Freezy Friday Raffle Evening

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After the mildest start to winter I can remember,

Victoria was hit by what the Bureau of Meteorology called a “weather bomb” on June 24, 2014, including destructive winds, high tides, heavy rain and blizzard conditions in the alpine region.

and snow finally began falling in the Australian Alps:

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In Canberra, Coalition ministers’ frozen hearts have been on full view

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with their continued vicious attacks on the most vulnerable people in Australia – and elsewhere – we must not forget asylum seekers, and the outrageous revision of foreign aid.

Is it “just” entitlement on their part, the “born to rule” mentality writ large?

Or is it something more? Is it possible that behind their uncaring disdain lurks fear? Are they so terrified of us that they’ll do … almost … anything to destroy us?

Well …

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and six months into what will be a long winter of discontent (geez, where’s Richard III when you want him?) we must remain strong in our friendship. There is such a thing as community – and the community of The Pub is part of our individual strength.

So let’s spend this Friday evening together, enjoying the music, the raffle, the drinks, the food – AND the friendship.

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  1. Dear Fiona,
    or any other pubkateers,
    I am trying to find a recording of a very old song from my youth.
    It was a lady singing with the lyrics of wtte: its cold and raining in LA , the city is going through an unexpected storm, its cold etc.
    can anyone help with video or audio of this song.

  2. Paddy,

    It might help if you could indicate a period of, say, 10 years that covers the time when you might have heard the song.

  3. Dear Paddy,

    Your request is for music somewhat out of my usual territory, but the timeframe will help. Thank you.

  4. kk,

    The Bobbies were a tad worried for a while.

    It’s a shad sad that that particular Hakka is always seen as an aggressive one; which it isn’t.

  5. FMD. Gusts at 95kph out on the Bay, and at 104kph in the mountains.

    If you don’t hear from me tomorrow it’s because I’ve been transported from my tower.

    Goodnight, all.

  6. It sounds like Morriscum is going to allow a boatload of asylum seekers to drown. Bastard.

    Situation normal.

  7. Goodnight Fiona. Batten down well and weave a spell around your tower to keep you safe.

  8. Morriscum will, probably, attend church on Sunday and feel like a really good Chri$tian (which is the only way I can think of describing those of his ilk).

  9. Paddy & Ms Adventure,

    I will probably sleep, and will be sure to weave those spells of safety.

    The wand is armed.

  10. OH and I just watched eps 3 & 4 of Clochemerle.

    It’s the British conversion of Gabriel Chevalier’s novel. Not only is it a brilliant conversion of the script but it is also one that does not try to imitate French speech but gives a just right soupçon of French.

  11. About that boat – it didn’t come from Indonesia, hasn’t been near the place, so those on board can’t be loaded into orange lifeboats and sent there. So much for ‘we have stopped the boats’, that announcement was just another premature ejaculation from The Idiot.


    Click to access ACTU%20Economic%20Bulletin%20-%20June%202014.pdf

  13. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Plenty of weekend reading here.

    So what’s changed?
    Cormann is on our side. So there’s nothing to worry about with FoFA and ignoring the Senate Committee recommendations.
    Michael Pascoe on how these financial planning issues go right to the top.
    MUST READ! Mike Seccombe forensically examines the role of the Murdoch media and the IPA in the Big Tobacco conspiracy.
    Peter FitzSimons. The best bit tis the last bit.
    Brandis puts up the barricades to prevent any disclosure on free speech legislation submissions. What delicious irony!
    Anne Summers – Pru Goward has “excelled” herself.
    Punishment rather than protection is behind Morriscum’s law changes.

  14. Section 2 . . .

    Big U-turn on WestConnex as they realise it just won’t work.
    Oh yes WestConnex. Remember this?
    So will Muslim or Pastafarian chaplains be allowed to buy their way in to school chaplaincy?
    So much for Abbott’s “reconsideration” of the $7 copayment.
    This is the fine, upstanding priest that Abbott went in to bat for.
    Just what they need – a youthful, forward thinking new broom!
    Lenore Taylor on how Abbott has set himself up to be hung by his own words.
    So the healthy food star ratings get up. Nice work Fiona!
    Robert Manne – the Iraqi War of the Shilling.


    Labor Senator Don Farrell farewells the cauldron of politics
    Tory Shepherd The Advertiser June 27, 2014 9:00PM

    Tory Shepherd interviews Don Farrell, who completed his term as a Labor senator on Thursday.

    Jun 28, 2014
    How Murdoch hypocrisy killed Gonski
    Mary Delahunty

    If Rupert Murdoch had put politics aside to support the education reforms he deemed urgent, Julia Gillard’s Gonski funding model might now be in place. Instead, Abbott and Pyne are restoring privilege.

  16. I wonder how Al Gore felt when he woke up on Thursday morning after his dinner with Cliev. Used? Abused? I hope so. I’m still trying to work out why Gore decided to appear with Palmer, and why he decided to lavish praise on him. I thought Gore was reasonably intelligent, but it seems not. Was he bought? Did he get paid an appearance fee? Whatever happened, he has trashed his Climate Change Warrior credentials.

    I hope Gore realises he made a big mistake, I hope he hopped on the first flight out of Australia and will claim amnesia when asked about what happened during his stay here. I hope he learns his lesson and never, ever again makes pretty speeches while standing beside a lying, scheming mining billionaire whose only aim was to further enrich himself by stopping the carbon price.

  17. The Liberal Party, not being the sharpest knives in the drawer, have chosen an interesting hash tag for their conference tweeting –

  18. HoJo just said that there is not enough support to repeal the CCFinance Corp so the govt. would ‘change’ it so it functions better (or words to that effect). I wonder if the learned billionaire has heard and has a tiny thought passed through his mind that he ought to get a hell of a lot of ‘ts’ crossed before he votes to repeal the carbon tax.


  20. Been at work lately & not following events much. I was going to ask whether Al Gore’s woken up yet but see that Leone’s already addressed this.
    As I understand what’s going on, I think Al just fell for the old trick of believing generalisations, that he was led to believe there’d be a genuine connection between scrapping carbon pricing & perpetuating an ETS plus the other bits. But it seems there ‘aint. Not good.
    Dot Parker as always is a good read on the issue.

  21. gigilene,
    Yes, I can imagine him in an intimate relationship but his partner would need to keep a firm grasp on the jewel bag !! A bit like the joke about the dentist and his patient who took out ‘insurance’ to ensure the procedure would be painless.

  22. I had reservations about Al Gore when he gave up the fight for the presidency when it was clear something dodgy happened in Florida thx to GWB’s brother. I have always “thanked” him for letting Bush loose on the world. I might be wrong and over simplifying American politics but that has been my perception since then. Was he lazy, not passionate enough – don’t know…? He’s been well and truly duped on this one!

  23. Scott Morrison would of course use perfunctonary missionary position after a long bout of praying on bended knees.

  24. I’m not quite convinced that Al Gore has been duped. Neither do I think that we should expect miracles to happen now. It is just an awkakening, imo.

    “This is a moment pregnant with opportunity in Australia to tell your leaders this matters to you,” said Mr Gore, remote in hand, slideshow at the ready. “Your activity makes a tremendous difference – don’t doubt that for a second.”V/i>

    Read more:

  25. Gigilene,
    I don’t think Al Gore was duped either. However, I would love to know exactly what he was up to! Maybe he is trying to help keep Labor’s Climate Change action from being totally destroyed by the idiot and his bunch of mongrels. Seems to me he has succeeded in stirring the pot out in voter land where it will count when the election comes around. People are talking about it again and there are a lot of voters who are very much less inclined to vote for the idiot and his party now that it has become ‘absolutely crystal clear’ that they are all a bunch of lying thugs backed by the shrivelled up newspaper mogul who pulls their strings from the USofA.

  26. Good Lord! Just what sort of country are we living in when we allow kids to be snatched off the streets and taken into detention centres? And even worse, when other terrified kids run away to avoid the same fate.

    Adelaide schoolchildren reported missing from northern suburb school after their friends were taken into immigration detention

    FEARFUL Adelaide schoolchildren have been reported missing after their friends were taken into immigration detention, sources have told The Advertiser.

    Two Vietnamese asylum seekers who were living in the community in Adelaide’s northern suburbs and attending a local high school, have been picked up and sent to a detention centre by the Immigration Department.

    It is understood that the two teenagers were in Year 10 or 11, and may have been taken to Inverbrackie or another detention centre in Western Australia after living in residential housing for more than a year.

    The Advertiser has been told that their detention resulted in up to seven frightened children — aged 8-18 and also living in the community — running away from their homes because they feared a similar fate. Sources said all the children were considered to be settled, A-grade students.

    “(Immigration Minister Scott Morrison) revoked the residence determination of two people who were in community detention,” a department spokesman said.

    Morrison has so much to answer for, but all we get is increasing arrogance. Like this.

  27. Re tibm et al

    I remember reading a comment on the grauniad that said, wtte “if you voted for these people then you are complicit in their actions (?crimes)”.

    That comment struck a chord with me and I hope that buyers remorse is striking peoples consciences like a bolt of lightening.

    This so called government makes me sick to the core I would not wish them on anyone.

    Do they not understand what these sorts of actions do to the community, it just engenders fear, hate and aggression in society and makes a perfect breeding ground for what we call jihadist types.

    Please stop now before it’s too late!!!!!!!!

  28. New evidence has emerged suggesting that Papua New Guinea’s mobile police squad may have been handed control of parts of the Manus detention centre during the February unrest that left asylum seeker Reza Barati dead.

    The new evidence, submitted to the ongoing Senate inquiry into the violence, raises more questions about statements given by senior G4S executives responsible for the centre. Earlier this month they repeatedly told the inquiry that PNG police were not invited to take command of the centre.

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