The Fellowship of the Raffle

(Image Credit: Rachel Kaiser))

One Raffle to rule them all, One Raffle to find them,
One Raffle to bring them all and on Friday evening bind them

(Apologies etc, etc, to J.R.R. Tolkien)

Joe6pack Gandalf has vanished (not, we hope, forever), leaving the Fellowship of the (Friday) Raffle to struggle on through the darkness of the Mines of Moria

(Image Credit: Moondoodles))

escaping by a hair’s breadth monsters more terrifying than our worst nightmares

(Image Credit: Sydney Morning Herald))

dauntlessly facing the meanest, cruellest and stupidest Federal Budget since Australia was founded

(Image Credit: NewsCorpse))

always aware of the fearfulness of our quest

(Image Credit: Thiago Almeida))

and knowing that – together – friends can do anything!

So … enjoy the evening, the raffle, the ambience …

(Image Credit: Trip Advisor))

make merry with music, dancing, and general frivolity …

And have a Gaudy Friday Night!

(Image Credit: SAID Business School Programmes))

163 thoughts on “The Fellowship of the Raffle

  1. Thank you, Madame Puffy.

    I will try to work out what’s gorn wrong tomorrow.

    Binalong week, think I might basket soon.

    When’s the Birthday?

  2. Fiona
    The single shot worked for me, not the double.
    Am posting this on Explorer since WordPress is playing silly buggers on Chrome, it hasn’t done that to me for yonks. Don’t like this Chrome thingy much yet.
    Binalong’s a nice place, groovy railway station.

  3. Now it’s let me in. Maybe I got the password wrong. Binalong time since I needed it. I see both attempts have made it now. I don’t understand these things.

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