Fairy Bread Friday Night Raffle

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In honour of the two millionth – let me repeat that – the two millionth – view of The Pub, today has been proclaimed Fairy Bread Friday.

As you can see, Gravel has come good with the food. The only question is, what best to drink?

Ooooh, I know ….

(Image Credit: Dietician Online))

… but please help moi keep an eye on Ducky and Jaycee – we all know what they’re like when they get stuck into the red.

Also in honour of the magnificent support of Mrs Bushfire Bill (and Mr Bushfire Bill, of course), each denizen of The Pub is hereby awarded a

I think The Pub’s Rafflemaster Extraordinary, Mr CK Watt, is ready to rock and roll, so get your numbers ready, have some fairy bread and red cordial, and take your partners for

not to mention any other party games that occur to us during the evening.

And please don’t forget …

159 thoughts on “Fairy Bread Friday Night Raffle

  1. pa

    Over the years, we had many chickens – all bantams – all with different personalities. The one that sticks in my mind most is Curly, a little black one. She was the boss – even when we had a rooster – and always ran up to where we were weeding … A very greedy chook.

  2. From Leroy’s links – the Ashby /Slipper legal costs thing brings up some interesting information.

    It’s not over yet. Justice Flick won’t give up the 30 June date for trial unless both men can reach an agreement on costs. If that doesn’t happen the trial will go ahead. Ashby has twice missed appointments to have his mental health assessed and has now been ordered by the court to attend. Slipper’s lawyers have no objection to the trial proceeding. I’d love to know how Ashby will pay Slipper’s costs, if he is compelled to do that, or who will pay for him.

    It’s all back in court on Monday. I’d love to see the trial happen. It’s so obvious Ashby pulled out because the Liberal Party, scared witless by what would be revealed, ordered him to pull the plug. This is also a bit of speculation that Ashby was financially rewarded for doing so.

  3. Many believe that are ready for another election.

    I believe now is not the time.

    I say this, a selfish, self-centred, ideology bounded and inefficient government with many chickens to come home to roost.

    I believe up to this session we have only seen seven pieces of legalisation repealing Labor’s achievements.

    Abbott will face many realities within the next few months, mainly on the world stage. He will be ridicule for many things including dealing with Asylum seekers, CEF and NBN for starters.

    The world is not with him on carbon missions. There is a danger on many fronts that asylum seekers polices will collapse.

    We need to see his legalisation in black and white.

    We need to keep in mind Abbott has one skill, and only one. That is out on the campaign trail with three word slogans and stunts.

    I suspect Abbott believes if he can once again raise the terrorism banner as Howard did, it will be safe to go to an election, he could be right.

    Abbott needs to stew in his own juice until next year.

    In the meantime we need to focus on everything he does, need keep the blow torch on target.

  4. Here’s a big article on Daniel Andrews, who will likely be the new Premier in November.


    Even though there’s a few things I disagree with, that the Ballarat MP’s Sharon Knight and Geoff Howard are facing defeat*, it still sort of counts as a nice puff piece.

    Also, maybe things have worked out for Andrews this week since Geoff Shaw wasn’t expelled, seeing as the Labor candidate was hounded out by the Herald Sun (they like to do that with female Labor politicians), and that would have been messy if a Frankston by-election was on.

    – Sharon Knight’s seat of Wendouree may have become notionally Liberal, but she’s a first-term MP and is likely to get a sophomore surge at the election and should get a comfortable majority.
    – Geoff Howard’s seat of Buninyong should be reasonably easy to hold since there’s not likely to be a swing to the Liberals this election, and it will likely be a 3-way contest between Labor, Liberal and National so his chances of retaining the seat are lifted by the likely preference leakage.

  5. Leroy

    One of those guys has released a program called Classic Shell, which basically brings back some of the features in older version of Windows to Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can download it from here

    It’s the same with Linux. The Ubuntu mob keep trying to make the interface ‘trendy’.

    It’s only a Shell on Linux so about a day later there’s a fix available that makes use of the new features but also provides the ‘Classic’ menu’s.

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