“I’m having a break” Friday Raffles



Hello Pubsters

Due to a variety of circumstances this will be be my last” Friday Raffle” post for awhile,and I will only be dropping in to say hello sporadically

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Everything at “THE PUB”The Pub Gravatar8B 500 will continue as is .

Fiona  and CK raffle night/BB with his excellent threads and comments  and you, the pubsters with your thoughtful insights. WE are all


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Things are looking good atm for us the good guys.


But still a few years to go so lets not be complacent.


Abbott is a grub and a liar


So a one term Tony /Lnp Govt. is a distinct possibility.


The winner of the raffle will be a Sat lotto Ticket till I can return full-time.


Our doggie mascots just because. ( Cant Find One of Cossie BB. Sorry)BOB_filtered PUB


As always enjoy the place.

514 thoughts on ““I’m having a break” Friday Raffles

  1. Gorgeous Dunny,

    Because you forgot to put a return before and after the html. Now fixed.

  2. Aguirre

    Yes, I picked up on that meme this morning on the radio, some idiot tried to say he was a Labor voter, then went on and on about Shorten and whinging.

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty impressed that Shorten is managing to keep his personal popularity in good order lately.

    When Abbott was opposition leader he hardly ever had positive approval ratings even when Labor’s primary votes and 2pp were at its worst, but Bill Shorten is doing okay so far, with his responses to the Libs’ atrocities being measured and moderate and not drawing the ire of the electorate apart from the extremists. That makes me quite confident that Abbott can be defeated after 1 term.

  4. kaffee & other kind folk,

    What I thought was just a bad luck run of flu’s that got me very run down turned out to be a low blood platelet count.

    No wonder I was so listless.

    In the process of being remedied now.

  5. HaveAChat

    just as long as the surface is relatively flat.

    That was the limitation as I understand it. Suitable for the Caspian Sea and like areas only.

  6. ptmd – I’m hoping to keep all my bits. Had to be ambulanced to hospital on Monday and am still there.

    Notice the bit about the flat tyre

    This, of course, is nothing new for Tony Abbott, who’s quickly becoming one of the world’s most hated prime ministers. He just unveiled a draconian austerity budget that analysts call the most extreme and least popular of the past four decades in Australia. His approval rating has plunged to 30 percent. And then there’s the irreverent hashtag #MorePopularThanAbbott, which suggests that both toilet paper and flat tires are more popular than the prime minister.

    I tweeted “Two flat tyres and only one spare #MorePopularThanTonyAbbott” and I am claiming Pubster credit for the WP entry.

  8. I remember when my red cell count was down to about 50% of normal levels, I would eat my steak so rare it was barely heated with a hairdrier.

  9. Apologies if I’m repeating myself.

    When me mum was found to have a low iron count early-mid April, her instant reaction was “Whacko!” and to go out and buy – and then cook and eat – lamb’s fry and bacon. I think she’s been eating that several times a week since then.

  10. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/23/nbn-executive-legal-action-disasters





    Click to access richard-3rd-judgment-.pdf

  11. Recipe for CTar1’s breakfast.


    2 lamb back straps
    250g beef fillet
    500g calves liver, halved
    500g lamb’s kidney, halved to make a butterfly
    2 blood sausage,
    1 loaf crusty sourdough bread
    2 onions, peeled, halved and grilled
    4 large grilling tomatoes, halved
    250g butter
    1 sprig of parsley, to garnish, can be re used


    After cutting your meat, season with generous amounts of salt, pepper and olive oil. Sear the meat on a hot BBQ. Turn meat every few minutes. Cook tomato and onion on the edge of the BBQ where it is cooler. Cut a thick piece of bread and toast on BBQ.

    Once toasted, lather butter on toast. Plate up your meat and veggies and garnish with sprig of parsley.


  12. Does anyone know PM Blood Oaf’s preferred leading (fighting) fist? I have absolutely no idea, and I know nothing about boxing, so I can’t make any judgment given the set of his shoulders.

    However, there’s something about the one on the left vs. the one on the right.

    The “left” pic is the original, the “right” is the reversed. In other words, if you were confronting PM Blood Oaf, the left pic is what you’d see.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I find the left pic far more confronting.

  13. Now I come to think about it, the placement of the ABC logos is telling … cue spooky music.

  14. Puffy,

    I understand – I only use Chrome when the prospect of seeing THAT face is just too awful.

    Basketing now – goodnight, all.

  15. mm1953…..I read here every day and night…I like to think I do not miss anything at all….I am like that old biblical notation….: “…not a sparrow falls…”…..and thank you (and puff) for the compliment…..and further, if I may quote an old, much admired trooper….”We aim to please!”

  16. Why di I have a problem with what Mr Roff is saying?

    Thousands of nursing graduates are unable to find work in Australian hospitals, according to the nurses’ union.

    Traditionally Australian nurses have been in high demand, but unions say that large numbers of foreign workers on 457 visas are taking their place.

    The union says that each year about 8,000 Australian students graduate with a nursing qualification, but that there are around 3,000 nurses who cannot find work.

    “It can’t be a coincidence that at the same time as thousands of new nurse graduates across the country are unable to get jobs, the same amount of people are getting jobs, coming in as temporary skilled migrants on 457 visas,” said Annie Butler, the acting federal secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

    Between 2011 and 2012, 3,095 foreign nurses were granted working visas in Australia.

    Michael Roff, the chief executive of the Australian Hospitals Association says that overseas nurses are essential for filling more highly specialised jobs.

    “From the private hospital perspective, 457 visas are principally used to fill vacancies that require experienced nurses with an advanced level of skill, particularly in areas like intensive care, coronary care and operating theatres.”

    The 457 Visa skilled migration program is currently under review and the nurses union fears that restrictions on foreign nurses will be watered down, but Mr Roff says there is too much red tape in the visa program.


  17. F.M in Europe

    “1852! That is like hundreds of old people ago”

  18. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Looks like Coalition budget solidarity lasted all of ten days.
    Julia Baird explains what is behind the student protests.
    Kevin Andrews and his pious bastardry.
    And this. you mongrel Andrews, will go off the scale!
    David Marr on what makes Abbott tick.
    Judith Andrews punctures the Coalitions arguments over the “explosion of DSP recipients”. How unfair she is having the gall to use factual information!
    Mike Carlton – good as usual.
    Lenore Taylor – the verdict is in. The budget is inequitable.
    Mike Seccombe with a long essay on how the mining companies have left us with a huge environmental mess to clean up.

  19. Section 2 . . .

    The costs of simplistic, populist thinking.
    Would sheiks such as this qualify as school chaplains? (BTW my email to Pyne on these matters is still unacknowledged).
    Great stuff that conservative DNA!
    Abbott said Frances “won” the scholarship. So what were the rules governing the applications, the judgment process and the names of the other applicants? Oh, there weren’t any?
    And trouble over Louise as well.
    The stellar minister David Johnston does it again.
    Michael Gordon posits that Abbott and Hockey might be political dead meat.
    More details on the education changes.
    Alan Moir rolls out the budget fire brigade.

    Pat Campbell take the ridiculous George Christensen to Asia for a look see.

  20. Julia Baird takes offence:

    It doesn’t get much more inane than chanting: “F… you, Tony Abbott”. Or, the alternative, delicately crafted: “Oh f… off, Tony”. Or even the t-shirt reading “Make Tony Abbott my bitch!” Yeah!

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/students-are-right-to-raise-hell-20140522-zrl3t.html#ixzz32ZuxgwYz
    (link from BK)

    Was she ever offended by signs Abbott stood under, signs such as: “Bob Brown’s Bitch!”? I was expecting at least a sign reading: “Peta’s Dog”. That would have justified her outrage.

    Sorry for being so rude.

  21. fiona/puffy

    Woden/Liver/Lambs Fry

    Yes Woden. A much better hospital than the other. And the food is edible!

    I had a real urge for lambs fry early last week but just didn’t get to doing it!

  22. CTar,

    And the food is edible!

    If you (or any Pubkateer) ever need to be hospitalised in Melbourne, I can recommend the cuisine at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond.

    As for your urge for lambs fry, I think your body was trying to tell you something.

    Take care.


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