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Hello Pubsters

Due to a variety of circumstances this will be be my last” Friday Raffle” post for awhile,and I will only be dropping in to say hello sporadically

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Everything at “THE PUB”The Pub Gravatar8B 500 will continue as is .

Fiona  and CK raffle night/BB with his excellent threads and comments  and you, the pubsters with your thoughtful insights. WE are all


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Things are looking good atm for us the good guys.


But still a few years to go so lets not be complacent.


Abbott is a grub and a liar


So a one term Tony /Lnp Govt. is a distinct possibility.


The winner of the raffle will be a Sat lotto Ticket till I can return full-time.


Our doggie mascots just because. ( Cant Find One of Cossie BB. Sorry)BOB_filtered PUB


As always enjoy the place.

514 thoughts on ““I’m having a break” Friday Raffles

  1. Just because and to answer the question so many people have asked themselves ” What would Morgan Freeman sound like on helium ?”

  2. Green Bans are back in NSW and that makes me very happy. I’ve been taking a lot of intereest in the campaign to save Windsor from the NSW government. My family has strong connections to the town and the area going back to the earliest days of settlement there. The needleass destruction planned by the NSW government has made me very angry, so I was delighted to see the CFMEU has placed a Green Ban on historic Thompson Square.

  3. Thanks, sox”…I thought as much!…..we used to have bitzer races as kids….and I remember one lad..: Mickey Oxford, built a bitzer with push-bike wheels…and he took it to the top of Spinks Rd….a long steep hill near our place and he set off..it took a bit to gather speed, but when it did he realised he had no brakes!..it got up to such a speed the bitzer started to break apart…it was only built of rough wood, rope and nails…it eventually fell in two, with the rear axle board and his arse banging along the ground….he was saved by Klaus Luschel proclaiming loudly that he ;”…was the ambulance!” and flung a wheelbarrow into the road in front of Mickey……who was taken to the doctor and received six stitches in his bum and eternal chiaking for his troubles!

  4. I also remember a couple of little kids from a super-poor family a couple of gullies away, who got their dad to build them a bitzer…he used a long, long thin plank with the wheels at the furtherest ends…I remember both the kids riding on it (probably why he used the one long plank) and it coming down the hill springing up and down so vigoroursly that it threw them both off!..like a bucking horse.

  5. jaycee

    Your mate would have broken the sound barrier on this kiwi street world’s steepest and home to the “Jaffa Race”

  6. We gravitated from bitzers to my grandfather’s burnt out hulk Harley Davidson and sidecar….it had been burnt to the bare metal when it caught fire from the lap-rug they used to wear in cold weather…no tyres or anything….it was parked at the back of our place next to the dirt road…about half a dozen of us kids would push the big bastard up the hill, turn it around and push it off down the road and all jump on…one kid would have to sit on the petrol tank and reach as wide as they could to steer those big “bull-horn” handlebars…and one would have to operate the brakes and the rest would be hanging off it all over the place…wonder we weren’t killed!

  7. kaffee’….like Joe-E-Brown!……..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jaycee

    The average speed of the Jaffas from a standing start works out at about 46 km/h . Their terminal velocity would be pretty impressive.

  9. jaycee

    Top notch hand brakes in cars are very important in Baldwin St 🙂

  10. My favorite speed toy was this:

    Two on it, holding tight, speeding downhill, and when you fell, it didn’t hurt … Ah the gentle cushioness of the snow! …

  11. I remember the “creme-della-creme” of bitzer wheels were the “ball-bearing” wheels to be got off expensive prams and the like…

  12. Gigi’….Snow..I was told through my growing years…was like “Rinso” and sometimes fell on Mt. Lofty…

  13. Broom-Hilda takes her partisanship very seriously. Can’t see anything wrong with holding Party fundraisers in the Speaker’s office. A spokesman said it was not illegal or improper, but I doubt he has checked that second point. It certainly seems unethical, but she has not shown much enthusiasm for that since she became Speaker.

  14. http://www.piggery.com.au/piggery-articles/2001/7/26/obsessions-and-keatings-piggery/
    This is an old 2001 article from The Age, which it seems is no longer on a Fairafx site but lives on through its (accidental) copying on a unrelated & unused “piggery” domain name holding web-site. Worth a read and maybe bookmarking or downloading for future reference.



    Both Jonathan Swan & Samantha Maiden hit the web about the same time with this B Bishop story.

    Some good links here

  15. leonetwo

    Maybe it is just a result of Tones bunking with all those manly men at the police academy rather than with wifey ? But seriously a PM dabbling in “nickel and dime” stuff like that is truly desperado territory. The Grauniad’s pic of Tones certainly makes him look pleading and desperate.

  16. Kaffee

    The average speed of the Jaffas from a standing start works out at about 46 km/h

    Even faster (and noisier) when thrown underarm on bare floor boards under the seats in an old country cinema.

  17. kk
    Pleading and desperate – exactly.
    Laura Norder gets dragged out whenever Coailition politicians are having a tough time. For Abbott to traipse out to the western suburbs and make a huge deal about a lousy little $20 million program – $20 million for the entire country – is a sign of how absolutely desperate he now is.

    His choice of location was also an insult to the people of western Sydney – ‘I’m only here because you lot are all petty criminals’ was the implication.

  18. CTar1

    Ah, the shared cultural experience of Aus and NZ. Well remember the noise of the Jaffas as they bounced down the isles and under the seats of our country town cinema in the late sixties early 70’s .

  19. gigilene
    My pleasure. You should hang on to that photo. Mr Matheson is rarely seen in his electorate, sightings are a big event.

  20. Gigi….the closest thing we had to a sled was a long sheet of corrugated iron with the front foot and a half turned up to hang on to and we’d all push off and jump on to slide down into the gully near our place….but we had to wait for rain..then, of course, we’d get soaking wet and muddy as shit, and there’d be mud-fights that’d turn into rock-fights and some kid’d get hurt and scramble screaming blue murder up the side of the gully to home and the rest of us would scatter like Bedouins to everywhere and home, where we’d get into so much trouble and have to strip off under the verandah and get scrubbed down in the big wash-tub…we didn’t have hot water then, nor a proper bathtub…..mum had this big kettle thingo on the side of the wood-stove going all day…we’d take turns in the big tub, with the littler ones crowding in together and the radio on..I remember “Crash Craddock”..and “Tom Corbet _ Space Cadet”…and there was ; “Inspector West”….the blokes all had those deep gravitas voices…and of course, there was Vera Lynn and Bing….my old man used to go ape-shit at us getting so dirty and he’d march up and down the verandah saying in that dago-speak…’…I weel strain you, dio-boio…I weel strain you…”…of course, I never knew anything about English as a second language and i was terrified he was going to get something like a big tea strainer and “strain” us through it…like mum did with her thumb some vegis!…
    And then we’d all have to say the f#ckin’ Rosary after dinner…god! it was boring!…

  21. jaycee

    Our sled was a piece of cardboard from a large box and a steep grassy slope. Me bro and sis Weeeee!!!! Later sled was even crazier. I cry now because for several of the iterations we used kauri timber, what a waste . Crude wooden sled towed behind the tractor up hill down dale and even on gravel roads arsk about 3 inches off the ground and the old man trying to scare us. Which he thrillingly did. Probably charged with child endangerment or some such these days. It was fantastic fun.

  22. jaycee

    Taking turns in the big tub … I used to put the tub on a bench outside in summer. And in went one my youngest brothers into the cold water, his bum full of poo, and then in went the other younger brother in the same water … And I rubbed them and rubbed them … And they giggled and giggled …

  23. For one cherished pastime we didn’t need any toy except our shoes. Some winters the river would freeze. Sliding across it, zigzagging, crisscrossing each other, bumping into everyone … Just a marvellous rink.

  24. As sordid as NSW Libs may be there could a heapin’ helpin’ steaming pile of merde waiting to come out on the Victorian ones. Further to the Age’s talk about “Blondie” in their ” Libs’ link to market Mafia man ” article check out Veranda Manstone’s involvement with one of his associates. Did I mention 2 years later she was appointed ambassador to Italy ?

    She has also been criticized for overturning a deportation order and granting a visa in 2005 to Francesco Madafferi, who had been implicated by Italian officials as a dangerous mafia figure. In fact Madafferi is thought to be a member of the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, known by the name Honoured Society in Australia, which although a similar crime organization to the Sicilian Mafia is distinct from it, however common usage is to lump all such organizations together as Mafia. Francesco and his brother Antonio, a stall holder in Melbourne’s Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable market (known to have been controlled by the Honoured Society), were alleged in a report by Victoria Police’s organised crime squad to belong to a crime family involved in blackmail, extortion and murder. The report was aired in 2000 at a court hearing during Francesco’s fight against deportation, but was later dismissed by an Administrative Appeals Tribunal judge as containing information from unnamed and possibly unreliable police informers. Vanstone justified her decision to grant Madafferi a visa because of a mental illness he was said to be suffering from. However it is alleged that relatives and associates of Madafferi donated up to $100,000 to the Liberal Party, and that four Liberal party politicians had discussed the visa case with Madafferi’s supporters or Vanstone’s office.In August 2008, Madafferi was arrested and charged, along with several of Australia’s other suspected crime bosses (including Australian ‘Ndrangheta boss Pasquale “Pat” Barbaro), after Australian Federal Police made the world’s biggest ecstasy haul, seizing drugs with a street value of $440 million.


  25. gigilene

    I remember the moment, aged 5, I refused to have a bath with my younger bro and sis ever again . Plug pulled bath drained revealing a turd left by 2 y.o. bro. Quite adamant I was

  26. kk

    Hilarious … You must admit that strange things happen in a family where there are a few siblings. I often think that my son, an only child, missed out on an awful lot of fun and on some often quite weird and crazy games and adventures.

  27. We had a concrete wash tub in the kitchen by the wood stove. In we went oldest to youngest, one at a time, then wrapped in towels to dry by the stove, in winter.

  28. gigilene

    The old man, the youngest of five boys, used to dine out on this story about the “old days”. A raid was planned on my granddad’s “sacred” strawberry patch by he and the bro’s. The cunning plan was for all of them to tip toe into the patch following exactly in the footprints, well actually gumboot prints, of granddad. Plan ruined and sprung because dad’s gumboots were a lot smaller than his dad’s. As was the custom back then much corporal punishment ensued. 🙂

  29. We had a concrete kitchen sink with no taps for some years. Water had to be pumped out from a well into a large can that stood next to that sink. Freshly pumped up water was deliciously cool in summer.

  30. Seems to be somewhat of a pattern going on. We’re alternating between reports of something outrageous perpetrated by a Lib MP and some crazy ‘crowd-pleaser’ or unicorn from them. In Budget week they were still trying to intersperse the bad news with pointless pressers on MH370. Yesterday Christensen claimed he got a death threat over his ‘stop complaining, you haven’t got it as bad as Asia’ comments, and disgustingly tried to lay it at the feet of Shorten. We’ve had “come on guys, let’s forget our troubles and sink the boot into unemployed/students/disabled” – that was a fun one. And today Abbott’s having a go at law and order. But every time they do it some other scandal gets uncovered. It’s a bit of a race to see which of them runs out first.

  31. gigilene

    The odd thing is that there could be nobody kinder to animals than granddad. To apply the punishment he’d hand out to dad and his bro’s would be unthinkable to him .

  32. Looks as if Abbott has backflipped on his backflip – that DD is on the cards again if the senate won’t pass his budget. The Idiot performs more twists and turns than a gold-medal winning Olymoic diver.

    Tony Abbott talks double dissolution in fight over budget

    Prime minister admits some compromise is necessary but insists he will stick with difficult and unpopular measures
    Abbott said he was confident the government would get the budget through the Senate in the end, because the alternative would be a double dissolution election.

    “Because let’s face it, there have been many governments over many years that have had to negotiate budgets through the Senate


    Bring it on, Tony.

  33. I think Abbott’s just using DD as a kind of emotive reference, just to cheer his base (or what’s left of it) and buy time while he figures out what to do (that is, who he can bully to get what he wants there). He’s saying DD is a remote option to stop journalists asking what he intends to do if, as seems likely, a lot of his budget doesn’t pass the Senate. ‘There’s-no-point-asking-it-won’t-happen’, that sort of thing.

    He won’t call a DD. He can’t. It’s political suicide.

  34. It is the unravelling. It took the abbott some four years to knit his quilt of many coloured lies and now his budget has given everyone and his dog a different coloured thread to pull to unravel the whole work and even expose the dodgy work of those who contributed.

  35. You know…once the world and life in general was a “game” played by amateurs for scant reward….now we all are “professionals”, playing for the crown jewels….and in the end getting jack shit….perhaps we are all really still amateurs.

  36. Aguirre,

    He won’t call a DD. He can’t. It’s political suicide.

    It might be now! but he said that he’d call one during the election campaign if he won the election and the ALP and Greens blocked the repeal of the carbon tax! Seems he’s now waiting on an even more hostile senate than the current one to prove he only had a plan to get elected not govern.

  37. Abbott’s only got one last card to play…: the MSM. ….if he can galvanise those traitors behind and support him, he’ll go for broke….it’s a desperate card from a desperate gambler….but then Murdoch has backed the gambler to the hilt…Aust’ is murdoch’s last port of call in a shrinking main-stream media world!

  38. I reckon Abbott might be regretting not moving into the rented house instead of the Police Academy or whatever it is. Can he kick walls where he is, yell at people over the phone, punch doors, scream at the moon?

  39. If you haven’t talked to people outside of your circle, believe me the depth of anger out there is amazing.
    I don’t know if the memory will hold until the next election nor do I know whether the ALP will be the immediate winner, but truly it’s toxic. Even the most conservative of people are really pissed off.

  40. puffytmd

    Nah, the former seminarian will be enjoying bunking down with all those manly men. Ah nostalgia.

  41. http://www.smartcompany.com.au/technology/42060-the-nbn-and-the-new-cloud-battleground-control-shift.html

    A useful reference with links.




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