Freezy Friday Raffle Evening

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After the mildest start to winter I can remember,

Victoria was hit by what the Bureau of Meteorology called a “weather bomb” on June 24, 2014, including destructive winds, high tides, heavy rain and blizzard conditions in the alpine region.

and snow finally began falling in the Australian Alps:

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In Canberra, Coalition ministers’ frozen hearts have been on full view

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with their continued vicious attacks on the most vulnerable people in Australia – and elsewhere – we must not forget asylum seekers, and the outrageous revision of foreign aid.

Is it “just” entitlement on their part, the “born to rule” mentality writ large?

Or is it something more? Is it possible that behind their uncaring disdain lurks fear? Are they so terrified of us that they’ll do … almost … anything to destroy us?

Well …

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and six months into what will be a long winter of discontent (geez, where’s Richard III when you want him?) we must remain strong in our friendship. There is such a thing as community – and the community of The Pub is part of our individual strength.

So let’s spend this Friday evening together, enjoying the music, the raffle, the drinks, the food – AND the friendship.


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  1. socksfullofsand

    It applies to Australia as well .A couple of years back I saw an article that wrote of the reduction of wages as a share of GDP over the last 25 years or so . A back of the envelope calculation gave me each worker, before tax, would be earning about $14,000 p.a. more if the ratio from the late 1980’s had remained the same. Even a non economist like me saw how much of a boost that amount of extra discretionary spending would men to business , especially small business and hence employment.

  2. A Sunday afternoon amusement…this little moment in time from the continuing adventures of the clientele of The Seacliff Hotel….now lost to oblivium and the demon drink !

    Mick…(A character study).

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people can compress the whole spectrum of human emotions re. disgust, despair, weariness etc. into a short, sharp comment.
    “Jeesus wept!”
    Bubblehead passed his hand wearily over his eyes. Mick had just that minute walked through the bar-room doors. It had been nearly one year since Mick had crossed that same threshold, albeit at a difference pace and mood. Absent now was the fearful ; glance quickly over the shoulder and duck! Look so memorable in Bubblehead’s mind. But that one year had done little to obliterate the insidious deed committed by Mick against his (Bubblehead’s) establishment…to wit ; the negotiation to purchase the notorious “weed” in contrast to purchasing AND imbibing (copiously preferred) the amber fluid legally available over the front bar of said establishment….such insults were not to be tolerated!

    It had been nearly a year since Mick had been “BANNED FOR LIFE!” (these sentences were occasionally inflicted on regulars for misdemeanors, varying from periods of one, two and three months, to “life” for the more extreme offenders. (Mick’s insult fell solidly into the latter )and now, here he was in all his glory..indeed.. never had the patrons of the front-bar of the Seacliff Hotel seen Mick so well attired! Wolf whistles followed his every step toward where Bubblehead slouched on his bar-stool..both parties steeled themselves for the encounter.

    “Mr. Francis…” (Bubblehead’s real name) Mick began….and so ended that penitent time of denial for both parties (Bubblehead knew which side of the bar his money came from!) and Mick was welcomed back into the fold with the stern warning ; “…that if ever again…” so the excuse for another booze-up was offered and accepted by all parties concerned….another Friday night at “The Cliff”.

    Actually, Mick featured heavily in the adventures of our little group holed up there in the front bar..trouble and mishaps followed him like the faithful mutt it’s master. Mick fed disaster till it wouldn’t leave his side…but I’ll say this in his defence..: He was never daunted by any set-backs..not even after twenty eight car crashes in two years (“none of ‘em my fault!”) could depression be seen to enter his psyche..his old-man nearly went bananas..but Mick held steady to his merry way.

    He was not a big youth..a tad on the shortish side, bandy legged, round, smiling face with a shock of dazzling red hair on a forever bobbing head when he talked..which he did more than listen and the eternal ‘reefer” dangling from his fingers or his lips, sending a curl of smoke up past a wincing eye.

    At any rate, “Mick’s Glorious Return” was celebrated in a piece of doggerel and displayed in the men’s toilets for the patron’s pleasure..this verse was written “impromptu” (in the true ancient Greek tradition) by a cagey little character appropriately nick-named ; “spatchcock” …so named because of his rolling into the campfire on the beach while drunk one night….”Leave ‘im there”…old Johnny, the SP. Bookie said in disgust..” He’ll cook up a young spatchcock!”….I have a copy of that doggerel on hand and I’ll print it out just so you can “place” the sort of clientele that used to frequent that pub.

    “Mick’s Glorious Return”.

    Realising that time had come to pass,
    (notwithstanding the desire for the odd glass!)
    I thought it best to broach “The Bubble”
    And take him to task for all me troubles.
    So doffing me best suit of clothes,
    And emptying the pocket of “bong and hose”.
    I dressed myself “to the nines” and
    Waited till dark to practice me lines.
    “Now, Mr. Francis” I spoke to the mirror bold..
    “We’re both grown men..(or so I’m told)
    There’s a certain matter I would discuss,
    Concerning you an’ me and all that “grass”.
    The truth of the matter , matters none,
    Though I still maintain I’m the innocent one!
    Betrayed by fate and addicted fools
    Unable to abide to social rules.
    But after it all, here I stand,
    One year older..a changed man.
    So I come to you on equal terms
    To forgive and forget a man whose learned!”
    But as I fronted the bar-room doors,
    My courage failed me(as never before).
    I got my mate to sneak me a glass,
    To prime me for this awesome task!
    Then through the doors I stolidly bounded..
    “Gor Blimey..What’s this!?” Jack Mitchel shouted.
    Through laughs and whistles I was derided
    But courage steeled me for the task decided.
    “Mr. Francis..I spoke with quaking breath,
    (like a man speaking to warmed-up death! )
    “I come to empty me heart of it’s load,
    And, pray, spend me money in your humble abode”
    II dropped to my knees under his wrathful glare,
    (a balloon, scorched and besieged with anguished hair!)
    “I beg you forgive this wayward youth,
    That wandered from your “elixir of truth”.
    Please, let me enter your bar once more,
    An’ let me drink as I did before.
    An’ let me prove I’m a changed man,
    An’ let me for chrissake have a can!”
    “Arise, my son” his voice boomed out.
    “Arise and sup with me a stout!
    Then join your friends and have good cheer,
    An get off the “grass” and onto the beer!”
    And that was how one man learned,
    That a “banned for life” can be turned.
    It takes truth and courage and all that stuff..
    And, oh!..I might suggest ; kneepads…(in case the floor is rough!)

    I copied this tedious rhyme down to show you the sort of low wit that appealed to the patrons of that infamous hotel…But that memorable date would have soon been forgotten if not for another spectacular entertainment that occurred later that same evening…to wit..: The torching of the notorious “Astoria Apartments” over the road from the Seacliff Hotel….But more of that some other time ..if you desire.

  3. A little cold in Canberra earlier. Snow line low.

    OH wanted to take some photo’s of children in the snow (Green garbage bag ‘slide down the hill’ until supply exhausted.) They do 20 minutes before deciding ‘home’ would be a good place to be.

    So early morning ‘out’ me driving. Nephew with OH and children following in the Diesel Prado..

    At the ‘Snow’ line Nephew and I divide between us some liquid from a hip-flask (from a place a little north of England). So driving home not permitted …

    Driving home – Nephews wife agrees with OH that once we’re on a good road surface all is good and no convey required..

    OH obliges. Still raining a bit, and road wet.

    She hits the ‘ESP’ button to off and slides the E-500 all the way home.

    Another $500 of tires gone.

  4. leonetwo

    No wonder Tones made such a fuss, pre election , that he would repeal the laws within 6 months of being elected. Well done on JG et al for placing that poison pill in the legislation.

  5. “She hits the ‘ESP’ button to off ”
    Extrasensory perception . Lordy those cars are high tech 🙂

  6. I hope all those Libs doing the group hug of repeal of the carbon price keep that photo so that they can show it to their grandchildren.The kids will be so proud.

  7. If Abbott can’t get his repeal through the senate by 17 July then it’s not likely it will pass before 1 September. Should that happen things will get very, very messy and very expensive for the government. No wonder Abetz is threatening extra sittings. Even extra sittings have to be voted on and they are likely to be blocked. We are in for senate fun and games. Little carbon price time bombs everywhere that the government didn’t notice, quietly ticking away………

    The significance of the September 1 date is that from then, the companies liable under the carbon price have the ability to start selling back their free carbon units to the regulator and the legislation provides that the regulator must buy them. This raises the prospect of windfall profits for these companies (and a budget hole for the government) once the carbon price is actually repealed, particularly if the repeal is still intended to take effect on July 1

  8. Great news to hear that Carbon Reduction is enshrined in law

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

  9. Jaycee,
    I tried to go past the Astoria apartments that fateful Friday night, but was stopped by rozzers and firies who said no can go. My companion was a fellow scout leader from the Marino Sea Scouts and I was dropping him home as he lived on the Esplanade between the pub and the yacht club.
    I had to go down the side street and drop at the stairs that went down to the yacht club car park.
    Big night at the Cliff.
    BTW did they ever find the cause of the blaze?

  10. Evening all. Just a quick question. I was asked this arvo if there is a website where we can find out who voted for what in both the lower and upper houses. My first thought was Hansard.

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