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  1. CTar1

    After the mighty Cantabrians flogging of the Saffas how do you rate the Brumbies chances vs the Tahs ?

  2. BK
    If Fiona visits, the SA Chapter will be out in force. Come the nicer weather we will have a Knees Up too.

  3. So that is a Get-together for an interstate visitor and a Spring Knees-up. 🙂

  4. Puffy,

    The way my bod’s feeling at the moment – sprained left wrist, cracked (skin, that is) right thumb, creaky lower right thigh, and still mildly corked left thigh – it would have to be a Sprung knees-up as far as I’m concerned at the moment.

    In three months’ time, however, I hope all will be well.

    Safe trip home.

  5. Fiona…You Vic’s, and particularly you Melbournians, never “leave home”, but rather take your “home” with you…I know, I married one in my first marriage…or should I say ; I married her Melb’ family…in truth, I “married Melbourne” !….they used to go every year for holidays..the whole shebung extended family…to Merimbula…replete with their Melb’ beer..”…wouldn’t touch that NSW. piss for the world”.

  6. Jaycee,

    I’m neither a Victorian nor a Melbournian. I am a Canberran – even though I’ve lived in Melbourne more than half my life.

  7. Leone,
    Just following along on this. Abbott and Bishop both used that “tried to contact the Russians” excuse, but I personally don’t buy it. Their attempts must have been very half-hearted indeed. In Abbott’s case, particularly, I accuse him of cowardice. He simply didn’t press for a contact with Putin, as he had every right to do. He didn’t insist. Why?

    Cowardice plain and simple is the main answer. The man’s all talk and no walk, and real power personified clearly troubles him. The Netherlands PM, by contrast, was on the blower quick smart. But this only makes me think that the stereotype of European leaders being more sophisticated that new-world leaders is not a stereotype at all.

    Another thing. Abbott was at pains to specify the leaders he talked to. Conspicuously absent from this list were Putin and Obama. Not to mention Hollande and Merkel. So here is a plain case of a second-tier leader projecting himself into a world event as a first-tier leader, WITHOUT CONTACTING ANY OF THE OTHER FIRST-TIER LEADERS.

    That’s big-noting or grandstanding in anyone’s language.

    Then there’s the misrepresentation of the significance of Australia drafting the resolution. As I understand it, it was a resolution with input from both Australia and the Netherlands (though I stand to be corrected on this), and that it was brought on by the fact that (thanks to the ALP and no thanks to the coalition) Australia is temporary chair of the Security Council, and also by reason that its citizens were prominent as victims in the tragedy. Consequently, Australia had a DUTY to draft a resolution, it was not something they took an inventive lead in initiating.

    The whole thing stinks politically. Though we should have no problem with the aspects which purely involve comforting the victims’ families and repatriating the bodies, we can surely be mature enough to disentangle the political agenda from the legitimate responsibilities of national leadership.

  8. Political Animal
    Which winery areas should Fiona be taken to? Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills? Or the lot?

  9. Just to clarify, quoting Netherlands Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans from his address to the UN Security Council, on the resolution: ” .. which was tabled by Australia and which the Netherlands co-sponsored”. Also that Australia assumed Presidency of the Security Council for one year from Sept 2013. Thus, the resolution was clearly a responsibility fulfilled.

  10. Coriole winery is great and has a restaurant (Southern Vales) and Pirra Mimma is great too, or drinking a glass of wine of the verandah of Polish River winery (Clare) offers an awesome vista. (we could nibble some smoked ribs while swigging plonk.)

  11. dedalus
    I agree.

    Her’s a random thought. It’s possible Abbott was actually prevented by his minders from attempting any contact with Putin or anyone else, especially after he insulted Putin.

    For a while now I’ve been saying Abbott is being deliberately kept away from the action. There have been a few times lately when his absence has been puzzling. Just this week he announced he was not attending the Pacific Islands Forum leaders’ summit next week. Too busy with MH17, he says. I think he was told to stay home. He is too incompetent to be trusted, maybe, or too insane to deal with leaders. Who knows what he will say if he gets to talk without a minder there to feed him his lines and kick him in the shins if he starts to say something dumb. Better to make excuses to keep him safely in his office. There has to be a reason for Peta Credlin being closer to Abbott than his own shadow. She seems to be at his side 24/7. Why? He can’t be trusted on his own.

    Abbott has had to lie to cover up his lack of contact, of course, but lying comes easily to him.Even though our grovelling MSM know they can’t believe a word he says on anything they go along with it all and repeat all the garbage.

    What really, really annoys me is the ‘what a strong leader he is and isn’t Julie Bishop just wonderful’ garbage we are being fed. Aren’t leaders and foreign ministers supposed to be competent enough to talk to their counterparts and negotiate agreements and whatever? What is so wonderful about these two managing to do their job? Well, sort of doing it.

  12. The Guardian reported that Britain was also drafting a resolution on Friday, before Bishop left Australia on Saturday:

    The security council issued a statement on Friday calling for a “full, thorough and independent international investigation”, access to the site and appropriate accountability. Britain drafted the short text and hoped the council could issue it on Thursday but Russia requested more time to review it.”

    Australia’s draft resolution began circulating on Saturday. Bishop was sent over to push it through, which she did.

  13. ” I’m neither a Victorian nor a Melbournian. I am a Canberran “….GOOD LORD! , Fiona!…don’t tell another soul!….I’m tellin’ you..they’ll never forgive you!!…………..may God have mercy!

  14. Caught an ABC news bulletin earlier tonight. AS got top billing, very uncomplimentary to the L/NP and a grab of Plibersek; second up was US pulling people out of Libya; MH17 was down to third article, in particular the 150 guys we’re committing. And even then the main point seemed to be that the Ukraine don’t want all these people – they think 25 in total is enough.

    Based on that, I think MH17 as a topic of interest is moribund.

  15. What the hell is going on in Palestine? it is high time both sides got talking instead of shooting! The adults in this situation have a responsibility to provide a safe healthy environment for their and their opposing side’s children to live and prosper. It sickens me that this conflict goes on because people think more of their religion than their kids.

  16. Good morning Dawn patrollers.
    Senior defence official says putting armed military personnel into Ukraine is “nuts”. Now, what was it that Albo said a number of years ago?
    They don’t help their arguments do they!
    Peter FitzSimons with rare praise for Alan Jones. And there’s a ripper of a joke too.
    They’re trying everything to nobble the ABC.
    We can now add “two faced” to the list of adjectives we use to describe Joe Hockey.
    Is Morrison digging a deeper hole for himself?
    A very good read from Ross Gittins about how the experience of the GFC is burnt into Glen Stevens’ brain.
    Peter Martin on “The Infrastructure PM”.
    Is it irrational to avoid air travel? I must admit that Mrs BK is a bit perturbed at the prospect of flying to Turkey next year.

  17. And from the Land of the Free –

    Rachael Maddow despairs over the useless, do nothing US Congress.
    Listen to Elizabeth Warren. She would be Abbott’s worst nightmare! I do hope she can be convinced to run for the Presidency.
    I Sarah Palin pissed or what? This is simply pathetic! She’s barking mad!
    Bill Maher’s New Rules.
    The NRA wants mandatory gun training in schools.
    Powerful stuff from Keith Olbermann on sexism in sports.
    Cenk Uygur challenges blockhead Sean Hannity to debate him over Gaza.

  18. BK,
    Elizabeth Warren is a one-in-a-million leader and, yes, I agree with you in hoping she runs. Of course, the American voters need to ditch the tea-party, the god-botherers and the rent seekers.

  19. CTar1,
    She probably paid a motza for it but it doesn’t do anything for her except, maybe, to make one wonder if she’d been doing ‘an abbott’ and trying her hand in the milking shed.

  20. Ah welll!…woke to a beautiful sunny morn’ in the mallee…going to take a break from the nags and will go on a tree-seedling insp’ later in the day…will stay near the heat till then…and annoy you lot here!

  21. CTar1..I thought you had “retired”….all this buzzing around the world…it must wear on a chap, what!?

  22. And Janice…how’s the country oround where you reside going?…say!..just which part of the country are you in?

  23. From over the road a report on The Insiders which makes it look like Angus has said all the shite from Abbott and 99.9% of local media has been total bullshit.

    Houston to FKelly early this morning dropping a bucket of shite on Abbott and on the western media.

    From my recording of the I/V “We have visited the site twice for reconnaissance and we have found the site to be permissive, and the separatists to be professional, cooperative and helpful to our purposes …. our team have spent two whole days there …. they felt very comfortable and very safe”

    And ” it is absolutely true that Australian military will NOT play a role…….”

    And WTTE that the info about the body count (Kelly put to him that one third were not yet found) is wrong ie the 100 still missing is crap. It’s obvious what he’s saying here.

  24. Here’s a post a lady put up on our community forum about things of interest…it is quite nice.

    Quite few years ago, we had a dog named Judy. She was a kelpie / border collie cross. As a sheep dog she was pretty ordinary, but as a watch dog she was excellent. She was never tied up at night, but must have spent some of the dark hours prowling around looking for burglars. If ever she found one we were never aware, but she did manage to sniff out feral cats.
    Wise enough not to tackle them personally she learnt to ‘tree’ them and call for help.
    Lying snug in bed on a cold winter night, it was annoying to have ones sleep interrupted by continuous yapping. It was even more annoying to know it would not stop, and worse still, knowing I would have to get out of bed, get the .410 out of the locked safe, get the ammunition from another locked safe, and with the gun in one hand and a torch in the other, search for the origin of the call for help.
    Where was ‘the husband’ I hear you ask? Only an earthquake would get him out of bed on a cold night, and being slightly deaf, he didn’t find the yapping so annoying.
    As the cat fell dead from the tree, Judy would wildly give it a ‘coup de grace’ and I could see her smile of satisfaction as I told her what a clever dog she was. She’ killed 23 cats this way, in a 12 month period and many more over the years. Sadly she died from a snake bite, but thankfully left a son who had the same attributes, (along with fox killing)
    Being a male, we did not allow Billy to roam free at night, but sometimes we would forget to tie him up and on many of these occasions he would find and tree a cat. He also found quite a few during daylight hours, so the feral cat population was kept down.
    Early one morning I left him off and he raced down to the river flat and a few minutes later he started yapping. I drove down to see the problem and when I saw him at the base of a huge red gum the trunk too smooth for a cat to climb, I presumed it was a possum he had found. Imagine my surprise to see a koala!! I was just so excited. Couldn’t wait for the grandchildren to wake and ‘come and see’. I took a movie, but the koala was nicely settled on a leafy branch so it was difficult to get a good photo.
    Worried that there were no Manna gums in Kongolia for the animal to eat I phoned the zoo, but was told that koalas can eat any eucalyptus.
    Sadly one week later, not long after dispatching his last cat, Billy had to be ‘put down’ when his hip became displaced, and an Xray found he had bone cancer. (January 2006)
    Further dog members of our family have failed to carry on the tradition.
    One presumes the feral cat population is now on the increase, and the koala could still be living in the area. Now and then I glance up into the trees, but we need a ‘sniffer in residence.


  25. Sadly I think the only way Warren would successfully run for President is if Hillary Clinton doesn’t. Clinton seems to have much more popularity with the US Electorate.

    I hope Elizabeth Warren visits Australia sometime in the next term though, and do a morale boosting speech for Labor supporters or something like that.

  26. jaycee

    I thought you had “retired”


    The trip purpose was to clean up my own stuff – bank accounts, tax finalisation there (now that I’ve finally got things sorted with the ATO here), some things with the Barbican Estate Office (up until now they have been my signature before my daughter or S-I-L could even get a spare Estate key) and a whole heap of other things.

    In the end it just got easier to go and do it there than try to do them via e-mail or letter.

    My nephew and his eldest tagged along. The weather was nice as well.

  27. Just thinkin’ CTar’…there is the “percentage” to worry about…I mean, in the amount of times one does a certain thing…the more one “crosses the road”, so to speak, the more percentage risk of getting bowled over by a car!

  28. This “Barbican Estate” thing…is that a whole bunch of housing units or is it semi-detached or a terrace housing strip in London?

  29. My sister was over here from Italy just recently…and I gave it some thought of going there in the near future…but gy christ !…it is a long haul…having gone there a few times when younger, I don’t know if I am up to that long haul any more…how do you do it?

  30. Most of my siblings live in “th’ Burbs”…I don’t know how they stand it!…it’s a weird life…..I got thousands of open acres (bushland and cropping) around me here….I go to town once a month to the market and it is all cacophony and chaos!!……but I guess there’s organisation in there somewhere

  31. I had to complain to the bloke who runs Zuma’s Cafe’ the other day at the market that there was so much “white noise” that I had trouble eavesdropping on other tables conversations and I wonder if he has considered booths there?

  32. ” The Barbican’s in house band are the London Symphony Orchestra.!”….oh well…I s’pose they could turn out a little foot-tapping piece to ride the elevators by.

  33. jaycee

    The back up “in house band” do that. A bunch of amateurs calling themselves the BBC Symphony Orchestra .

  34. I had to meet this lady who had recently moved back to the burbs and either of us not being familiar with the neighbourhood, decided to meet at the only familiar landmark ; “Hungry Jacks” for a coffee and chat….weird!…I mean really weird!!…the whole joint was run by kids…none over twenty…I asked the young kid if she could serve the coffee in porcelain cups…she held up two crinkled paper containers and wriggled them saying this is what they came in…yes!..I replied, but since we are drinking them here, do they have ceramic cups?…dumfounded look…I changed the adjective…china cups?…she wriggled the paper cups again and then looked dazed to her workmates…NORMAL cups?…I tried …oh!…those!…no ..we only have these………..sigh….weird…

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