Furry Friends Friday Night Raffle

This post celebrates all furry friends of Pubsters and lurkers.

Many of us have been fortunate to share our lives with various animals; I think we are better for having done so.

A pet’s – particularly a dog’s – love is unconditional. While we don’t always deserve that unconditional love, I think that for most humans, the experience of that love makes us … more humane.

Today’s post especially celebrates Bob the Atomic Dog, who shared Bushfire Bill’s and Mrs BB’s lives for many years:

I have explored The Pub’s library, and have much pleasure in reminding people of other amazing animals – some no more, but many still with us.

If anyone has a photo they would like to be included, let me know and I will do so when I can (I will be out for an hour or so this evening).

Puff The Magic Dragon’s stolen dogs Ajax and Stamp:

Ridgiesrule’s greyhound gals:

Jasper – BK’s gorgeous and ever-reliable Alarm Clock Dog:

Forever Janice’s Paddy as a young powder puff pup:

Bushfire Bill’s Cozzie (as a pup, and now):

The new monarch of CK Watt’s establishment, Her Madge:

… and CK’s delightful dog-next-door, Buddy (whom I suspect doesn’t come visiting quite as often as he once did) …

Miss Leelah (This Little Black Duck’s charmer):

Razz’s beautiful furry boy, Hunter:

and last but by no means least, Joe6pack’s bosses, Ned and Syd (when Syd was a pup):

Best wishes to all, and enjoy the evening.


Janice’s gorgeous little Witchety (who keeps Paddy in order 😉 ) when she was about 7 years old. She will be 15 years old in a couple of weeks:

405 thoughts on “Furry Friends Friday Night Raffle

  1. “Sorting out” the Russian mafia and oligarchs that blossomed under Yeltsin would have required a pretty hard type of hard arsk. They play for keeps over there.

  2. I usually don’t bother with current affair programs on commercial television. Put simply, if I wanted fake gravitas, insincere smiles and a complete indifference to fair minded debate. I would’ve got on a lot better with my ex inlaws. I certainly don’t seek it on my tv screen. However, last night I broke a rule and watched the ” Clive ” segment.

    I found it quite refreshing to see a journalist, Willisee, patronised so subltly and gleefully by Palmer. Imagine the bruise to the journalistic ego as it unfolds that the guy was never going to meet you in Boston. In fact, he used the resources of your tv channel not only to stand you up but to leave you with the only story available. His four Senators. A very valuable lesson to them. A costly swing and miss hatchet job to you. No wonder Clive insisted on buying you lunch.

    As to Ricky Muir…Let’s just see how he goes.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that many of our politicians were from physical, blue collar working backgrounds……and they did alright by us. He may surprise the lot of us.

  3. ian

    Razz and I kept yelling, forget Clive, you’ve got the four senators elect that all other media have been screaming to talk with. He had the perfect opportunity to get to know them and do proper non-provocative interview, and he blew it. Showed clips that should have been left on the cutting room floor. He behaved like a spoilt brat. By the way, we haven’t watched that show for about 10 years, Razz said she’d like to have a look as there was nothing else on.

  4. “Abbott doesn’t care about animals.”

    Why would he, when he does not care about people

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