Whatever they were elected for, it wasn’t for this.

Upon reflection over last weekend, I thought my two thread starters last week might have been a bit over the top.

Now I wish I’d gone in more forcefully.

Geez, what a mess! The entire nation has now become Abbott’s “chaos” scenario.

There’s even talk of Double Dissolutions again… MORE trouble. However, I think that poor Laura Tingle has been swept up in all the excitement when she claims Abbott’s not kidding. Of COURSE he’s kidding!

He just likes to throw grenades, and then to sit back and watch everyone scramble for cover. I’ve seen so many threats coming from him – plebiscites, No Confidence motions, and yes, Double Dissolutions – to know that he’s not serious about doing any of it. He’s only serious about creating confusion, because…

“In confusion is profit.”

Rule by brain fart – and, in the latest iteration, does anyone think Abbott’s paw-prints aren’t all over the touted $20 billion medical fund? – has become the basic working rule of Australian governance. Dream up something today, propose it tomorrow, drop it the day after.

Then there’s the hapless Joe Hockey, poor dumb dupe.

Joe doesn’t seem to have realized that he’s been decked by Abbott yet again. Howard did it to him, too, putting him in charge of the Industrial Relations portfolio. But for sheer strike rate, Abbott is the champion at issuing wedgies to Joe Hockey. He flattened him on the rugby playing fields of Sydney University, he sucker punched him in the 2009 leadership ballot, he sprung the PPL on him, the NDIS and Gonski, and now he’s saddled him with being the object of a nation’s hatred over the Budget. Joe just never learns. There’s more to being a Treasurer than just putting on his “grim” face and smoking cigars.

Whatever people were thinking when they elected this mob of retrograde Young Liberals, boys in suit who never grew into men, they weren’t thinking of the scenario we are presented with now.

Abbott, true to form, has betrayed everyone who voted for him. Even the pensioners have been king hit in true Abbott style. His consigliores have been trampling around the country bad-mouthing our senior citizens, telling them they’ve blown their super on baubles, that they are members of a cargo cult, that what has been their right for over a century is just an illusion, that they’re hypochondriacs who bleed the health system dry.

The techos who trusted the smarmy Turnbull, who couldn’t believe he was serious, have seen what was Labor’s perfectly presentable and up-to-date National Broadband Network, with optical fibre to the vast majority of premises, gutted beyond recognition.

In considering the dog’s breakfast that Turnbull has created, I am reminded of the investigating detective in a current Sydney murder trial. His comment upon first viewing the five unfortunate victims (who had been bashed to death with a hammer) was that he thought someone had used a shotgun on them, they were so unrecognizable. The NBN has been put through a similar mincer.

Even the Liberal state Premiers have been betrayed by Abbott. Betrayal is his signature tune.

While some idiotic journalists (cf. Michelle Grattan) claim his one great character attribute is “loyalty”, the Liberal Premiers now know better. It is THEY who will have to raise their own taxes, perhaps even beg for a widening or outright increase in the rate of the GST. This is Business’s preferred option – a higher GST – simply because “Business” does not pay it. It’s fully refundable, monthly.

Everyone is up in arms, protesting. That’s just the way Abbott likes it. It means he’s the centre of attention.

Speaking of the media, they are now busy scrambling around to find someone else they can point to as “The Media”. The ones who hadn’t signed on to Abbott’s malignant bandwagon in the previous few years (youse know who you are, shills) are busy rewriting their appreciations of what Abbott would be like in government.

“Who knew?” appears to be the predominant theme. Who knew he could so comprehensively lie, cheat and steal our heritage and way of life away from us? Who knew all his promises, and his plonkingly delivered promises to keep his promises on top of them, were a disgusting farrago of lies, weasel words and outright deceptions?

How hollow all their panel show, journo-on-journo chortling and giggling about “The Politics” sounds now? How empty were their commentaries about how Julia Gillard was running a chaotic ship of state, when presented with the putrefying mess Abbott has dumped on us?

Well, WE knew.

Ordinary voters with half a brain knew what Abbott was like. He even told us himself, and then the media went in, philosophizing about how at least Abbott was “an honest liar”.

Abbott is never satisfied with incremental change. He’s never seen a system he’s been part of that he hasn’t wanted to destroy. From student politics, to the priesthood and onto the national stage, he knows his time is always limited, because the stakeholders and gatekeepers eventually boot him out. So he goes in quickly, on a “hit hard, hit fast” basis, to cause as much permanent damage as he can before he’s removed.

Like a Brylcreemed spiv at a Bachelors & Spinsters ball, Abbott worked the national room, propositioning every girl there, assuring them of the best night they ever had, if only they gave in. He was persistent, focused and forceful. He wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. He promised them anything. He ragged their boyfriends. He picked fights. He was going to destroy the joint until he got his way.

He seemed so sure of himself that eventually, one by one, they cracked and took him on. It didn’t matter that he turned out to be a dud root. He’d added another notch to his belt. Conquest was the important factor, not pleasure… at least not her pleasure. His victims, too embarrassed to say different, told their friends he was pretty good in bed, and so the process continued.

Abbott’s obsession with his own brilliance has now infected an entire country. But this time there’s no-one to stop him, no John Howard to take him aside and show him how real politics is done. Howard tried to set him right on family benefits, but Abbott, ever the betrayer, dismissed his mentor.

His aim is to divide and conquer that country, turning young against old, wealthy against poor, healthy against sick, business against its workers. He has up-ended traditions and conventions in his quest to simply cause trouble and stress.

There’s no excuse for those who voted for him. Now that they’ve seen the real Abbott revealed in all his horrible majesty, they have to reverse their decision, and soon, if given the chance. It can’t go on this way, not for another two-and-a-half years: continual chaos, anarchy, thought bubbles, cries and alarums.

This nation wants to be relaxed and comfortable. They don’t want permanent revolution or national struggle. They want to be able to look after their kids, educate them, see to their health and then retire with dignity. They’re sick of being nagged by the ideologues of the Coalition, egged on by their crazy Tea Party cronies at News Ltd.

Murdoch’s ancient obsessions with getting revenge on “The Establishment” are no concern of theirs. Abbott’s sociopathic preoccupations with his testosterone levels and his violence cravings are not their problem. Joe Hockey’s continual (and hopeless) quest to be taken seriously is his concern. We are not a nation at war. We want to be at peace, at last. But peace is absolute anathema to the fanatics who have wrested control of the government by lies.

It was a simple Pea and Thimble trick, Bait And Switch: promise one thing, deliver the exact opposite. Have shill planted in the crowd, there to either lose or win demonstrably. The shill allows the regular onlooker to see – or think he sees – how the game works. The onlooker, by now “the mug”, steps up and puts his $10 down. It’s only $10… what harm is there in having a flutter? We can get our money back, right? We can vote them out again in three years, OK?

Which is why the scam has to be carried out quickly. Hit hard, hit fast. Get the money and then run with it. Get the vote and turn it into a phony mandate for existential change. Wreck everything up-front, so there’s no going back.

If the planted shill is a “loser” they can be almost anyone. The unemployed are a favourite. Everyone hates a dole bludger. If dole bludgers lose out, then this must be a fair game!

If the shill is a “winner”, let’s say “Business”, then we’re told that what’s good for “Business” MUST be good for the workers. Hey, this game is winners all around!

The $10 vote is placed on the table, never to be seen again. Game over.

It helps if we’re rendered numb to voting by being asked to vote on everything – Reality TV, vox pops, “unscientific” newspaper polls. That way when it comes time to vote for real, voting has become a disposable asset. No big deal. Vote, and forget about it. There’s another vote tomorrow. This poll closes in three years. Of course, the phoney, inconsequential votes are conducted by the media, as part of the scam. Poll after poll is presented to us as fact. People power is touted as the answer to everything. Opinion is lauded as being above truth. If Newspoll can solve Climate Change, why do we need a Carbon Tax?

Just as the Shell Game mug punters have been swindled, Australians have been swindled by this mob they call a “government”. They thought they were investing chump change, and that what they were getting back might be something worth infinitely more. Instead they’ve been fleeced, and it’s going to continue, in perpetuity, if Abbott has anything to do with it.

Used to wrecking and upturning everything he’s ever been involved in, he’s now got a whole country – it traditions, its conventions, its institutions and its self-image – to destroy.

Instead of being an egalitarian, fairly relaxed sort of place, we’ve since found out that Abbott and his gang are telling us we’re lazy bludgers, yearning to be bigots, too indolent to get off our arses and make money for our betters. While we see our pensions, health, education and other entitlements stripped away, Joe Hockey smokes Havana cigars. Abbott toasts the Murdoch media in a Canberra bar on Budget night. The Usual suspects – Telstra, the Miners, Big Business, Property Developers – pay millions for influence, channelled through back door money laundries, and are rewarded with tax cuts, licences to rip off their customers with sub-standard services, and dodgy infrastructure programs, which they will build, with hundreds of billions of our money, taken from us in the name of austerity.

As always with Abbott he has gone too far. As always with Joe Hockey, he is deep in it, far beyond his level of competence. Whatever we voted for, this was not it.

They promised incremental change, glued together with unity tickets. Nothing radical would be proposed unless the people had a chance to vote on it in a later election.

Instead we have trouble ahead, demonstrations, more lies in response, perhaps an Double Dissolution election (if they’re THAT stupid), stress and suffering.

It’s heroic alright, and it’s pure Abbott: a man who’s never happy unless he’s aggravating someone, anyone. It gives him a chance to show how clever he is when we forgive him, but I’m not so sure he’ll worm his way out of this particular pickle.

Stay tuned.


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  1. I find it difficult to trust Palmer. However, I think he is a better person than Abbott and some of his MPs. You don’t see in him any of Abbott’s viciousness, his hatred for Gillard, Shorten, Labor in general, and women … No obvious sign of vendetta or vengeance that marks the present govt. Also he’s no friend of Murdoch and the IPA.

  2. foreverjanice

    Heard a guy from one of the ratings companies on the radio saying Australia’s AAA rating is not threatened by the budget argey bargey as the Lying King and is mates have claimed.

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