Friggatriskaidekaphobia Friday Evening Raffles

Oh Noes! Not only is it …

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… but it’s also …

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Here’s SBS’s advice on how to avoid misfortune today:

Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville in the US, said the phobia affects 17 to 21 million Americans alone.

“It’s been estimated that $US800 or $US900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do,” Mr Dossey said.

Symptoms of phobia may include mild anxiety to debilitating panic attacks.

There’s only one Friday 13 this year and it’s already proving to be a special one.

Superstitious stargazers will be treated to a rare “Full Honey Moon,” which hasn’t happened on Friday the 13th for about 14 years.

So, full moon aside, here’s what you need to do to avoid bad luck on this ominous day.

1. Don’t own, walk into, or help a friend look after a black cat.

Black cats are thought to be a sign of bad luck. Unfortunately, because of this superstition, black cats are half as likely to be adopted.

2. Instead, keep a cricket by your side for good luck.

3. Don’t let a bird fly into your window or into your house.

It is thought to be bad luck.

4. Don’t walk under a ladder.

It’s just not a good idea.

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5. Avoid unlucky numbers like 13 (obviously) and 666.

In some East Asian and Southeast Asian regions like China, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, people also believe the number 4 is bad luck, as the pronunciation is similar to the word ‘death’. This fear of the number 4 is known as tetraphobia, and some buildings or apartments in these countries even skip floors 4, 14, 24 and so on.

6. And while you’re at it, don’t use umbrellas inside.

7. But if you need break a spell, turn seven times in a clockwise circle.

Seven is thought to be a lucky number.

8. Whatever you do, don’t break any mirrors.

Apart from being a hassle to clean up, some people believe mirrors hold bits to your soul.

9. If in doubt, knock on wood for good luck.

The symbolism of wood may come from the Christian belief that Christ died on a wooden cross to save humanity from sin.

10. And if all else fails, stay in bed until Saturday 14 comes along.

Just make sure you get out of bed on the same side you got in.

Meh. As far as moi is concerned moi only needs to worry about …

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Moi thinks we should put on our dancing shoes …

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… strike up the band …

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… sip the tipple of your choice (remembering always that moderation is essential, and The Pub’s staff always observe the Responsible Service of Alcohol) …

… line up for your tombola tickets,

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and …

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PS – a fun fact:

The Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics (CVS) on June 12, 2008, stated that “fewer accidents and reports of fire and theft occur when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday than on other Fridays, because people are preventatively more careful or just stay home. Statistically speaking, driving is slightly safer on Friday the 13th, at least in the Netherlands; in the last two years, Dutch insurers received reports of an average 7,800 traffic accidents each Friday; but the average figure when the 13th fell on a Friday was just 7,500.”

250 thoughts on “Friggatriskaidekaphobia Friday Evening Raffles

  1. Best paragraph I’ve seen on the subject of this government. Excellent statement by Leunig.

  2. Pol Animal

    Big day here – two lots of a kilo and a half Steak and Kidney cooked. And done with the cheat crust. No doubt Stephanie Alexander would disapprove.

    Interfered with by nephew and 5 children appearing.

    2 cocked here because nephews wife can’t deal with the smell of it cooking.

    Dish-washer will need double duty tonight.

  3. Kambah Mick,

    Forgot to do the lotto last week. So these are your numbers in tonight’s Tatts draw:

    [01] 02 06 15 19 32 36 41
    [02] 09 19 26 32 42 43 45


    Here are your numbers for tonight:

    [01] 02 04 18 20 26 41 45
    [02] 19 22 29 30 32 41 45

    Good luck to both of you!

  4. Ducky,

    I know that His Honour is a black letter jurist, but in my most humble opinion he may be on thin ice here.

  5. So, while caring for my disabled family members I am not practising my “virtue”?
    And my mentally unwell adult child needs to keep links with the workplace to improve her health and well being (not to mention improve her finances), when there are days when even the courses she is supposed (and loves) to attend reduce her to a shivering, puking shell?

    So Mr Andrews, where are all the jobs for people the mentally unwell that they are going to be able to take up and be good little consumers with? And the jobs for all the young people who won’t be allowed to get Newstart, but will be allowed to grovel for “emergency payments”? And the jobs for all the older people who have been tossed on the scrap heap and can’t get work because they are “too old”?

    My goodness, whatever gave you the impression that I am getting afraid and angry at these leaks of policies that were not taken to the last election.?

    (You know, there really does need to be a sarcasm font available as standard on these computer things!)

  6. His Honour has made sure that everyone with even a small interest in this RC has now read the entire transcript and listened to Jon Faine reading out the deleted parts of Wilson’s statement. He has made sure there has been plenty of discussion on his decision. I don’t think that was his intention.

    Now we can all wait with bated breath to see if Dr Hanscombe does indeed challenge his decision. If she does the Federal court might not agree with His Honour. This has all become a lot more interesting.

  7. Leone,


    I’ve been a bit pissed off with Jon Faine over the last year or so, but he has my every admiration for putting his job on the line now.

  8. Gigilene,

    I’ll jump in here and say there’s every chance of it!

    Brandis of Toad Hall SC DH lived up to his reputation yet again, and Blood Oaf was too craven to put him back in his box.

  9. fiona

    The language used by the foreign media with regards to Abbott has usually been quite mild and cautious. In this article there is definite anger. We can expect more of such angry writing.

  10. Gigilene,

    And so we should.

    Although there’s an obvious downside – if “outsiders” make their disapproval too overt, there will be some Australians who will get defensive – along the lines of “he may be a bastard, but he’s OUR bastard”.

  11. fiona

    Silly me … Here I am thinking of Ned Kelly … He may have been a bastard, but he was OUR bastard, to use your words …

  12. Gigilene,

    I’m thinking more of the way much of the world’s media commented on Dubya, and Berlusconi – as far as their particular electorates were concerned it made no difference.

    What we need is for Australian media to make a mockery of him.

  13. Fiona

    Speaking of John Oliver’s “Tony Abbott, President of the USA of Australia” . YouTube alone scores – 1,256,369 views .

  14. Uneducated/illiterate /embarrassment/ senator Ricky Muir dosen,t give a Flying F what the so called ” Political class” Elites think.
    He was legally elected as a senator and tough shit to those who are whining about it.
    Mike W ia a whiner for hire gotcha man trying to establish a shred of creditability after his Shapelle Corby exclusive was shut down thankfully by the indonesian parole board.

    You can’t have it both ways

  15. When my computer died I lost everything. I used to have on my toolbar, it was a capital T, that when I looked at a article in another language I would hit the T and it would convert it to English. I think it was someone here that put me onto it……..any remember this or know anything. I’d love to read that Algerian article.

  16. Joe6pack,

    Nor should Senator-elect Ricky Muir pay any attention to the so-called elites. Ben Chifley wasn’t exactly of the self-called elite class, nor was James Scullin. As for FPM Julia Gillard, her origins weren’t exactly stellar.

    That’s the point. It should not matter what so-called class you come from – it’s what you are that’s relevant.

    (And while I have had a privileged life, my dad didn’t – he left school at 13 during the Great Depression to help support his parents, himself, and his two older brothers; he left home at 15 after a huge row with his dad after his (my dad’s) mum’s death; he slept rough for some time, and it was WW2 that was his educational and ultimately economic saviour.)

    Mind you – getting back to Mr Muir – I do have a lot of possum poo in my garden that he might like …

  17. 2gravel

    I am hunky dory
    The above post was the comments from around the traps
    Politics at ” Injune” is not high on the agenda.

  18. Joe6pack,

    You’re a lucky man – Darling Daughter is headed in the direction of Barrow Island for the foreseeable future.

  19. Fiona

    I am venting a bit about everyone disparaging R Muir.
    .Big deal he isn’t a robot.

    Good on him.
    He is a legally elected senator.
    Many here stood up an rightly, so when the libs carried on about illegitimate elected government and pointed out the legalities of our system.
    Like I said you can’t have it both ways.

  20. Joe6pack,

    I wasn’t disparaging Mr Muir, and you’re right – I don’t want to know too much about what goes on where my daughter works!

  21. Leone

    You are a gem, that is exactly what I wanted, thank you.


    Razz and I were both pee’d off at that interview, everything was done to denigrate and belittle. I’m sure I wrote a rant here about it, it was disgusting.

  22. Joe6pack,
    I am quite happy to see how Senator Muir develops. I hope he keeps his feet on the ground and does not get bedazzled by those users in the Lib Party.

    The political class have failed us, they need a wake-up call.

  23. Puffy,

    The political class hasn’t failed us.

    WE have – for the moment – failed by not keeping them under OUR control.

  24. There seems to be a bit of sympathy for Ricky Muir. Remember one thing. He is not an independent. He is a party member and is very much under the control of his party leader and his advisors. He will vote as he is directed.

    Since Muir’s poor showing in that interview various ‘spokesmen’ are doing all the talking for him and have pushed out a lot of media publicity over the last few days, keen to convince us all that Muir is not a PUPpet.

    There was this –
    Car enthusiasts’ party puts its foot down to get some distance between it and Clive Palmer

    Mr Littler told the Herald Sun that his party was an independent party and “not a part of PUP by any stretch of the imagination’’.“There is no tie-up between the AMEP and PUP other than, where practical, we will vote together,’’ Mr Littler said. “It’s a very loose arrangement,’’ Asked if Mr Muir would vote differently to the Palmer party on occasion, Mr Littler replied: “absolutely”, adding: “We won’t compromise on our beliefs.’

    Today there was this – Clive Palmer is holding a ‘Fairfax Festival Weekend’ next weekend and has been putting it about that Muir will attend. Littler has said ‘Oh no he won’t!

    Yesterday another ‘spokesperson’, Glenn Druery, the man who wangled the preference deals that saw Muir elected, said Muir was not going to hide from the media.

    On Monday there was a weird story about Pauline Hanson offering Muir her support.

    Also yesterday, a video featuring Muir sharing parenting tips which had been removed from YouTube some time ago has mysteriously surfaced, allowing his minders to praise Muir’s ‘strong family values’.

    Despite all the ‘he’s just a good bloke who will do his best’ publicity Muir seems to be firmly under the control of others. Just remember, AMEP is part of the political system, a fledgling party with ambitions, Muir will be controlled by others, just as any senator from any other party is controlled.


    High petrol prices and fuel tax hike turn voters off Tony Abbott
    June 15, 2014 12:00AM
    John Rolfe Cost of Living Editor
    News Corp Australia

    A GIANT poll of people taking action over the fuel tax hike reveals half are now less likely to vote for Tony Abbott.

    Six in 10 don’t support the hike, even if it helps balance the nation’s books. Nearly 30 per cent say they will have to cut back on essentials to afford it.

    Gathered from 67,000 participants in the Big Petrol Switch campaign, the findings underline voters’ sensitivity to changes in petrol prices — and policy.

    “They are over a barrel, so to speak,” said David Briggs, head of Galaxy Research, which asked about the fuel tax increase in a recent national survey of 1300 voters chosen to represent the electorate as a whole. The Big Petrol Switch survey did not attempt to do this. Still, there are parallels between results.

  26. Just watched a recording of a match that finished 6-0. No, it wasn’t Australia v Chile; it was Australia v France in rugby.

    My observations:

    . 52 minutes before a score in an 80-minute game
    . the referee did not make one mistake that I could pick
    . the Australians played well: the defence was brilliant and the attack, mostly, was highly disciplined and with with few turn-overs
    . the goal kicking was not good
    . there was a total absence of malicious fouls

    It was a game for the aficionados.

    Now, if only our hockey women …

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