Folderol Friday Evening Raffle

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In prospect, the week looked grim, but Mr Clive Palmer MP and his merry PUPS and their little friend in the Senate flicked the switch to high, roaring farce on Wednesday and Thursday.

(Image Credit: Mike Bowers, Guardian Australia))

In contrast to their smirks, mops, mows, and unfortunate crotch-shots early in the week (I can’t possibly resist …)

members of the Coalition are now looking decidedly grim.

(Image Credit: Mike Bowers, Guardian Australia))

Senator Jacqui Lambie tells it as she sees it (you’d better watch out, Erica):

So, for me at least, the week is ending a bit more hopefully than I expected.

Time, then, for a Friday evening of gentle merriment, raising of glasses (but not of legs), and patting each other on the back for having made it thus far without falling into despair.

Order your raffle numbers from Mr CK Watt (sorry, Catalyst – no luck last week), relax, and enjoy!

(I can’t help wondering whether something like this is going on in the Coalition party room …)

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533 thoughts on “Folderol Friday Evening Raffle

  1. The party founded by Menzies has always been after short sighted profit – think PIG IRON BOB and has controlled the population through fear
    – red under the beds
    – domino theory
    – weapons of mass destruction
    – al Quaeda you know the Taliban (even though they were spawned by the CIA)

    when you want nation building think Labor
    – repatriation scenes that provided university education to returned diggers
    – soldier settlements on viable land
    – snowy mountains scheme
    – mass european migration
    – full employment
    – medibank/medicare
    – free university
    – MMRT
    – Carbon tax –> ETS
    – renewable energy

  2. Fiona
    Can we trust you to behave yourself during the birthday celebrations? Have a good one!

  3. Have to agree with you , Leone, on Murphy….I also think The Guardian has lost a bit of “bite” since the Viner woman left for the States….and neither Taylor nor Murphy seem to have the oomph! to lift the pages…i thought some of the younger/ fresher writers there were/are good , but with those two leftovers from the worst years of Fairfax, it is becoming a tad “tired” and cautious for a “lefty” blog!…Both Murphy and Taylor write as if they are from a “Ladies Finishing School” debating team!….: “Keep it polite lahdies…” You’d think after last weeks high farce with the LNP., they’d be in for the journalistic kill…but I suppose all those years of lazy journo-ing for the bludger MSM. have made them slack and lazy!…like The Duck says..: bring back Gabrielle Chan I say !….

  4. The carbon tax repeal bill has passed the reps. But will it get past the senate?


  5. jaycee
    I agree – we want Gabrielle Chan! Ms Murphy should think about an early retirement.

    The Guardian, though , is doing excellent work on asylum seekers. Oliver Laughland is doing very good work.


  7. Ok, there’s this:

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes 44m

    #Morgan Poll Primary Votes: L/NP 34 (-1) ALP 38.5 (+2) GRN 11.5 (-0.5) PUP 7.5 (+0.5) #auspol

    But then there’s this:

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes 45m

    #Morgan Poll 2 Party Preferred: L/NP 43.5 (+1) ALP 56.5 (-1) #auspol

    Can anyone explain how a shift towards the ALP and away from the L/NP on primaries, can translate to a shift away from the ALP and toward the L/NP on 2PP? It doesn’t make any sense to me.


  9. Jaycee,
    My opinion of both Murphy and Taylor is that neither of them possess an ounce of guts – they always bend with the wind. Watching them on panels etc, I notice they never ever forcefully disagree with their peers even though their written articles often do. They are just a pair of second rate journalists who are not prepared to stand up and defend their own opinions ( should they have an opinion of their own).

  10. From William over the road…

    ” This fortnight’s Morgan result, combining its last two weekends of face-to-face and SMS polling, has the Coalition losing further ground with a one point drop on the primary vote to 34% and a two point increase for Labor to 38.5%, while the Greens and Palmer United are respectively down and up half a point, to 11.5% and 7.5%. Using preference flows from the previous election, Labor’s lead is up from 54.5-45.5 to 56-44. However, the Coalition gains slightly on respondent-allocated two-party preferred, on which it now trails 56.5-43.5 rather than 57.5-42.5, ”

    This means that more people are nominating the ALP first, and by using the preference flow from the last election the TPP for the ALP is up. However in this poll for whatever reason ((just that sample) there was a drop in minor party voters nominating over the phone the ALP as their second pref ahead of the L/NP. Roy Morgan uses respondent allocated prefs for their headline figures, unlike Newspoll / Nielsen (except the last Vic poll) / Essential / Reachtel / Galaxy who all use last election preferences. This is why you have to treat Roy Morgan headline results vs other polls with great care – its not apples vs apples, its apples vs oranges. Also, their face-to-face / SMS polls sometimes throws up odd results, out of line with both phone & online panel polls. Its a bit less reliable.

    Pretty sure I have to explain Roy Morgan figures to someone on twitter nearly every fortnight, but its a lost cause. People just see the headline & that’s all.

  11. Oh yes!…I hear the MSM. referring to last weeks destroying of the LNP. fantasy in the senate as ; “the chaos of the senate”…not the chaos of the LNP. !

  12. This will be interesting – Ms Jolie is not just a pretty face, there will be quite a media swarm following her. The truth about conditions on Nauru might be revealed to the world. I wonder if Ms Jolie would like to visit Manus Island as well?

    Angelina Jolie accepts invitation to visit Nauru, Scott Morrison denies concern over trip

    And – also on asylum seekers. This appeared on my Facebook page yesterday, in among the photos of my great-nephew’s baptism, my brand new grand-daughter and other happy family stuff, which makes this all the more heartbreaking. What have we become? Scrott must be so proud of himself.

    Hello everyone. I have a story to tell you about my friends daughter. She lost her mother when she was only 3 years old she died while on duty as a Doctor.

    This 8 year old girl is alone in Nauru detention centre without any family to look after her. The father has been living in Sydney without her for 2 years, fretting for her not being able to sleep with worry for her. His daughter had suffered a lot at the detention centre, slapped by a security guard, touched inappropriately by other refugees. Missing out on school for 3 years and not being able to enjoy being a kid.

    She doesn’t get much water and lives in a tent where the weather is very humid. She had an accident where she fell down and blacked out. She had to be resuscitated. She only gets to speak with her father every 2 weeks. She needs a family to look after her.

    The refugees were told they could go back to their relative countries, but she can’t go to Baghdad due to the war over there. Also her father is in Sydney waiting and hoping to be reunited with her. He has lodged an appeal with human rights and is awaiting their decision.

    Can anyone offer any advice???

  13. As delicious as those UMR Research seat poll results are, they seem pretty optimistic. I’d have to see those results backed up for me to believe that the L/NP would lose seats like Gippsland. Sturt, however, is so pleasant to think about being a Labor gain that I’ll take that.

  14. Kirsdarke,
    With that Gippsland result they probably oversampled the Latrobe Valley, although if they did that it would tend to back up the view that the Nats are in big trouble in the state seat of Morwell. Labor’s hope of taking the federal seat more or less disappeared when McGauran retired.

  15. Also did you look at the individual MP’s approval ratings in that poll?

  16. Sitting in the departure lounge in Alice Springs around 12:30 I caught the end of Grunt’s pathetic effort and about five minutes of Bill’s speech. Excellent stuff!

  17. Saw P Ruddock at Canberra Airport. Looked a bit like Uncle Fester

  18. It appears that Abbott has claimed a real victim. Looks like he may be able to lay some sort of claim now to breaking all ten commandments.

  19. Killer Kowalski was a nice bloke. Bears no resemblance whatsoever to Tony “Killer” Abbott. His God will judge him. And the other God bothering animal, Morrison…

  20. Roy,

    Bit of a hero of mine, on RADIO, would you believe!

    I was thinking more of the pictorial similarity from his later years and the “wanna fight?” pose.

  21. Razz, BK, & Leroy,

    Many thanks – and of course you can trust moi to behave, BK!

    I’ve just returned from an excellent dinner where me mum, my friend and I discussed (respectively) duck, rabbit, and venison, and (jointly) a bottle of Brothers in Arms 2008 Shiraz. Feeling slightly mellow, and will be off to bed soon as I have (yet another) early start tomorrow.

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