“I’m having a break” Friday Raffles



Hello Pubsters

Due to a variety of circumstances this will be be my last” Friday Raffle” post for awhile,and I will only be dropping in to say hello sporadically

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Everything at “THE PUB”The Pub Gravatar8B 500 will continue as is .

Fiona  and CK raffle night/BB with his excellent threads and comments  and you, the pubsters with your thoughtful insights. WE are all


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Things are looking good atm for us the good guys.


But still a few years to go so lets not be complacent.


Abbott is a grub and a liar


So a one term Tony /Lnp Govt. is a distinct possibility.


The winner of the raffle will be a Sat lotto Ticket till I can return full-time.


Our doggie mascots just because. ( Cant Find One of Cossie BB. Sorry)BOB_filtered PUB


As always enjoy the place.

514 thoughts on ““I’m having a break” Friday Raffles

  1. Interesting polling. Bye-bye Fiona ‘Sex Appeal’ Scott?

    The Abbott Government’s $7 doctor fee, petrol excise and cuts to health and education are causing voters in the outer metropolitan marginal seats of Latrobe in Victoria, Forde in Queensland, and Lindsay in NSW to turn away from the Coalition, according to a new poll.

    The result would see the Coalition lose Latrobe and Forde convincingly, while Lindsay in Western Sydney would become line-ball.

    The poll, commissioned by the CFMEU, was conducted late last week by UMS Research. It asked over 1000 voters in each of the three electorates their reactions to the Federal Budget, and voting intentions</blockquote?

  2. http://www.aec.gov.au/Parties_and_Representatives/public_funding/threshold.htm




  3. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/catherine-cusacks-call-focus-on-women-mps-20140525-38wtb.html
    State Lib MP





  4. The MSM. journo’s are traitors…if you ever see any of them in the street, spit on them…but don’t let them catch you or they’ll use their ‘traitor’s gold’ to sue you…just spit on their backs and abuse the air around them…they are not worth the trouble of confrontation..just the spit!

  5. LL

    There might be a stronger push for tax reforms if people could see how much others earn and how much tax they pay

    Finland publishes how much income tax people have paid. I like the idea as there would be some kudos in being someone who is helping the country the most when it comes to government revenue.

    One of them is Veropörssi, which publishes the taxable income of all citizens who made more than 10,000€ in taxable income, and even has a text message service for quicker answers……….Top income tax earners are public figures in Finland as a result of heightened media scrutiny on top income tax earners. The CEOs of Nokia and other major corporations are all well-known not only for their public role in business, but also for their tax returns. The chairman of the board of Nokia and Shell, Jorma Ollilla had 9,8€ million in taxable annual pay in 2007, while the CEO of fashion group Marimekko Mika Ihamuotila had a pay of 5,1€ million. Both are well respected corporate leaders.


  6. Not just Finland.

    Taxes are an open secret in Scandinavia

    Want to know what your boss earns? Or your future husband? In Sweden, Norway and Finland everyone’s income and tax details are published online, for anyone to see………………………. United States law prohibits releasing anyone’s income or tax information to a third party without their consent: they were last on public record in the 1920s.

    Letting it all hang out

    Not so Scandinavia, where the US satirist PJ O’ Rourke once commented – “(It)works, but it shouldn’t.” In the grand tradition of “jantelag”, where no-one is better than anyone else, Sweden, Norway and Finland publish everyone’s income and tax details, every year.


  7. BB

    Excellent question .Had not connected the two but the timing is too convenient to dismiss as coincidence.

  8. CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian investigation of a violent riot in an immigration detention camp on Papua New Guinea has found a local Salvation Army officer had led a brutal attack that felt an Iranian man dead.

    Blimey! The Salvos may as well miss out my place this year for their Red Shield Appeal!

    I did a lengthy walk for them for about 25 years and collected an extraordinary amount of money for them. People knew me and used to stand at the door waiting and give me every bit of cash they held in the house.

    I bet they would like to set the dog on me now! I worked bloody hard for them based on the experience of my uncles during WW2 and the difference between them & the Red Cross which was corrupted by the NAZIS and failed in their objects and ethics which they abandoned.

    Red Cross parcels failed to get delivered to the troops, In fact, they mostly got sold on the black market enriching senior members of the RC.

    If my grandmother had a dog, she would surely have set it on anyone from the Red Cross that dared enter her yard.

    Shame, Salvos, shame!


  9. Blimey! The Salvos may as well miss out my place this year for their Red Shield Appeal!

    It was yesterday, Scorps.

    VERY convenient timing alright.

    What with the paedophilia downturn in donations, all they needed was for the public to twig that their guys on Manus Island were caving in the skulls of asylum seekers, and then delivering their unconscious bodies to the murdering mob for further head kicking.

  10. This is all heading for a terribly bad place…how did we go from a Labor govt’ by and with negotiation to this LNP. govt’ of despair, hate and divisiveness?…..The MSM. have a lot of catching up to do if they want ANY respect at all.

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