“I’m having a break” Friday Raffles



Hello Pubsters

Due to a variety of circumstances this will be be my last” Friday Raffle” post for awhile,and I will only be dropping in to say hello sporadically

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Everything at “THE PUB”The Pub Gravatar8B 500 will continue as is .

Fiona  and CK raffle night/BB with his excellent threads and comments  and you, the pubsters with your thoughtful insights. WE are all


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Things are looking good atm for us the good guys.


But still a few years to go so lets not be complacent.


Abbott is a grub and a liar


So a one term Tony /Lnp Govt. is a distinct possibility.


The winner of the raffle will be a Sat lotto Ticket till I can return full-time.


Our doggie mascots just because. ( Cant Find One of Cossie BB. Sorry)BOB_filtered PUB


As always enjoy the place.

514 thoughts on ““I’m having a break” Friday Raffles

  1. They don’t get ANY more inane than Julia Baird!…..with a philosophy as shallow as a puddle of spilt tea, a voice as tinny as as a knife scraping a pet-food container and an opinion as meaningful (though not as funny) as a Groucho Marx one-liner, HER commentary can be easily dismissed as less than worthless!

  2. It would seem that PM Blood Oaf’s understanding of nepotism is as former Premier Bjelke-Petersen’s understanding of the doctrine of separation of powers …

  3. When I read of Fiona’s mention of ‘Lambs fry”..I thought…uhg!..I can’t think of anything worse….then I did!…..I remember I took a mate, Errol (not THAT Errol) around to vist a mutual friend who resided in one of those clusters of housing commission units that were over-run with impoverished, irrascable and in not too few cases, sad incapacitated souls.
    In the friends unit, one was confronted by the “aged batchelors existance”….I won’t try to describe it, we have all seen docco’s on third world conditions!…..the “personalised slum” would be a suitable description….Errol and I both regretfully knocked back a mug of tea after witnessing the rummaging amongst the detritus in the…ON the overflowing sink bench…we then were asked if we had eaten…this just as the friend whipped out of a cabinet that LOOKED like a fridge, a flap of pale meat that hung from his unwashed hands like a butcher’s apron….before we had a chance to answer, the dog made a leap for the “flap” and took a firm grip with his Staffy jaws…a quick wrestling match ensured…the fight for survival in food can be noisy and brutal….the human prevailed with a swift kick and several thumpings about the head with the contested flap of “meat”….the friend then stood there breathless, the flap of dinner held higher now, one raised eyebrow and an inquiring look on his face…..
    “Ahh…thanks for the offer, Peter” Errol spoke in a measured droll tone for both of us..” but we have just partaken.”

    But those units there where “Peter” lived contained a host of characters of very interesting hue….I remember coming there once and I remarked to Peter that it appeared the unit across the way had recently been burnt out!…..”Ah, yes…” he remarked after the concentrated turn of a tarot card….it seems the boyfriend of the lady who lived there became suspicious of her “having it off” with another bloke..so he snuck around and peeked through the curtains to see them having a root in the lounge..he quickly went away and manufactured a Molotov cocktail and hurled it through the window….there was screaming and excitement and the boyfriend chased the starkers lover through the grounds with what looked like a cricket bat!…….look at that!…the “death card”….fancy a cuppa? “

  4. http://www.news.com.au/national/lies-flying-in-war-of-words/story-e6frfkp9-1226929127382






  5. Now you are bringing back memories….another time I went there (we had “literary” connections…I read books, he pontificated on them…I was into educating myself, he was into “educating” me…we both may have failed somewhat!), I entered the unit onto a card night…there was the most motley collection of characters that even Dicken’s would struggle to construct..there was the Host ( you have met ‘Peter”)..the “Mathematician” ( a failed high-school teacher, given to working out formulas for waging in gambling….he was now on a pension)…the one-legged ex-truck driver with a disastrous drink problem, a dwarf of excitable character and the perennial student who resided at Peter’s off and on whenever he was without a girlfriend…the smoke and tang of pot saturated the room…and of course…there was ; “Aunty”….

    ‘Aunty” was an cheerful obese resident from across the path that separated the units…on these card nights, she would ask if anybody wanted anything from the shops and they would put in an order which she would fill and deliver each to each around the table…the price being a toke on the joint or bong-pipe for services rendered…so it would be ” ONE PIE w/sauce”…drag….can of coke…drag…baccy!..drag….etc…all with the familiarity of a bible-class tea-party!

    Aunty got married!…I got to admit, I was both surprised and happy for her…as it appeared that one in her “condition” would be of a “limited market” in the marriage stakes…I never met the husband, she was in the process of leaving when I arrived for one of my irregular visits….Peter told me over a mug of tea…(yes, I did have tea there, but I took the precaution to drink from the point as near as safely possible to the handle when he was not looking) that he had talked Aunty into keeping her unit for a while in case something went wrong and then she would have somewhere to fall back on (Peter was not silly)…and indeed, that was just the case.. it happened like this..:

    I arrived at Peter’s front door just as Aunty was coming out of her’s over the path…Oh!…hello Aunty!” I exclaimed in surprise..”What are you doing here…I thought you were now a happy housewife?”..
    “Was” (laboured breathing) ” I’m back here now..the bastard let me down.”
    “I’m sorry to hear that….what happened?”
    A pause with more laboured breathing…she was grossly overweight….
    “Well…I came home from shopping one day, both hands full with the shopping bags or I would have let him have it..I can tell you!..I went in the door and there he was, having it off on the kitchen table…WITH HIS BEST MATE!!…bastard!…if I knew he was queer, I would never have married him!”

  6. Good morning Jaycee. I turned the TV on a short while ago to (unfortunately) be greeted with one of those ABC24 tory opinion panels – discussing, of course, the budget. Listening to Ms.Chickaovski espousing the credentials of HoJo and the Belgian buffoon and having the hide to suggest that both of these lying scoundrels were held in high regard out in the community, I thought of you! Why?

    Because, I can think of no-one who’d be more certain to put that opinionated, tory lobbyist, back in her box where she belongs so I’m thinking of nominating Jaycee of The Pub as a Panelist. This lady finally concedes that the prime idiot is cactus so she is now lauding her No.2 and No.3 heroes which makes me wonder just how much trouble the prime idiot is in with his leadership.

  7. From the NM reffed earlier. This is quite amazing:

    Documents and testimony provided to New Matilda reveal that on December 3 last year, the Prime Minister attended Whitehouse’s 25th anniversary celebrations, an event which also showcased the work of its graduating students, including Frances Abbott.

    It was by all accounts a gala event, with more than 400 people in attendance, including the Prime Minister’s wife Margaret.

    Staff insiders say the event was travelling smoothly, until a break between catwalk parades when owner Leanne Whitehouse decided to ad lib on the microphone.

    A Whitehouse insider told New Matilda Ms Whitehouse began complaining about the cost and length of time it takes the Institute to get its courses accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) – the federal government authority which regulates tertiary courses in Australia.

    “[Leanne] was saying Whitehouse had been around for 25 years, and that it’s a lot of work, and a lot of paperwork to keep it running,” the insider said.

    “She said there’s a lot of legislation and that it costs millions of dollars to get accredited.

    “And then she turned and said ‘… and yes, I am looking at you, Prime Minister’.

    Four different people who attended the event have verfied this version of events.

    The insider says that as the event wore on, the lobbying intensified, and Mr Abbott was taken upstairs to a separate VIP function, with about two dozen others, including senior staff, guests and board Chairman and friend Les Taylor.

    “[Abbott] was clearly uncomfortable. He clearly felt like he was being lobbied,” the insider said.


  8. http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2014/0522/Are-Americans-losing-interest-in-global-warming-Hardly.-video




  9. Forever Janice…: ” …both of these lying scoundrels were held in high regard out in the community, I thought of you! Why?”
    I…I..think..I get your good intention…Janice?…..an’…I’ll take it as a compliment……..I guess…

  10. jaycee,

    The bloke is SO good!

    Henderson attended the Jesuit Xavier College in Melbourne then studied arts and law at the University of Melbourne before completing a Ph.D. At the University of Melbourne, Henderson was President of the DLP (Democratic Labor Party) Club. Like other political clubs at the University of Melbourne during the 1960s the DLP Club was not affiliated with the political party of the same name, but supported DLP policies and hosted speeches by DLP parliamentarians on campus.

    Henderson taught at Tasmania and La Trobe universities before working for four years on the staff of Kevin Newman in Malcolm Fraser’s Coalition government. He moved to the Commonwealth Department of Industrial Relations in 1980; from 1984 to 1986 he was Chief-of-Staff to John Howard, during which time Howard was Deputy Leader, then Leader, of the Liberal Party of Australia.

    The Keating government appointed Henderson to the board of the Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities. Later, the Howard government appointed him to the Foreign Affairs Council. He was one of the people invited to Kevin Rudd’s Australia 2020 Summit held in April 2008.


    His first book was Mr Santamaria and the Bishops

    which might give you a tiny hint.

  11. “[Abbott] was clearly uncomfortable. He clearly felt like he was being lobbied,” the insider said.”
    If it was ‘Leane Whitehouse” putting the pressure on, was Abbott being “lobbied” or “labiaed” ?

  12. Well…I know for a fact that Ms. Chika’, when attending her first-aid training course, was immediately corrected on her technique on “mouth-to-mouth” to ; “…breathe oxygen IN…not suck the life OUT of the patient!”

  13. CTar1

    I see you’ve been a naughty boy and not eating your silverbeet. Hope all the remedies suggested here gets you back on the path to recovery.

  14. Looks like Cory Bernardi will be a shoe-in to win the PM’s Literary Awards. It’s not just Gollum Henderson, it’s the rest of the panel as well, they are all freaking Liberal Party stalwarts.

    The panel should have been announced last year, judges should have been reading their way though the entries for months by now. For a while it looked like Abbott had forgotten all about these awards. He was just taking his time rounding up as many Liberals as he could.

    Heaven knows what books will make the finals – you can bet nothing with thefaintest left-wing whiff will get in.

  15. And this year’s short list for the Prime Minister’s Literary Non-Fiction Awards are……

    Mr Santamaria and the Bishops
    A Howard Government? Inside the Coalition
    Menzies’ Child: The Liberal Party of Australia
    The Killing of History: How a Discipline is being Murdered by Literary Critics and Social Theorists
    The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume One: Van Diemen’s Land 1803-1847
    The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume Three: The Stolen Generations 1881-2008
    The White Australia Policy

  16. And the winner for this years “G.H. Chest… / Henderson” award goes to a re-write By a Mr. T.Abbott…: “My Brilliant Career?”……will the winner “punch the air” please, not the wall!

  17. Second prize for …: ” The getting of the suppository of wisdom” from Chrissy Pyne….the author will present himself with the prize!

  18. http://www.theage.com.au/national/libs-link-to-market-mafia-man-20140523-38u7s.html




  19. Fiona…I have to say, I prefer the fuzzy pic…there are some things in life that are best viewed from behind a “shielding veil” .

  20. and I have to confess to quite often having to turn away from viewing Minister Pynes phiz on the tele….whilst HE may claim a religious connection to a kind of “blinding light” of genius…I am more inclined to reflect on a vision of an exploding, lighted fart!

  21. Actually, that was an old joke…you know..someone would be bragging about how strong they were and you’d say wtte…”so you think you’re pretty strong….well..see if you can pick this up..?”…and you’d let one go….
    I am truly sorry that the more sensitive that view this site are subjected to the barrage of vulgarities that sometimes pour forth….but hey!…that’s life, I guess…but I do apologise to those offended.

  22. puffytmd

    There is also a fiction and children’s prize. Not sure which one JoHo’s book would come under.

  23. Groper the fish, a story of a cold sea-creature who joins the Liberal Party to search for a Mammalian heart to hug, in order to warm his soul. A tragedy.

  24. Just having an argument with the OH. on whether the term “bitzer” was once the Aussie name for a “billy-cart” and not just restricted to a mongrel….what do you lot think?

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