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  1. kk

    Bring Emma home … Sad but good news. I agree with you about despicable Abbott and Press. Glad Houston is an honest man.

  2. Gigilene, Janice: That Dior beret look remarkably like the VCR-tape experiment I made a few years back when we were replacing taped shows with their DVD counterparts (I do not tell my offspring how many tapes of ‘Gummi Bears’ disappeared into my creative re-purposing *evil grin*)
    I stopped using it so much because the edges of the tape are really sharp, it has an odd tendency to rust unexpectedly depending on how old the tape was, and it was like an old Ford car in that it only came in black *g*

  3. bk

    I’m being a bit insensitive but I can’t help laughing … That eyeliner and that thing on her head … It’s obvious Julie tries hard to go back in time when she was still reasonably attractive …

  4. Having now observed the hat in situ (as it were) I would suggest that the elegance of the older French woman is not quite being achieved.
    DD has just observed the same hat and wanted to know if it were made from plarn (plastic bags re-purposed as yarn) which impressed her as the FM being into recycling … *ROFL*

  5. Gigilene,
    So, that ‘thing on her head’ surely resembles a cow pat, doesn’t it? Poor Ms.Bitchop, will she ever learn that nothing stops the march of time..even bucket loads of black eyeliner and botox….

  6. janice

    It certainly does – a heifer pat, I’d say, as it is on the smallish side …. I’m trying to look for its more technical word as the Duchess wears these types of hats with more frills, of course, and more style …

  7. Good grief! What was Ms Bishop thinking? At her age black near the face is not helpful.

    Why the hat? Is there some arcane Ukrainian protocol that demands women wear berets when meeting dignitaries? Or did she just want an occasion to wear the damn thing after picking it up in New York last week? Whatever her reason she looks an absolute joke.

  8. So how many people will be needed to run the work for the dole and what the bloody hell will they be doing ? Productive work would we assume be already done by paid employees which leaves pointless unproductive make busy work.

  9. So how is one supposed to actively look for work when one is putting in a full day’s unpaid work for the dole? This is all about developing a slave class, people so desperate they will work for less than peanuts and cop abysmal work conditions just to be able to say they are employed. We all know who will benefit from this sort of forced employment, don’t we?

  10. I showed that Jbish pic to OH and asked her if she knew who it was and what her job was, OH was unable to even hazard a guess. When I told her it was our foreign minister a strange vacant look came over her face and her jaw dropped with a very loud ‘clang’ to the floor, no words needed to be spoken as she walked away shaking her head.

  11. I think I’ve worked out why the idiot and his understudy show so much concern for the tragic situation in the Ukraine…it must be because neither have any empathy for the tragic circumstances of the unemployed and destitute trying to make a living in their own nation…….it is much easier and a bigger vote winner to sympathise with the bereaved rather than show compassion to the struggling and refugees just trying to find a life.

  12. If you think about it, he has exerted ten times as much energy and press conferences AND travel for Mesma to come and go than he ever spent on saving Holden or Toyota or the renewable energy programs. I do believe he is incapable of empathy toward his fellow humans…cold and calculating…the same as Credlin and Mesma and Textor and a host of other LNP. morons.

  13. BK

    Onwards to the glorious future of a painting rocks led economic recovery.

  14. gigi

    [I for one always liked the storks nesting on chimneys in Alsace:]

    It’s the same idea – leave them a little space and they’ll amaze you with their normal antics as they earn their daily bread (and hopefully thrive).

  15. Abbott presser any minute now. What first class brain farts does he have in store. Shame Houston has blown all his talk of sending in armed forces crap out of the water.

  16. Can’t have these Cocos Island people see what’s going on

    Map RSS
    157 asylum seekers at Cocos Islands ahead of transfer to mainland

    Posted 3 minutes ago

    A group of 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers has been offloaded at Cocos Islands ahead of a transfer to the Australian mainland later this evening. The group of men, women and children left in a boat from India and spent nearly a month in legal limbo on board the Customs ship after being intercepted by Australian authorities.

    Locals on the Cocos Islands, off the coast of WA, have told the ABC the first groups of people were taken off Customs vessel Ocean Protector and brought to the islands airport early this morning.

    Sources on the island say extra visual barriers were put in place around the airport and locals were kept at distance.


  17. Sensitive Tony whilst speaking of “grieving families” manages to slip in needing to recover “body parts and remains”.

    😀 Rambo Tony announces “unarmed” three times . What a shame Houston blew his macho “armed” brainfart out of the water. Double larf. AFP guy just said they will be unarmed and that is something he has wanted from the very start.

  18. At last – we get an admission that the Dutch are leading the mission, not Australia. Australia is very much the minor partner in this. The Dutch have been leading the negotiations with the Ukrainian goernment too, Mesma is just a by-stander in a silly hat.

    And everyone will be unarmed, as Houston has already said. Another slap in the face for Abbott. After all that huffing and puffing about defence personnel and the need for weapons it has all come to nothing. Abbott has not been able to get anything he wanted. Will the MSM mention that? Not on your Nelly.

    No wonder the lip-smacking is in overdrive.

    Now we need another admission – ‘bringing them home’ will take months, years maybe, because there will need to be a lot of DNA matching and forensic work. Abbott can pose all he likes, but it will be a long time before he gets to attend the arrival of the first coffin.

  19. Abbott is now running a 100 miles an hour from any suggestions the ADF has anything but the slightest part in things .

  20. The 157, including 37 children, were being treated as a national security threat.

    Just how?

  21. The 157, including 37 children, were being treated as a national security threat.

    Just how?
    Suspected of secreting betel nuts in their body cavities?

  22. This little black duck

    They are a grave threat to the security of Herr Scrottenfuhrer’s bum remaining on the ministerial seat.

  23. http://www.goodfruitandvegetables.com.au/news/magazine/agripolitics/general/leyonhjelm-eases-on-ag-levies/2706289.aspx?storypage=0





  24. One for the Good Grief file.

    The Times of Israel @TimesofIsrael
    Owl hurt by Hamas fire recovering http://dlvr.it/6QdMrn

    8:31 PM – 25 Jul 2014

    Owl hurt by Hamas fire recovering
    Kibbutz member brings bird to Ramat Gan Safari after it was hit by shrapnel
    The Times of Israel @TimesofIsrael

    21 Retweets 10 favorites

  25. I wonder whether the prime idiot will have the grace to thank those Russian villagers for their efforts to collect and preserve some of the personal items of the victims of MH17, as well as those who helped in the grisley business of collecting bodies…especially after all his accusations of looting etc.

  26. The Malaysian PM increases his lead to make it “Things Achieved ” Najib Razak 10 vs Tony Abbott Nil.

    Malaysia has secured an agreement with Ukrainian separatists, who control the area around the MH17 crash site, to allow a group of international police personnel to enter the area in order to provide protection for international crash investigators.
    Pursuant to the earlier agreement between Prime Minister Najib Razak and Alexander Borodai, leader of the separatist forces, Mr Borodai today agreed to allow a deployment of international police personnel to enter the crash site.

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