March in May in Adelaide

Some weeks ago, Puffy the Magic Dragon sent me 235 photographs and videos from March in May in Adelaide. She said she had photographed every single sign – and having spent all afternoon choosing a representative sample, arranging them into “themes”, and then uploading the jpgs to The Pub’s library, I think she’s right.

Thank you for sharing, Puffy, and also for your patience with me. As you know, the last few weeks have been particularly busy for moi and me mum.

Enjoy, everyone.

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  1. The bodyguards are simply propaganda – ‘Labor voters are such nasty, violent people our ministers need protection.’

  2. leonetwo

    Pity the Courier Mail didn’t go a bit Life of Brian and have Pyne as Biggus Dickus.

  3. Yeah, I know it was mythical anyway, but Abbott’s “$550″ into every household’s pocket from the abolition of the Carbon Tax has been taken back simply from trash-talking the economy… Joe could have shut his mouth, but he can’t resist whingeing, the big, bloody sook.

    … market analysts have estimated a $5 billion budget drain. Citi said the sentiment effects of the budget should ”disappear quickly”, but it estimates that from July 1 the typical household is $602 worse off a year. ”The ‘stimulus’ from the government or Reserve Bank has disappeared and retailers will need to rely on wages growth or lower savings (higher house prices) to boost retail sales,” the report said.

    Read more:

  4. This really is a sensationally good piece of Photoshopping…

    Although one has to have a bit of a giggle that they Photoshop Pyne to look like a Roman emperor, while reserving the Nazi and KGB uniforms for Labor people (not to mention the rats whiskers and tail for Slipper).

  5. I did two terms of Latin in Year 7 (as it called in these new-fangled times) at a Catholic boys’ school.

    When we were invited to continue it the next year, the alternative offered was Geography. I chose Geography.

    I was in the “A” class, supposedly for the brightest boys, and only 6 of us chose Geography. The other 40 or so (bigger class sizes then) picked Latin, as was expected of them.

    The “Geography 6” (or should that be “The Geography VI”?) were hauled to the front of the class and counselled by Brother Petrie. One gave in and returned to Latin, but the other 5 stood fast.

    Geography was a bludge, anyway. Latin was too much like hard work. Vince Newton, the Geography teacher had a style I liked: sardonic, witty and highly intelligent. Oh, and while Geography was about the living Earth, Latin was a dead language.

    Brother Petrie berated the 5 of us in front of the rest of the class. We had picked Geography, instead of the language of the Church. I just concentrated on the prospect of breezing my way through “Joggers” classes and copped the flak.

    Never looked back… especially when I saw the poor bastards who’d plumped for Latin in the schoolyard, pacing up and down, learning their vocab for classes after lunch.

    As it turned out, I continued Geography through to Year 12 (“6th form”), at the easier “Level-2” standard. Geography would never get me that Commonwealth Scholarship, but Maths, Science, Ancient History and English combined togethe at the top level would. I even toyed with the idea of not turning up for the Geography exam, but I did in the end and got a reasonable pass (not that it mattered for the Scholarship score).

    Never missed Latin. Never regretted not choosing it, even for a minute. My mum had been a little disappointed, as she topped the state (back in the 30s) in Latin, but that was about it. She soon got over it, like… in about a day.

    They’re only re-introducing it because when they were kids at the Jesuits and other Catholic elite schools in the 60s and 70s, it used to be taught to them.

    But all you have to do is listen to Question Time and see they way they behave to know that the Pig Latin they speak there bears little resemblance to what they were taught at school.

  6. These ministers are too beneath contempt to have their lives threatened. Still, I am surprised that Brandis and Abetz couldn’t make the cut.

  7. The photoshopping may seem a little more benign than the Abbott-enemy ones, BB, but I think it may be intended to be basing Pyne on Caligula, which is not a bad fit.

  8. From BK’s links – the scariest thing I’ve read in quite a while –

    Mr Muir could be left to wield the balance of power on his own

    What have we become when a twit (I’m trying to be polite here) like Ricky Muir can control the senate? Whoever agreed to the AMEP preference deals should be thrown into a dungeon for life. It would need to be a big dungeon, Antony Green gives a list of the parties involved.

    It’s an odd mixture. I hope all those fools in Victoria who thought it would be fun to vote for the Australian Sex Party or HEMP or Wikileaks are happy with the result of their decisions. Keeping that weird array of fringe parties satisfied would be a task beyond the wisdom of Solomon, and Ricky Muir is dumber than a box of rocks. I don’t have much faith in his advisors either. One of them let slip a key piece of information – any legislation needing Muir’s vote to succeed will be in for a long delay. Keith Littler, de-facto AMEP senator and one of Muir’s mouthpieces, said this –

    Ricky needs to fully understand the bill before he can make a decision either way.

  9. It’s the “discipline demand” of rote-learning that Pyne wants to re-introduce with Latin into the classroom. The fundamentals of the grammar in “medieval Latin” (which is what is taught now) are so detailed as compared to ancient Latin that one has to “train one’s memory” to repeat the complexity….I suspect it is part of a covert “re-tutoring” process that will have stronger discipline creeping back into the classrooms….along with the sadistic teachers of days of yore.
    “conjugate!..conjugate!!… write it out a hundred times!”

  10. From The Australian:

    UNION whistleblower Kathy Jack­son has admitted to falling short of proper practices “in terms of what the public expects” in ­controlling union money transferred to a $284,000 slush fund and used for political and personal purposes.


    Falling short of proper practices

    C. Thomson: a crime for which he should be pilloried from Cape York to Eaglehawk Neck.

    B. Wilson: becomes eligible to be hounded remorselessly by Ace Investigative Reporter and pissant Hedley Thomas.

    P. Slipper: Renders him liable to be stripped of all dignity, expelled from Parliament, sent broke from subsequently discontinued legal action brought by a Liberal stooge and then driven into mental illness.

    J. Gillard: vilified, smeared, insulted, bullied and continually harassed by cheap sexist filth for something she is alleged to have done 20 years ago, but no-one can prove she did.

    K. Jackson: {Yawn} … at least she’s honest.

    …what the public expects
    Something that is a matter of PR, and not quite selling the message as well as it could be sold, but not really all that important anyway. A matter of opinion, actually.

    Slush fund …used for political and personal purposes
    Let’s have a Royal Commission and persecute Bruce Wilson, running the same old story we’ve been running for the past five years as if something new had come out of the evidence. But when Kathy Jackson admits to it, to the same Royal Commission, explain it all away by saying “the vibe” forced her to fight fire with fire. She didn’t really have a choice. Anyway, it was all just a matter of not quite explaining it fully to the public, who forgive her because The Parrot says she’s a saint.

  11. Incidentally, heard The Parrot say this morning…

    “So WHAT if Kathy Jackson ran a slush fund? They ALL did it! Labor and the Greens will have to come up with something much stronger than that to even put a chink in Miss Jackson’s armour.”

    Nice conflations there. Labor and the Greens haven’t said a word about Kathy Jackson. It’s been mostly the Parrot and the Murdoch rags, with a little bit on non-Kate McClymont input (i.e. second-stringers) from Fairfax.

  12. BB

    Just tuned in to 2GB . Abbott going the hard stuff at the mo with Ray Hadley.

  13. Bushfire, same school, quite a few years earlier at the end of the forties. No alternative to Latin for the “upper” class from 1st Year on through 3rd Year. Then alternative (Modern History) was offered and almost complete transfer. Three of us remained in the Latin Class, but by years end, two of us had enough and swapped to the Modern History mob for 5th Year. A couple of interesting outcomes: I took out the school prize for Modern History; Bruce, the lone survivor in the Latin class was awarded the school prize for Latin and then promptly failed the Leaving certificate in that subject.

    There is a beautiful sting in the tail to this story. As a typical Catholic Boys school in those days, SPC lauded the output of its Rugby League footballer, its athletes and its cricketers. To put it mildly Bruce was a duffer in all these sports – about on a par with his Latin achievements. Yet after a few years had rolled on, one boy from that class represented Australia at the Olympic Games. Yes, that young man was Bruce (and the sport he scored in was Fencing).

  14. BB: I’d define

    …falling short of proper practices “in terms of what the public expects” in ­controlling union money transferred to a $284,000 slush fund and used for political and personal purposes.


    …stealing $284,000.

    But that’s just me.

  15. This Latin push is pointless, not just because it’s a dead language, but because here in Victoria, Latin is already offered as a subject in VCE.

  16. I didn’t pay much attention to Kathy Jackson’s testimony, her blatant fakeness drove me away. Honestly, how could anyone – and that goes for her union colleagues and Labor buddies – listen to more than five minutes of her without understanding she is a liar and a fraud.

    I did get a few things though –
    Craig Thomson admits to using the services of prostitutes – huge crime for which Craig should be thrown in a dungeon to await hanging, drawing and quartering.
    KJ’s former husband admits to using the services of prostitutes – poor bloke, his marriage had ended and he needed comfort.

    Craig Thomson uses his union credit card to get hold of some cash which he uses for his election campaign – huge crime, see above punishment.
    KJ uses her union credit card to get cash she then uses for somone’s election campaign (and skiiing holidays and jewellery and visits to the hairdresser and ….) and can’t explain where tens of thousands of dollars went – so what, the poor woman had kids to feed and clothe and she was a single mum and she deserved the money anyway and……..

    Plus the slush fund already mentioned – Labor slush fund = evil consiracy to defraud the entire country.
    KJ slush fund = they all do it. who cares?

    I hope someone is going to challenge all her ‘evidence’, I really do.

  17. Brianmacisme,

    Yes, that young man was Bruce (and the sport he scored in was Fencing).

    I seem to remember a school assembly on the oval to welcome that guy back to Australia.

    I remembered him as “Bruce McGowan”, and went Googling for that… but was it “Brian McGowage”?

  18. There is one thing that Kathy has not done, in spite of claiming to be lied about and persecuted, is take legal action against anyone.

  19. Yes, Bushfire, it was Brian McCowage. A little kid, we pushed and shoved him around and generally disregarded him. It is lovely the way he had the last laugh on us. (I gave him the nom-de-plume Bruce – in the tradition that Tom Keneally used when he wrote Homebush Boy to write of his years at SPC – but you have broken my cover.)

  20. Ten News is batting pretty heavily for Jackson.

    On Wednesday it had her sobbing about how all these Labor union thugs called her Judas, a traitor and a Liberal party prostitute and the report trying to portray her as a saint.

    I haven’t bothered to watch it again last night, probably more of the same faff. So yeah, the pro-LNP media is gunning pretty strongly for her. Can’t be bothered to see what the Murdoch rags are saying, last I saw of them was Bolt crying about the “Anti-Abbott Axis”.

    Also, I kind of want to see the polls get worse for the LNP just to see Bolt crack it and do a “Leave Tony Alone!” video in tears.

  21. Aguirre, that is just one incident over many years. Many more allegations made against the lady that never even warranted a mention.

  22. Oh yeah, speaking of faff, Mark Kenny’s effort is nauseating. Just because Abbott didn’t infuriate any true statespeople leaders enough for them to forget all diplomatic etiquette and say “Piss off, dickhead” (or their own language equivalent) doesn’t mean he’s worthy of the world stage.

    You could tell a few of them were thinking of doing that though.


  24. I think the advice on one of the medications doctors have me on at the moment is spot on – “Don’t operate heavy equipment while taking this medicine”.

    I’ve just been fixing a small side table that had a leg mounting that had broken loose.

    The task involved re-affixing a small block of wood that was the mounting for the problem leg.

    It was both nailed & glued to the table top.

    The nails looked like they would go back with no problem into the holes they came from.

    So I apply a liberal amount of Aquadhere ( A clear wood glue, fortunately).

    And the then apply a clamp. The block doesn’t co-operate and refuses to settle properly.

    So I give it a number of whacks with a Warrington hammer. This sprays glue all over the dining room.

    Now clamped successively.

    If any of the transients (i.e. OH, Daughter or B-I-L) become stuck to the dining room carpet I have a cunning plan – ‘Aquadhere’ is soluble in water so I’ll just chuck a bucket of water on them, wait 60 seconds, and then give them a shove.

    I possibly should have asked JayCee on this before proceeding …

    Meanwhile having to do the computer mouse left handed as the small table is usually where it resides so some typing/spelling may be errant over the next 24.

  25. CTar1

    Re not operating heavy machinery. In the 1980’s there was a tv ad for some cold medication (codril?) whose hook was it was so good that it was what astronauts on the space shuttle used. .Fine for space shuttles apparently however users were advised not drive a car or operate heavy machinery while taking it.

  26. Something else about Kathy Jackson – that woman could talk underwater. Meetings she attended must have dragged on forever because KJ would never have shut up. Ask her a question and off she goes in a long-winded rigmarole of who said what to whom and why they said it and what she said in reply and who was there and why someone wasn’t there and who knew someone and on and on. At one point she gave a long story to explain how she remembered some bloke’s name. No-one said ‘just answer the question as briefly as you can’. No wonder her evidence took a day and a half. If she had been to the point and relevant she could have gone through it in less than a day.

  27. Ctar! Whadya mean the nails looked like they would go back in the some holes? Surely you would replace the nails with decent screws? And how much glue did you use? Were you finger-painting. Have you not heard of a thin smear? And stop blaming sheer incompetence on cold tabs, that old dog won’t hunt. 😆

  28. kk

    You’ve seen my posts earlier on PB, I think, on WWII fighter pilots to Bw.

    The Americans were pilled to the gills.

    The Brits, it doesn’t seem , needed any extra to hunt down two Night Fighters on the way back from northern Italy.

    Just did some not ‘recommenced’ flying envelopes that ended up with a swim.

    A mighty man and a absolutely pleasure to know well.

    Vale, Both of them.

  29. K Jackson is also an ingratiator. Notice how she wanted to have a last few words with the judge to show him what an honest person she was.

  30. While Richo is and always will be a turncoat tool who can just go to hell, recent history makes me less confident about how an early election would go for Labor. Virtually every election since 1998 has had the Liberals recover and gain in the polls by about 3-5% in the last few months before the election. They’ll have to be consistently 55-45 or better for me to be confident of Labor walking it in.

    Of course the fact that this government broke election promises less than 1 year after being elected, and its message to the Australian public is essentially “This is your own fault, you deserve all these horrible things because you are all lazy” and “We don’t care about you” and “So what if we lied? We’re better than you, we don’t have to do what you want us to do”

  31. (cont’d because I posted before finishing accidentally)

    Since their message is that, history might not help them this time.

  32. PHMD

    I was In full=useless mind.

    My grandfather made the table .He was a proper cabinet maker who could do French Polishing and Laminating.

    Some of what I have takes some keeping up with with repairs.

    He became intrigued with Laminex & chip=board in his 80’s.

    Clamped now so good.

    I just measured the table top – even with Lamenix less than 25mm. So screws not really an option.

    So glue the best option unless I drill and use some nice screws all the way through. Anyway enough I hope for now.

  33. I get the impression that people disassociate the budget from the govt. They criticize the budget but stop short of criticizing Abbott.

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