband joined fellow miners who volunteered to comb the fields in search of bodies. They wore purple latex gloves and carted out the passengers on what looked like Soviet-era stretchers before placing the bodies in bags.

    “It’s hard for him to talk,” Ms. Voloshina says. “He’s a tall, strong man, and he still has tears in his eyes from that.”


  25. gigi

    … where cohabitation of people and wildlife seems to work reasonably well.

    When the Peregrines arrived and it was realised they had nested on one of the Towers is the only time I can remember that residents money was spent from the Estate funds where no one complained.

    We had, under supervision of the local CoL Ranger and a paid bird behaviour expert, all of the air ventilation intakes on the three of the towers covered with finer than usual chicken wire (so no one gets sucked in).

    Also extra locks and security measures to secure the access to the rooftop they nest on.

  26. gigilene

    The mayor has vowed “to get Emma home” . It has made my blood boil that from the start our press was so intent on publishing blatant propaganda stories to demonise these people. Events like this make me say praise be for the internet. Quality papers and news sources from around the world are now at your finger tips.

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