Fairy Bread Friday Night Raffle

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In honour of the two millionth – let me repeat that – the two millionth – view of The Pub, today has been proclaimed Fairy Bread Friday.

As you can see, Gravel has come good with the food. The only question is, what best to drink?

Ooooh, I know ….

(Image Credit: Dietician Online))

… but please help moi keep an eye on Ducky and Jaycee – we all know what they’re like when they get stuck into the red.

Also in honour of the magnificent support of Mrs Bushfire Bill (and Mr Bushfire Bill, of course), each denizen of The Pub is hereby awarded a

I think The Pub’s Rafflemaster Extraordinary, Mr CK Watt, is ready to rock and roll, so get your numbers ready, have some fairy bread and red cordial, and take your partners for

not to mention any other party games that occur to us during the evening.

And please don’t forget …

159 thoughts on “Fairy Bread Friday Night Raffle

  1. Fiona
    June 20, 2014 at 9:55 PM
    CK Watt,

    It’s high time you learned how to lie about your age.

    Why would I lie about being 21 and a bit???????

  2. Socks,
    Looks like my only problem is gin – and I only drink that (with tonic) when the weather is hot.

    So, here’s hoping!

  3. World Cup 2014: England have got everything right – apart from the football


  4. I may stay up for the Costa Rica v Italy game (2 Ack Emma, Canberra). CR only needs a draw to boot the Poms from the comp.

  5. I found a record of my mum’s great uncle or is it grand uncle? her grand-mother’s brother who was KIA in France in ww1 and is buried in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleurbaix
    a bit of a sad/interesting find. poor blighter was 23 and never lasted six months before he copped it. A good bit of Aussie manhood wasted. He probably would have had four or five kids like his siblings if he had stayed home.

  6. My evening as been interesting, trying to help OH’s sister in South Africa set up her new windows 8 computer.

    As I am a win 8 virgin I have had to google a lot but we managed a few things using telephone, skype and team viewer. Does anyone here use win 8?? Of to bed soon I’ll check back tomorrow, night all.

  7. Puffy,

    The Poms do not play attractive football. Give me the Latins any day.

    A bit like Baroque music. The Spanish stuff is lively. I don’t know why the English got stuck on boredom.

    It’s the same with the current popular stuff.

  8. Seems the jury is still considering its verdict in re Brooks et alia.

    Hope it’s worth waiting for …

  9. Just acquired a copy of The Darling Buds of May (6 DVDs). Looking forward to revisiting it. The fact that a young Miss Zeta-Jones appears is of no relevance whatsoever.

  10. Ducky, We love the DBofM. Many years ago I found the book in our local library and as I remember to TV show was almost word for word. Glad to hear it is out on DVD, must go looking. Another favorite is Rumpole of the Bailey.

  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    ABSOLUTELY MUST READ! The most beautifully written article I have read for a long, long time. It’s about the chosen death of the writer’s husband. Take the time to do it.
    Now AS policy reaches new venal heights.
    MUST READ! Mike Carlton on the inevitability of the Iraq debacle, the union RC and praise to Barry O’Farrell.
    A good look at Kathy Jackson – whistleblower or crook (or both)?
    How will Abbott and Morriscum react to this High Court decision I wonder?
    A showdown looming over religious school chaplains. It will be interesting to observe the political dynamics.
    Stephen Koukalis hits back at The Australian over its seemingly ridiculous support of Big Tobacco.
    The Saturday paper has a very good examination of the chaplaincy case.
    Bob Ellis gives many examples of mothers who will miss out on the proposed PPL payments. If he is right it is a disgrace.
    Hardly a surprising conclusion.

  12. PTMD

    A spokesman for Mr Rudd says the former prime minister is focused on his work on US-China relations and will not comment at this stage.

    KRudd has a ‘spokesman’? His wife maybe?

  13. Section 2 . . .

    Michelle Grattan swipes Brandis over the “terminological clarification” regarding the occupied Palestinian territory.
    John Hewson not impressed with Abbott. But Hartcher gives his boy a kiss at the end of the article.
    What can one say?
    Mike Seccombe shines the light on Gerard Henderson. As usual a very good article.
    Why consumer confidence is so low.
    This disgusting FoFA change makes my blood boil. I is typical of the values and integrity of this government. And doesn’t the photo of Cormann so beautifully capture his innate smugness!
    WOW! Cathy Wilcox nails it.
    Pat Campbell nicely shows us the direction of media management.
    Ron Tandberg shows Morriscum in a true light.
    The Age has a weekend compendium of cartoons that I cannot link separately.

  14. BK,
    You’re right. The ‘Life and Death Decisions’ article is a must read for everyone, and it is so beautifully written. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people generally could bring themselves to understand and respect the end of life decision of others as did the family and friends of the man in that story.

  15. BK

    Mike Seccombe shines the light on Gerard Henderson. As usual a very good article.

    He doesn’t ‘miss’ Henderson!

  16. About the International Organisation of Migration (IMO) now ‘administering’ Abbott’s bribes to asylum seekers –

    We don’t hear much about this organisation, but it has been tangled in Australia’s refugee/asylum seeker policies for years. Searching for information doesn’t get you much, but it’s important to know where this organisation fits, what it has done in collusion with Australian governments and what it is doing now.

    In 2001 John Howard, desperate to ‘stop the boats’, gave this body some very handsome on-going funding to set up and maintain a so-called ‘processing centre’ in Indonesia. Refugees were told they would be housed and fed there and eventually resettled in Australia. They were lied to, of course. But here’s the important bit – the boats stopped for a while. Instead of getting on a boat refugees went into this camp. After a few years it became obvious they were trapped there, resettlement was never going to happen, and desperate people again began using the services of people smugglers. However that bit of respite allowed Howard to claim his government had ‘stopped the boats’ and it allowed Abbott to keep chanting ‘we did it before, we will do it again’.

    Some of the initial residents of those phoney ‘processing centres’ are probably still trapped there. When you hear about a refugee family making it here by boat after ten years in a camp in Indonesia you can be pretty sure it was the Howard/IOM place.

    Click to access WoldringK.pdf

    Howard also hired the IOM to run the camp he built on Manus Island. Again, refugees were held there for years until the place was closed in February 2008 by the Rudd government. The Gillard government, to its eternal shame, re-opened it in November 2012 but did not hand it back to IOM to run. Morrison has turned it into a place that the Nazis would have been ashamed of.

    IOM still run programs for our government. Heaven knows what they are paid to do this.

  17. janice
    And what about the use of the word “susurration” at the beginning of the article!

  18. http://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/politics/2014/06/21/john-williams-ian-macdonald-cory-bernardi-enemies-within/1403272800

    Andrew has copied the Oz article to save you the time & bother of dodging the paywall




  19. The ‘Life and Death’ Decisions’ article is excellent. There have been others lately on the same subject, maybe not as eloquent, but they all reinforce the message. We should be able to decide when we want to die. Being forced to see a psychiatrist because you have decided you can’t endure any more is cruel and pointless.

    Those interested in this isssue might like to have a look at this blog – Peter Short has a few months to live and has decided to blog his experiences as a way of bringing change.
    Tic Toc Tic Toc dying to a killer clock

  20. BK,
    Susurration is a word I’ve only come across once before that I remember. It is a lovely word, isn’t it? I admit it did cross my mind that my car’s wipers spoil the ‘purr’ when they clunk at the end of each sweep!

  21. C K Watt,

    I have helped a few people with Window 8 (don’t have it myself). The hardest bit is going from the tiles to find anything. I have found a small free program that puts a start button back onto the taskbar,it is a shell shaped icon placed on the far left of the taskbar. Click on it and you get all the usual start dialogue box. The program is called ClassicShellSetUp. Google it and download it from sourceforge.

    When installing it put an icon on the desktop. When it is on the taskbar right click and go exit and you go back to tiles.To bring it back up touch the desktop tile and click on shell icon.

  22. http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/james-ashby-faces-paying-peter-slippers-legal-fees-after-aborting-trial-20140620-zsgdp.html





  23. Here is a link that could be useful, as discussed above…


    “Get the Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 8

    After using Windows 8 for the last few weeks, I have realized that even though I have gotten used to the whole Metro interface and the lack of a Start button, it’s not going to be so easy for a lot of people out there. It’s simply too ingrained in the Windows UI. Anyone who has used a PC in the last 20 years clicks on that Start button to pretty much do anything with their computer. To go from that to a bunch of tiles is kind of a big change.

    Luckily, there are thousands of hackers out there who know how to alter Windows and make it the way we want. One of those guys has released a program called Classic Shell, which basically brings back some of the features in older version of Windows to Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can download it from here:”


  24. http://www.stmarysstar.com.au/story/2344681/mri-funding-was-a-labor-election-commitment-health-minister/





  25. Just got polled by Nielson for something called Q&A research (I think).

    Questions were,
    1. Which party would I vote for in federal election
    2. Preferred Labor leader (afaicr shorten, albo, pliber, bowen +1)
    3. Preferred Lib leader (afaicr abbot, mt, jb, scrot, jh)
    4. TA vs MT
    5. Budget fair or unfair
    6. Troops to Iraq strongly/approve or strongly/disapprove
    7. involvement in iraq strongly/approve or strongly/disapprove

    That’s all I can remember.

  26. Just caught up with posts.

    My thanks to Cliff and Leroy for the suggestions I’ll follow them up today.

  27. Can one of the mods please ask Bushfire Bill to email me. I may have a lead for him…

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