Fateful Friday Evening Raffle

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This is the week when PM Blood Oaf achieved his nirvana – the repeal of that naughty price on carbon, thereby sending Australia hurtling back to the ’50s – the 1250s.

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Science is on the outer,

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as is any pretence of a responsible approach to the economy.

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The Israelis and Palestinians are at each others’ throats again,

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and Malaysia Airlines is almost certainly heading into oblivion with the destruction of flight MH17 over Ukraine:

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However, none of this will bother the stupid, (mostly) old, (mostly) men in the top 0.01% – and their wannabes – because do you know what? Immense wealth makes one immune from little glitches like a rapidly warming earth, and a global population that won’t sit idly back and drown and starve …

Eh bien, enough misery from me. Have a pleasant Friday evening, and if you are in the southern parts of Australia keep warm!

360 thoughts on “Fateful Friday Evening Raffle

  1. At an election, the current swing of 19.3% against the LNP would wipe out around 50 of their seats.

  2. Bloody hell , the margin keeps on creeping higher as voting continues. How sad. A sing for the LNP candidate.

  3. If Labor does end up winning government at the state election, they should be very careful not to lose the trust of the electorate if it doesn’t want to end up the same way in 2018. Queensland would then have proven that it is prepared to throw out even first term governments with massive majorities.

  4. Courtesy Anthony Green

    So Stafford now holds the record as the biggest by-election swing since the current Electoral Act came into force in 1992.

  5. Kirsdarke,

    IF Labor wins in Queensland this year, one of their first bits of legislation must be repealing optional preferential voting.

    That, and restoring the independence of their anti-corruption body.

  6. Also courtesy Anthony Green

    Bob Anderson LNP 5732 37.0 -20.1
    Anthony Lynham ALP 9779 63.0 +20.1

  7. Fiona

    After this result they may be tempted to think optional preferential isn’t too bad. Hope not though.

  8. I’d say restoring the upper house might be a good idea too. At least to put a leash on the lower house just in case a bunch of extremist fanatical thugs takes it over again.

    Although it needs a referendum for that, so it’s up to the electorate to decide that.

  9. Anthony Green comment the Bananafuhrer should read.

    19:22 – Swing is still at 19.8% at the moment. On a side note, and perhaps an important one, Campbell Newman’s margin next door in Ashgrove is 5.7%

  10. Here’s a funny thought, if Newman loses his seat and the LNP loses government, will he still stay on as opposition leader and give instructions to the remaining LNP like he did last time?

  11. Kirsdarke,

    I haven’t checked the Queensland Constitution, but I have a suspicion it’s not entrenched like the Commonwealth Constitution. If I’m correct, all they need is a majority (well, perhaps an absolute majority) and they can do what they like.

  12. If only I could be confident a journo will ask the traditional post by-election question of Abbott re if the by-election has any federal implications. Of course there will be the traditional denial but I am sure the look on his face when asked and answering would be worth the admission fee.

  13. There is an old Chinese saying..: “Beware the anger of a patient man”…I’d say the silent but intense anger of being conned by Newman and co. is being acted out in this election…may it continue apace for the next couple of years.

  14. Kaffeeklatscher,

    If Bridie Jabour were at the press conference, she’d ask it. Tweet her, perhaps?

  15. Bridie must have no love for Tone after his pathetic condescension.

  16. I visited Glenrowan today, and was intrigued by the display of the early handmade inplements, including a couple of fine woodplanes for shaving wood. My Mum said the reason the Kelly gang couldn’t be caught on horseback was that they were mounted on thoroughbreds. The story she heard was that they would steal any thoroughbred they could get their hands on, including the troopers’ horses.

  17. http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/explore/about-us/parliament-overview/queensland-constitution

    “Changes to the Queensland Constitution

    Alterations to Queensland’s Constitution can, in the majority of cases, be effected by the Queensland Parliament via the passage of legislation. However, several Queensland constitutional Acts contain “entrenched sections” which, as with the Australian Constitution, require a referendum as well as legislative amendment before changes can be made. These sections include the re–establishment of the Legislative Council, alterations to the three year parliamentary term, the Legislative Assembly’s status and the Office of Governor. In fact, a double entrenchment also applies because the referendum section which provides for the previous requirements cannot be altered unless first being approved by a referendum. Because of this “double entrenchment” these provisions remain in their original legislation and have not been legally incorporated into the Constitution of Queensland 2001 – although reference is made to them in the 2001 statute.”

    This is why they still have 3 year terms, when other State parliaments voted themsleves four year terms ages ago. Same reason Federal parliament has three years terms. Got knocked down in a referendum.

    See this 2012 article on QLD terms.

  18. Ptmd

    I worked with a guy in Canberra who has Dan Kelly’s set of Armour.

    One of his forebears was a trooper and 2-I-C in the chase.

    It’s the full set and stored in a Bank Vault.

    How the legal part of ownership on it works is doubtful.

  19. Leroy,

    Ta muchly.

    I rather like that double entrenchment. Reminds me of a constitution I once drafted for a university society.

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    I guess that’s what you’d call a good baseball batting in Stafford yesterday.
    Tax harvesting is the correct term to use.
    The $550 will be hard to see,
    Here’s some work for Brandis as the government and AS contractors argue over responsibility for compensation claims.
    This is a bit like those footy players who like to snipe and king hit behind play wanting to get rid of the multi-camera post game video reviews.
    Peter FitzSimons with some feedback from Paris.
    The best justice money can buy?
    The destruction of Gaza.
    Bob Ellis – the three worst things the Liberals did yesterday.

  21. BK

    FitzSimons on the money.

    It’s not comfortable to be Australian in Europe at the moment.

    The universal opinion is to be asked ‘WTF’ on climate change and immigration.

    Abbott simply a vandal.

  22. Pete FitzSimons from yesterday, on this miserable government taking away a lousy $175,000 from the Pararoos.

    Your government can find $30 million to help Manly and the Broncos, both of which are self-sustaining businesses, but you cannot find $175K to help a bunch of crazy braves whose only business is to help themselves and inspire a younger generation? In just the past three years, governments have found $50 million for AFL and NRL respectively, while the NSW government coughed up $150 million for bloody Randwick racecourse , ALL of which are businesses unto themselves! But, $175K to proud Australian representatives playing soccer with disabilities, and the answer is, “No, get nicked.”?


    Might I just add one little thing – the Brisbane Broncos is 68% owned by Newscorp Australia and the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles are based in Abbott’s own electorate. Neither club needs government funding. These gofts are blatant debt repayment and pork barrelling, nothing more.

  23. CTar1

    Just as some Americans claim to be Canadians when overseas Australian’s may find claiming kiwidom becoming an attractive proposition..

  24. You know…and I’m not admitting nor speculating…but I think many of you on this site would have to agree…: There’s nothing quite like sex and a breakfast of bacon and eggs on a chilly Sund’y morn!

  25. 10 minutes into the interview, Fran is still asking about Russia and MH17 and the PM is still sounding articulate – he thrives on disaster

  26. Insiders should be axed. Aunty ought to be hauled over the coals for having the hide to inflict us with that moron Gerard Hendersen – not that Ms.Taylor and Phil Coorey could be looked upon as the cream of Australian journalism.

  27. Billie,
    I guess one could say the abbott ‘thrives on disaster’ but like a noxious weed in the garden. He is good at threats and mouthing endless rhetoric that means nothing and will come to nothing. He is the Prime Idiot and should be treated like the noxious weed that he is.

  28. Watching the idiot being interviewed by Fran would be like watching a guilt-ridden nun, on her knees before a statue of the Virgin Mary, fumbling with her rosary beads and racing through dozens of Ave Marias with foam-flecked lips!

  29. Not quite, Jaycee. The abbott reminds me of neighbour’s bull, a big strapping Friesian boy who bellows and roars and threatens our little Square Meater Uber bull. It was really highly amusing one day when our little fellow walked through the fence to take on this big fat foul-mouthed opponent which, when Uber marched purposefully towards him, turned tail and took off across the paddock with Uber gathering speed behind him.

  30. Abbott demanding openness and honesty from russia, but maintains silence on the australian prison ship #insiders— Le voyageur (@P4217) July 19, 2014

    And not only silence about the prison ship but also about the human rights abuses we are inflicting on those incarcerated on Nauru and Manus Island.How many months is it now since Reza Barati was murdered? Too many. The government knows who committed that crime but no arrest has been made. Why not?

    Therer’s more silence ftom this government.

    I didn’t notice Abbott making a speech in parliament about the rising death toll in Gaza. I haven’t noticed Julie Bishop demanding the UNSC take immediate action to bring the Gaza conflict and atrocities to an end. All we have on that issue is the odd, inane ‘both sides are to blame’ type of comment from the government. More people have died in Gaza in the last few weeks than died in the MH17 disaster, but our government chooses to ignore it all.

    Why hasn’t Joe Hockey said a word or wept a few crocodile tears (he seems to be able to turn on the waterworks at will) over the deaths of four innocent Palestinian kids playing on a beach? Joe is of Palestinian descent. Those kids could have been his distant cousins. You’d think he might have a few kind words to say, but….crickets.

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