First Dog On The Moon’s Border Forceful Friday Night Raffle

(Image Credit: First Dog on the Moon at The Guardian))


Demonising “others” – how many are we up to now? – first they came for the asylum seekers, then the sick, then the poor, then the disability pensioners, then the under-30s unemployed, then the old age pensioners, then the government school kids.

Making the government the plaything of the big corporates, so the 0.1% can have 99.9% of the wealth, and the rest of us will just have to put up with it.

Militarising as many aspects of our lives as possible: the green army (yeah, that’ll work alright) … and now, for dog’s sake …

Border Force

Dunno about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure I know the right “F” word for this.

Therefore, to get us all into the spirit of our new Reich, pull on your

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and let’s party like it’s

(Image Credit: Songbook))

Herr CK Watt will provide you with your numbers. The bar staff will serve drinks. The orchestra is tuning up, and the lights are low …

Don’t forget to click your heels and salute.

(Image Credit: Mullock’s)

364 thoughts on “First Dog On The Moon’s Border Forceful Friday Night Raffle

  1. And here he is!

    First thing you need to do is get a picture though. Anything, doesn’t have to be you. The default egg picture accounts are often spam ones or people who set & close accounts quickly to troll others.

  2. Be warned, Gorgeous Dunny – Twitter is addictive. Behold the sad case of Leroy Lynch – and I rest my case, me lud.

  3. Janice,

    I’m a twitter dilettante – I tend to visit only when I’m feeling a bit feisty, or when I want to find some really good, pointed pics (which I then share here, of course).

    For some it seems to be a full-time occupation, and I don’t have the desire for that, especially given its highly ephemeral nature.

  4. Fiona,
    As I said, I’m not brave enough to enter the world of Twitter but then I have no desire to do so anyway – it is easier for me to sit back and take advantage of the reports from others!

  5. Leroy,

    I can’t exactly describe a man as a shameless hussy, but if I could I would 😉

    As you are more than aware, your many and excellent links are more than welcome at The Pub.

    Besides, we’re here to help … 😀

  6. k


    A blast from the past!

    She was known about but not ‘Confirmed’. One on the ‘List’ that had many names on it and meticulously indexed by access and influence.

    Her ‘unskirting’ was done in the same way as Sir Roger Henry Hollis, KBE, CB was eventually cleared. A lot of work was done.

    Some things given away were too low level or not down to him as the Deputy Director.

    Conclusion was – The Registry guy.

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