Folderol Friday Evening Raffle

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons))

In prospect, the week looked grim, but Mr Clive Palmer MP and his merry PUPS and their little friend in the Senate flicked the switch to high, roaring farce on Wednesday and Thursday.

(Image Credit: Mike Bowers, Guardian Australia))

In contrast to their smirks, mops, mows, and unfortunate crotch-shots early in the week (I can’t possibly resist …)

members of the Coalition are now looking decidedly grim.

(Image Credit: Mike Bowers, Guardian Australia))

Senator Jacqui Lambie tells it as she sees it (you’d better watch out, Erica):

So, for me at least, the week is ending a bit more hopefully than I expected.

Time, then, for a Friday evening of gentle merriment, raising of glasses (but not of legs), and patting each other on the back for having made it thus far without falling into despair.

Order your raffle numbers from Mr CK Watt (sorry, Catalyst – no luck last week), relax, and enjoy!

(I can’t help wondering whether something like this is going on in the Coalition party room …)

(Image Credit: First Folio Theatre))


533 thoughts on “Folderol Friday Evening Raffle

  1. Killer Kowalski was a nice bloke. Bears no resemblance whatsoever to Tony “Killer” Abbott. His God will judge him. And the other God bothering animal, Morrison…

  2. Roy,

    Bit of a hero of mine, on RADIO, would you believe!

    I was thinking more of the pictorial similarity from his later years and the “wanna fight?” pose.

  3. Razz, BK, & Leroy,

    Many thanks – and of course you can trust moi to behave, BK!

    I’ve just returned from an excellent dinner where me mum, my friend and I discussed (respectively) duck, rabbit, and venison, and (jointly) a bottle of Brothers in Arms 2008 Shiraz. Feeling slightly mellow, and will be off to bed soon as I have (yet another) early start tomorrow.

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