“I’m having a break” Friday Raffles



Hello Pubsters

Due to a variety of circumstances this will be be my last” Friday Raffle” post for awhile,and I will only be dropping in to say hello sporadically

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Everything at “THE PUB”The Pub Gravatar8B 500 will continue as is .

Fiona  and CK raffle night/BB with his excellent threads and comments  and you, the pubsters with your thoughtful insights. WE are all


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Things are looking good atm for us the good guys.


But still a few years to go so lets not be complacent.


Abbott is a grub and a liar


So a one term Tony /Lnp Govt. is a distinct possibility.


The winner of the raffle will be a Sat lotto Ticket till I can return full-time.


Our doggie mascots just because. ( Cant Find One of Cossie BB. Sorry)BOB_filtered PUB


As always enjoy the place.


514 thoughts on ““I’m having a break” Friday Raffles

  1. CTar1

    I noted your absence recently and feedback was you were a bit under the weather suffering from a bit of flu stuff. CK Watt laid out some CTar1 bait, Are you recovered ?

  2. I notice that our women sports teams are showing how it is done. The women’s soccer team are into the Asian Cup final…………….. brilliant.

    It is time our media got behind our athletes…………………. and not just the male ones.

  3. Have a chat, our Women’s football team are absolute rippers. And Joe, if you’re lurking, tips regarding the State of Origin and the biggie, the World Cup ?

  4. CTar1,

    I thought they said Dubya was missing a sandwich or two. Either that or the mob that was behind him were smart enough to not only get Howard & Blair to follow him in that disastrous adventure in Iraq, but they were able to add billions to the US gdp by conning both those gents into backing the F-35 Project right from the drawing board stage and with real dollars.

    No wonder they are comparing Abbott so closely with Dubya. The yanks have got that stupid bastard on a string too.

    And now! Aircraft Carriers. Blimey, are the poor & disabled going to cop it nor trying to pay for this new folly!

  5. PA,
    If I miss you on Wednesday, all the best and I am sure the residents of The Pub will be generous in shouting you one or two of your chosen brew on Wednesday to celebrate. (or a few more)

    Just be careful not to overindulge, mind! 😉

  6. Geez they’re hopeless. The Coalition are really trying to get this idea up that Shorten is a whinger. It’s the move of a party that has absolutely no idea how the electorate is feeling. And it also promotes the idea that the government is not listening to the people. Shorten hasn’t said a whole lot, and what he has said has been exactly in tune with what Australians are thinking (that’s not all that difficult at the moment, as Australians have been very clear how we feel). They might as well tell the electorate that they’re all whingers. Actually, they’ve had a go at that too.

    This is hot on the heels of their attempt to portray Shorten as having no policy ideas. They’re doing that way too soon after the election. It’d be like telling Brendan Nelson he had no ideas in 2008. Pointless. You might be able to try it if you’re riding high in the polls. Right now it’s really really stupid.

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