Freezy Friday Raffle Evening

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After the mildest start to winter I can remember,

Victoria was hit by what the Bureau of Meteorology called a “weather bomb” on June 24, 2014, including destructive winds, high tides, heavy rain and blizzard conditions in the alpine region.

and snow finally began falling in the Australian Alps:

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In Canberra, Coalition ministers’ frozen hearts have been on full view

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with their continued vicious attacks on the most vulnerable people in Australia – and elsewhere – we must not forget asylum seekers, and the outrageous revision of foreign aid.

Is it “just” entitlement on their part, the “born to rule” mentality writ large?

Or is it something more? Is it possible that behind their uncaring disdain lurks fear? Are they so terrified of us that they’ll do … almost … anything to destroy us?

Well …

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and six months into what will be a long winter of discontent (geez, where’s Richard III when you want him?) we must remain strong in our friendship. There is such a thing as community – and the community of The Pub is part of our individual strength.

So let’s spend this Friday evening together, enjoying the music, the raffle, the drinks, the food – AND the friendship.

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  3. Every single girl in a class in a Swedish school was found to have gone through the female genital mutilation (FGM) procedure, a shocking new report has disclosed.

    School health services in the eastern Swedish city of Norrkoping learnt of 60 instances of the procedure being carried out since March alone. In the class where each of the girls underwent FGM, 28 were subjected to the most extreme kind of procedure, infibulation, where the labia and clitoris are completely cut off, and the genitals are sewn back together leaving a vaginal opening.

    The FGM procedure is carried out for religious, social and cultural reasons within communities and families where it is deemed a necessary step to prepare for becoming an adult and eventually marrying. In addition to the mental implications, the physical problems in the long-term can include chronic pelvic and vaginal infections, urine infections, abnormal periods, infertility and kidney failure.

  4. Opps I mismatched a tweet & link, here are the matching pairs…

    Tweet that matches that other link above re Alston

    This goes with Daniel’s earlier tweet re Pyne & Brandis

  5. Poor old Davie. Obviously not keen on the majority rules thingy.

    David Cameron took Britain closer to the exit door of the European Union last night following a tumultuous EU summit at which his fellow leaders inflicted a crushing defeat on the prime minister by nominating Jean-Claude Juncker for one of the most powerful jobs in Brussels.

    In what marked a rift in the UK’s long and troubled relationship with the continent, Cameron was left isolated as 26 of 28 countries endorsed Juncker as head of the European commission for the next five years. “This is a bad day for Europe,” said the prime minister as he voiced bitterness over the nomination of Juncker. “Of course I’m disappointed.” He described the nominee disparagingly as “the career insider of Brussels” and criticised other EU national leaders who he said had “taken different views along the way”.

  6. I can’t work out who is behind the “awesome Mutti” … Looks a bit like Kissinger but why would he be there, pulling at her skirt?

  7. gigilene

    Ask away. The friendly staff and clientele of The Pub are always ready to help.

  8. A month ago Scrott Moribund accused Bill Shorten of being in denial because he refused to concede asylum seeker boats had stopped heading for Australia.

    Who is delusional now?

    Two asylum seeker boats were last night headed for Christmas Island in a major challenge to Tony Abbott’s tough border security regime.

  9. Last time Michael Smith was dumped he blamed Julia Gillard. I wonder who he will blame this time? Fancy even Ray Hadley being offended by Smith’s comments.

  10. leonetwo

    Hadley would not be offended at all and would applaud his views. It is dog whistle theatre Stir up the “Political correctness gone mad ” demographic . Julie Bishop and Scrote Morriscum have been in QT competing as to who could say ‘Jihadi’ and ‘home grown jihadis’ the most times All singing from the same song sheet . It is all the scum have left.

  11. Leonetwo
    I think Hadley is only “offended” this time is because of the hit to the stations revenue when Jones made his “died of shame” comments. perhaps the bean counters have taken into account social media and decided it’s not worth it!

  12. Stirring up fear and loathing, all this government has. Make us hate everyone who comes from somewhere else then retain power by promising to protect us from ‘them’. It worked for Howard, for years, but Abbott forgets the voters eventually became sickened by the hate and the nastiness and voted the snivellling rodent out.

  13. Billie,

    Aaaah, maybe he was just salivating at the thought of a convo with Jonesy and Richo. Or maybe he remembered he might be on TV and therefore should, aaah, restrain himself.

    Or maybe he’s just a crass little puppet.

  14. I would not share a blanket with that man evah! who is he sharing a blanket with?

  15. Leone,

    I’m suddenly suffused by a warm glow – and I’m well and truly post-menopausal 😉

  16. Richardson should be drummed out of Labor. Here’s another shot – he looks very cosy, sitting next to The Idiot.

  17. Leone,

    If only I dared tell the tale about the callgirls, the spa bath, the testicle, and the plumber …

  18. While I’m about it, how apposite is that *Hungry Jack* ad for at least three of the “gentlemen” in the shot?

    And who is the person between The Parrot and Blood Oaf?

  19. Loved the caption underneath of flame-grilled whopper. That motley quartet have been responsible for quite a lot of whoppers. Time to try them over the flame griller.

  20. Christopher Pyne has just got himself onto Twitter.
    Have at it, people.

  21. Paddy,

    I’m not a soprano.

    I can hit a high C, even a high E, but neither note appreciates it.

  22. Fiona,
    I first heard Marilyn Richardson live at Adelaide festival with my lovely mum. Even organised a limo for her. Mum loved it.
    After that it was the soprano with the whiet streak in her hair. Both were lovely

  23. Gorgeous Dunny,

    That motley quartet have been responsible for quite a lot of whoppers.

    Such an apposite juxtaposition! Deliberate, perhaps? A bit of subversiveness happening?

    One can only hope!

  24. Dear Fiona,
    I have seen the Tallis Scholars twice in Adelaide and have been blown away by their rendition Misere, spine tingling and beautiful

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