Folderol Friday Evening Raffle

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In prospect, the week looked grim, but Mr Clive Palmer MP and his merry PUPS and their little friend in the Senate flicked the switch to high, roaring farce on Wednesday and Thursday.

(Image Credit: Mike Bowers, Guardian Australia))

In contrast to their smirks, mops, mows, and unfortunate crotch-shots early in the week (I can’t possibly resist …)

members of the Coalition are now looking decidedly grim.

(Image Credit: Mike Bowers, Guardian Australia))

Senator Jacqui Lambie tells it as she sees it (you’d better watch out, Erica):

So, for me at least, the week is ending a bit more hopefully than I expected.

Time, then, for a Friday evening of gentle merriment, raising of glasses (but not of legs), and patting each other on the back for having made it thus far without falling into despair.

Order your raffle numbers from Mr CK Watt (sorry, Catalyst – no luck last week), relax, and enjoy!

(I can’t help wondering whether something like this is going on in the Coalition party room …)

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533 thoughts on “Folderol Friday Evening Raffle

  1. Even more amusing, government MPs are lining up to do what they did in opposition, going on about individuals who complained about CT harming their businesses. They’re not holding up electricity bills as they used to (well, they couldn’t do that, could they?) so it’s all anecdotal. Smart move… before the CT is introduced and you can prey on people’s fears. Not much point to it now.

    John Alexander just did a terrific job demonstrating he can read something out loud that somebody else wrote for him. He managed to look up from his bit of paper about three times.

  2. This guy’s comparing Labor MPs to human shields protecting CT. A bit distasteful, I would have thought. He’s now on about his local dry cleaner not using the machines after 2pm because of…. the Carbon Tax!

  3. Happy birthday Fiona ! The 38th anniversary of your 21st ! I’m an old 55er myself [September]

  4. Scorps

    Lleyton Hewitt still has some top level tennis in him.

    Yep. A turkey and then some but still has the drive to compete with an attitude that makes very long come backs always possible.

    I doubt that any of the top ten still don’t think ‘F$ck, He’s on my side of the draw’.

    He’ll play on in veterans as long as he can stand up.

  5. Happy Birthday Fiona.
    I will meet you tonight in the secret cellar for suitable celebratory libations.

  6. i have on ABCnews24 with the HoRs. Pyne’s speech and the reply by ? was showed in full, but when Albo was on, Lyndal Curtis would not shut up, so I pulled up APH for their live stream and muted Lyndal having her hormone-rush talking about whatever it was from Abbott that gives her a warn glow. botch.

  7. As boring as boiled rice – and as useless. Boiled rice dosn’t do much for you, it’s just white stuff that fills up space, empty calories. Pretty much the same as Grunt – a thing that fills up a vacant space. Or just a vacant space himself.

  8. I’m aware that Abbott constantly repeats himself. Just find it a bit strange that he’s said 3 times: “If they [Labor] win the next election.” Seem to lack confidence today, Abbott.

  9. If Labor wins the next election:

    – We’ll all be better off
    – The Libs can have the indignity of being the first government turfed out in 1 term since Scullin
    – Abbott will be rightly blamed by all for being a crap PM
    – The Liberal party will really be in chaos.

    It was all supposed to be so easy, the Howard government was voted out by mistake, according to them, so all they needed was to wait and return to be the natural party of government. Abbott turned the party into a nest of monsters and for what? 3 short years of watching their agenda get smashed in a noncompliant senate and their brand trashed by an electorate trained by them to be unforgiving and perpetually angry.

  10. leone2
    I would put money on it. Abbot and his motley crew are that vindictive.

  11. Well..the Chinese have got Bishop all worked out!….a fool , eh?…no suprises there!….a fool with bling!

  12. Katherine Murphy has just proved right everything Andrew Elder said about Australian journalists – ill-informed, lazy, ignorant and the rest, by tweeting this bit of stupidity.

    One of Bill Shorten's finest speeches since becoming LOTO, in my view, begging the question – where has he been these last several months?— Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo) July 14, 2014

    The stupid woman is supposed to report on what our politicians are doing every day but she can’t be bothered. Making up crap is not ‘journalism’.

  13. Happy birthday, Fiona.

    Just shows how prepared this Govt is to support Australian manufacturing and jobs. It is a bloody disgrace that an Australian Government would award a contract off shore rather than to a manufacturer who has kept our troops well shod through two world wars.

  14. It’s the ‘R’ word:
    Policy myopia angles Australia towards recession

    Australia’s Great Recession will come though, and it will likely be one of our worst. A legacy of the decisions policymakers have taken today, as they mindlessly mimic their global peers. It need not be this way, but our policymakers seem unable to dissociate themselves from global policy trends and calibrate macro settings more appropriately for our actual economic circumstances.

  15. Happy birthday, Fiona, and many more to enjoy in the future.

    I have just returned home from Bastille Day function at the French Embassy. Met, and spoke briefly to Tim Mathieson (no Julia) who seems like a nice bloke. Was spoken to by Senator Zed Seseljar who is so up himself he is in danger of turning inside out. What a prick! Tim Fisher was also there but I didn’t speak to him, he looks like he is 100 years old.

  16. I suppose you have all heard about the Great Wazza Mundine Scandal –

    Australian government’s top Aboriginal advisor involved in contentious mining deal

    First principles owed to our first people

    Hanging out with the Henderson family has done wonders for Wazza, he’s now as corrupt as the best(?) members of the Liberal Party.

  17. Listening to the start of Bill Shorten’s speech @ about 1:30 mark: “we wrested away from the nation an election they were entitled to have”. Am I correct in hearing that as ‘we should have backed Julia to take us to an election, instead of caving in to Rudd’ ?

  18. Brian,
    Ducky (again),
    Gravel, Political Animal,
    Left right out,
    Puffy (see you in the Secret Cellar later),
    Jaycee (a couple of glasses, but gotta be up early tomorrow),
    CK Watt,
    Kambah Mick, and

    Thank you – all of you – so very much.

    Me mum and I are having dinner with a friend at the Grand Hotel, but it’s almost a nursery tea, so I will be back by mid evening.

    Loves ya all.

  19. Fiona

    gigilene will be impressed that you managed to arrange to be born on Bastille Day.

  20. Kaffeeklatscher,

    I was due on 4th July, but me mum doesn’t like America so she held on.

    Me dad was also a Bastille Day babe.

  21. What has the party of Menzies become? Nothing more than a feckless,valueless,see-through parody of a wavering crop of dumb politicians. Climate policy-an international embarrassment . Economic policy – too many leaners,so let’s get them. Foreign policy – whatever you want Uncle Sam. Refugees – not ” necessarily ” like peodaphiles, but they could be terrorists so we will hijack them on the high seas.

  22. Talking of birthdays (and growing old!) I would dearly love to know what Miss Witchety has discovered to enable her to back peddle to youth. Six months ago she looked every day of her 15 years before suddenly getting a new lease on life. She is now running around like a two year old, eating me out of house and home and looking younger every day.

  23. Gigilene,
    Whatever she’s found, I want some! Yesterday, No.1 son was watching her and he said, “Mum, that dog will outlive all of us”!

  24. socksfullofsand

    I heard it as Labor should have gone to a double dissolution back in 2009 on the original CP, but I could be wrong.

  25. I just got this from Bill Shorten
    “Today I spoke in the Australian Parliament on the need for real action on climate change – watch it here.

    There is no doubt that our earth is warming and our seas rising – or that humankind is the cause.

    And if we do not act, the consequences will be severe.

    Governments of the world, both progressive and conservative, are making their choice clear.

    Today, 39 national and 23 sub-national jurisdictions have implemented or are on track to implement carbon pricing instruments, including emissions trading schemes.

    But the Abbott Government’s staggering display of blustering arrogance and craven incompetence in the Senate has made one thing abundantly clear.

    Only one political party in Australia has a serious, substantial and credible climate change policy – the Australian Labor Party.

    Labor believes the science and will continue to fight for real action on climate change – for an emissions trading scheme.

    It is the policy we took to the last election, and it is what our amendments moved again in the Parliament today will deliver.

    Inaction will be a disaster for the Australian economy and our environment.

    It will be a disaster that guarantees Tony Abbott will be remembered forever for his environmental vandalism.


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